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Sometimes, after wearing a running footwear, I am asking myself, that which was actually the true message that the producer wished to pass over to the client by making the model just how it just happened. And unfortunately, as in cases like this of Adidas Swift Run, I’ve somewhat problem to answer fully the question even after getting the shoe used for over fifty percent a year.

Talking right concerning this model, for me, it really is an OK sports shoe. Is there running footwear attributes? Yes, it can. EVA cushioning is all along the shoe, fulfilling the midsole and so nicely absorbing the shocks when running. In addition, it includes a cool light upper that almost surprised me. My shoes are thus 210 grams of the model only. I’ve a smaller size foot therefore i guess, even for tall men it could possibly be around 260 grams, which continues to be in my judgment a lightweight shoe. For all those having wide feet, that is a fairly suitable option as the toe part I came across definitely wide, so you don’t need to buy half of a size higher or higher. The area for toes is properly adequate :).

Well, and from these strengths, that´s just about it… As I said, for me personally it is merely an okay, shoe. Nothing less, nothing more. Nothing that could eventually surprise me. For instance, I would wear it the same quality level as those Nike City Trainer. Which aswell, is a good designed shoe, for let´s say free time. But definitely, in the event of both these models, I’d not call them jogging shoes. You will want to? Because simply, the material of cushioning and used technology appears to me not satisfactory for just about any longer distance running. And the support for arches isn’t adequate as well.

I mentioned the look at Adidas Swift Run because I love the stripes on the upper instep part and on the heel portion of the shoe. I am uncertain if the producer aimed to create it cool looking or pretended to include some reflective aspect to the choice night run, nevertheless, you, I believe this looks stylish.I have to mention that I had a defect in sense of broken loop for lace after approximately four months of wearing the shoes. That could possibly be the results of me tightening the shoes an excessive amount of. Concurrently I have to explain, it isn’t necessary. The shoe fits on the foot pretty much as the problem of fact, the tongue is mounted on both sides. Thus, the chance of loosening of the shoe is pretty low. That´s why I cannot say the broken loop was definitely a weak spot and made me taking into consideration the shoes such as for example of average shoe only.

I wouldn´t give it a higher score simply because I’ve seen way too many similar shoes such as this one and they give nothing exceptional. Reebok Speedlux 2.0 is highly similar aswell, but at least an excellent versatility is obvious and supports supination. I used these simply for gym training and for very short warm-up running not to mention, as a result of their decent design I’ve worn them as each day shoe outside.

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  • Ideal for gym sessions


  • Not the very best cushioning
  • Nothing exceptional concerning this

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