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It needs a huge surface area to accommodate your entire equipment, it should be steady and sturdy enough to carry all that apparatus without sagging or perhaps buckling, and it really needs some form of cable management system.

An excellent gaming desk will need all of that and also a couple extra attributes. You need to be able to modify the height to suit your needs, and it must be ergonomically accurate, enabling you to obtain as near your gaming screen as possible without needing to develop scoliosis.

With that said, the Arozzi arena games desk is a legitimately great alternative. It has each and every characteristic talked about above, and some.

Today, we might dive in to the nitty-gritty. We’ll browse the specs, which kind of material it’s crafted from, and by the finish of this document, you should be built with the knowledge essential to decide for yourself whether that is worth a purchase.

Arozzi Arena Adjustable Games Desk: The Deets

This desk includes a gigantic 14 square foot surface that’s created to hold and house the most robust gaming setup. We’re conversing three plus monitors, your personal computer, consoles, peripherals, and considerably more. It gets the space to support all of this with ease.

Actually, the 5-foot 3-inch width of the table can take up to three large monitors that curve around you just as that the table curves contours to the body. The depth of the desk is a generous 2 feet 8 in ., and can certainly accommodate your mouse and keyboard.

The table itself is manufactured with solid steel legs, which are linked to the steel frame within the board. The plank is made from a good wood material and possesses three pre-drilled holes for wire supervision. The pad that addresses the top is a good microfiber.

The Surface

There are hence many advantages of this desk I don’t even understand where to start, but I’ll focus on the included mouse pad.

Mousepad? Who within their right head gives raise your voice about an included mouse pad?

I’ll let you know who, someone who knows the complete desk May be the mouse pad.

Yes. You read that proper.

This desk from Arozzi includes a surface that is created from the same fabric most mouse pads are created from. The only difference is normally that it covers the complete area of the table. It includes a water-resistant surface area, and is equipment washable for all those occasional (or not occasional) circumstances that you drop your warm wings up for grabs.

The pad won’t approach for just two reasons. One, it weighs around seven pounds. Two, it includes a non-slip surface area on underneath. These make certain it stays set up.


You’ll also spot the curve that suits your seating posture, in order to maintain proper posture throughout your entire gaming session.

Another great feature this is actually the ability to modify the elevation of the table. The desk could be adjusted from 27.9 inches to 31.9 inches high. While that’s very little of a elevation difference, it can help.

Cable Management

Cable management upon this desk is usually very well-planned. The pre-cut holes happen to be in just the proper spots, and there happen to be nets screwed within the desk to keep your cables from hanging down and creating a cluttered, unsightly mess.

Being Picky

There isn’t much never to like about the Arozzi. They seem to be to have considered almost everything.

But, easily am permitted to nitpick, among the issues you may have is definitely how dirty the mouse pad gets.

Sure, you can merely remove it and rinse the pad, but it surely becomes a waste materials of time after some time. This might not exactly be a concern on all of the mat hues though; the darker shades might not present dirt that well.

Another concern with here is the elevation adjustment for the legs. It only techniques a couple of in . between its lowest and highest items. More area for adjustment here will be nice.

But beyond those a couple of things there really isn’t very much not to like.

Is This much?

When you ask a concern such as this you can’t seriously answer it without initially looking at various other choices to see what they are providing.

When you compare the Arozzi gaming table using its closest competitors, there are a few major differences.

The most evident Arozzi competitor is DXRacer and the DXRacer gaming desk.

They both cost roughly the same price, however the Arozzi is a lot larger, and has an improved cable management system.

The Arozzi top can be one huge mouse pad.

With that said, I’d personally choose the Arozzi.

In short, in the event that you game seriously and also have the space, this is unquestionably much, and it will last you a long time.

The Brand

Arozzi is a provider based out of Sweden. They like creating and providing top grade, state of the skill gaming furniture. These were founded in 2013, and you’ve in all probability heard about them before.

Their key focus is ergonomic chairs and desks.

The ergonomic design of their state of the art games chairs is inspired by championship motorsports, the reason behind this being just how much time motorsports athletes must be seated.

They took what competition car drivers learned all about seating, and transferred it to gaming chairs and today desks.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Table – Black

  • The 160cm/5′ 3 Inches width permits three large monitors to envelop you in the overall game environment
  • The 80 cm/2′ 7 ½ Inches depth offers you an enormous field of play for your mouse, keyboard or other devices
  • Design of the tailor made mouse pad that includes a microfiber cloth area which is water-resistant. Table Top Load Capacity : 176lb (evenly distributed)

SUMMARY and the Verdict: 9.5/10

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk can be an absolute beast. It appears incredible, is excellent in its efficiency, and is strong enough for possibly the largest and heaviest game playing setups.

To be able to operate multiple monitors creates your gaming experience a lot more enjoyable, which desk enables you to use 3 of them.

Add its sheer size and the fantastic wire management program, and you’ve got an absolute product on your own hands. That’s excluding the brilliant thought to really have the desk dual as a mouse pad, aswell.

The curved surface can be an excellent added ergonomic feature, and definitely can help you game with perfect posture constantly.

As We said earlier, it might be great if the table could raise a lot more than several inches in height, nonetheless it would be better still if you didn’t need to modify the height manually.

In closing, that is a video games desk I could recommend. If you want additional help locating the best gaming table, then have a look at our

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