Best Asus MG28UQ Monitor Deals On Cyber Monday 2021

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More choices mean lower prices and the MG28UQ makes an excellent addition to the set of affordable Ultra HD monitors. Even without FreeSync, it’s a good display worth any desktop. Much like any high-res display, you’ll need to weigh your video card options before committing but when you have the horsepower, this panel offers a smooth and vividly-colored gaming experience.


The street to affordable Ultra HD gaming is a long one. Maybe we aren’t there yet, but we’re getting close. 3 years ago the big hurdle was astronomical monitor prices. 32-inch screens for $3000 just didn’t compute for almost all of us. And do not require were really well suited for gaming. Where was the blur reduction? Where was the adaptive refresh? Where am i going to find another $1000 for a faster video card?

Well the necessity for an easy graphics card hasn’t changed, nevertheless, you might not have to invest quite $1000 to obtain the necessary processing power; $300-500 should about do it nowadays. And the costs of decent Ultra HD panels have dropped tremendously. There are a lot of options for well under $1000 that provides good color accuracy, reasonably fast panel response, low latency & most importantly, adaptive refresh.

The 28-inch TN category is still the worthiness leader in Ultra HD displays and with today’s review subject, we are able to count three such gaming monitors inside our database. We first viewed Acer’s XB280HK in regards to a year ago. It provides G-Sync but still represents the premium end of the spectrum. Recently we evaluated AOC’s U2879VF and it to offers class-leading value and excellent performance. Today we’ve the Asus MG28UQ inside our lab.


Whenever we first received our press sample, we were just a little confused. This is said to be a FreeSync gaming monitor right? An intensive check of the packaging and the Asus website finds no reference to the technology anywhere. Is adaptive refresh so commonplace given that manufacturers don’t even tout it within their marketing?

The MG28UQ is definitely equipped with the required DisplayPort firmware to aid adaptive sync over a variety of 40-60Hz. This smallish window prevents the utilization of low framerate compensation (LFC) so you’ll need to adapt your gaming detail, or upgrade your video board, to guarantee the action remains above 40fps. We don’t think about this a limitation due to the fact FreeSync or not, games aren’t much fun to play below that speed.

Gaming features aside, Asus’ MG-series represents an excellent option to the more-expensive Republic of Gamers line. You won’t find things such as blur-reduction, however the MG28UQ does sport comparable construction, an internal power (rare in 28-inch TN displays), a completely adjustable stand (equally rare in this category), and value at a street price just over $500.

The panel part may be the same one we see in every monitors of the type. It’s created by AU Optronics, includes a flicker-free backlight and 10-bit color thanks to FRC. In addition, it offers something we haven’t seen an excessive amount of yet: an HDMI 2.0 input. It accepts a complete 3840×2160 signal at 60Hz but.

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