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Adidas has seriously strong in the wonderful world of hiking footwear, and its own Terrex Swift series is a notable standout among your competition. The R2 GTX is a low-cut waterproof hiking shoe that weighs an acceptable 1 pound 8.6 ounces for the pair. After taking it out backpacking in Utah’s Canyon Country, we were impressed with the protection and toughness of the R2, though it has a slightly stiffer feel than we’re used to. Below we breakdown the Terrex Swift R2’s comfort, weight, traction, protection, stability, waterproofing, fit and sizing, and more. To observe how it stacks against your competition, see our article on the very best hiking shoes.



We’ll begin by noting that the Adidas Terrex Swift R2 feels somewhat stiff out of your box and generally stays that way. The look is rather rigid overall, including a burly sole and tough ripstop mesh upper. This isn’t an enormous knock on comfort-the shoe fits snugly around the foot, performed well with out a break-in period, and didn’t take it easy or create hot spots. We think the R2 wears such as a hiking boot but with a lesser ankle and lighter weight. If you’re buying flexible, trail runner-like experience where you could really feel the bottom beneath you, this is simply not the hiker for you personally. But if you wish a protective and tough shoe at a minimal weight, the Terrex Swift is accurately that.


At 1 pound 8.6 ounces for the pair, the Terrex Swift R2 is impressively light, specifically for the amount of protection you get. For comparison, the favorite Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX weighs slightly more at 1 pound 10.8 ounces, as the North Face’s Ultra 111 WP (1 lb. 14.2 oz.) and La Sportiva’s Spire GTX (1 lb. 15 oz.) both can be found in quite somewhat heavier. You can go lighter with a flexible shoe like Salomon X Raise GTX at 1 pound 7.6 ounces, nevertheless, you do sacrifice some in stability and traction. Pound for pound, the Terrex Swift R2 packs a whole lot of punch.


Traction on the Adidas Terrex Swift R2 is great with deep and durable lugs. Adidas partnered with tire maker Continental for the rubber, and the tread pattern does look surprisingly similar compared to that of an automobile tire. It’s hard to tell just how much of this is style over substance, however the R2 GTX is grippy on rock, the lugs are substantial and well-spaced (this can help prevent mud from caking), and the rubber is noticeably hard, that ought to help with longevity. After a backpacking trip in Utah’s Canyonlands, we did notice some slight wear on a few lugs nearby the toe, meaning the shoes aren’t indestructible and finally will wear out. But we put them to the test with regards to scrambling on rock with a loaded pack plus they performed admirably.

As well as the low weight, possibly the single biggest upside of the Terrex Swift R2 is protection. Underfoot, these shoes feel a lot more such as a hiking boot than their design indicate. When compared to reasonably burly Salomon X Ultra 3, the Adidas provided a lot more separation from the trail. We hiked over all types of rock in Utah’s Canyon Country but felt none of the sharp corners that you often get with other lightweight shoes. If you want feeling the trail beneath you, we recommend you look elsewhere. The R2 is burly and tough underfoot but definitely not one of the most sensitive shoes we’ve worn.

The protection continues around the toe and sides of the foot. Again, this sort of design is rare for a lightweight hiking shoe. The Terrex Swift R2 has almost a strategy shoe-like rubber toe with a molded TPU toe cap. Furthermore, the areas along the balls of your toes protrude with a lot more rubber, creating zones of extra protection inside and beyond the foot. Throw in more hard rubber around the heel above the midsole, and you have one heckuva tough shoe given its weight. It’s worth noting that of the toughness likely plays a part in the entire stiffness of the shoe described above. Protection is excellent, nonetheless it often comes at the sacrifice of flexibility.

Stability and Support
The Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX is a low-cut shoe but is pretty darn impressive regarding stability. First, the rigid design and stiff structure help to keep your foot and ankle set up. Second, the lacing system wasn’t well known of its type (more on that below), nonetheless it does a good job regarding keeping things tight around the foot. When fully laced up, we backpacked in the Swift R2 with an overnight pack and had a couple of minor ankle turns despite some rocky and challenging terrain. Those that want a intensify in support should think about a lightweight boot just like the Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid, which rises higher over the ankle, but it addittionally weighs a supplementary 7 ounces per pair and costs $25 more. In general, when compared to low-top hiking shoe competition, the R2 has become the stable models we’ve worn.

Waterproofing and Breathability
The Terrex Swift R2 includes a Gore-Tex liner, so that it is fully waterproof (the shoe is manufactured in a non-GTX version for $25 less). We did nearly all our testing in Utah and didn’t supply the waterproofing a protracted test, but Gore-Tex is well known because of its quality and more often than not has delivered for all of us in the past. In comparison to cheaper types of waterproofing, Gore-Tex creates enough airflow that your feet can breathe (when paired with a lightweight upper material), which will make a major difference when covering ground in warm climates. It’s worth noting that the Swift R2 GTX has a low-cut design, and therefore water should be able to enter the shoe whenever your foot is submerged around ankle level. Waterproof footwear doesn’t let water in, but also doesn’t allow it out, so this ought to be a consideration whenever choosing between models. If you’re hiking in hot, dry places and may easily let your shoes dry if wet, the non-GTX model makes a whole lot of sense.

Similar to Salomon, Adidas employs a quick-lacing system on its Swift lineup called Lace Bungee. We just like the concept, that allows you to lace up and tighten the shoe in a single quick motion. But in comparison to Salomon, Lace Bungee does the work but nonetheless falls short used. We found the lacing action to be somewhat clunky rather than as smooth, and even the laces themselves feel a touch too rigid. However, the lacing system didn’t come undone or loosen at all during our hiking, which is the main thing. But Salomon wins out in overall lacing design, and its own Quicklace is tough to beat.

Fit and Sizing

We ordered our usual men’s size 12, and the Adidas Terrex Swift R2 fit true to size. The shoe is slightly wider than comparable Salomon shoes we’ve tested, and if anything, the R2 runs a tad big. If you’re directly on the fence between sizes, we recommend heading down a half size. But a lot of people with normal to wide feet ought to be pleased with their standard size.

Other Versions of the Adidas Terrex Swift R2

We tested the men’s low-top version of the Terrex Swift R2 GTX, but Adidas also makes a women’s-specific model with a practically identical design, varying colorways, the same price ($140), and a lesser weight at 1 pound 5.8 ounces for the pair. Back again to the men’s side, additionally you will get the Swift R2 in a mid-height boot ($170 and 1 lb. 13.2 oz.) and a non-waterproof hiking shoe ($115 and 1 lb. 11.2 oz.). It’s worth noting that Adidas hasn’t yet released a non-GTX R2 shoe for women, although they do provide higher-cut Mid GTX ($170 and 1 lb. 10.8 oz.).

What We Like

  • Impressive protection from the trail. The Terrex Swift R2 feels as though a hiking boot underfoot however in a far more streamlined design.
  • Decently lightweight at 1 pound 8.6 ounces for the pair, especially taking into consideration the degree of protection you get.
  • Good stability for a low-cut design.

What We Don’t

  • A stiffer and more rigid feel than other lightweight hikers we’ve tested.
  • Adidas’s Lace Bungee works but is less smooth than Salomon’s Quicklace design.
  • If you want

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