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Good sound quality results in you’re likely to be spending a bit more than you want. Just look into the Focal Clear headphones we recently reviewed that may run you $1,499. But once in a while you find a thing that doesn’t cost an excessive amount of and sounds great. That is among those times. The Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones may not be the prettiest of cans, but when you can look passed that your ears will be treated to a spa day each and every time you put these on. Get black Friday deals and sales in every headphone.

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What’s Inside

There isn’t much that is included with these headphones. In the box you’ll get the headphones with a soft travel case and a ¼” adapter. That’s it if you don’t count the box itself (that i don’t).

Build & Design

Deep velour ear pads lead to extremely comfortable wear.

You understand how everyone who wears Crocs swear by them? That is an identical situation, although I admit much less hideous. The build of the headphones is almost totally plastic save for the metal band that suspends the ear cups. But man, are these comfortable. Because of foam padding wrapped in velour, slipping these over your ears removes them from your own head and places them into another reality where everything is fluffy and plush. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. It’s similar to slipping your feet into Crocs (roughly I’m told I won’t put them on). Whatever Beyerdynamic did to these, I really like wearing them.

Everything includes a downside, and luckily there are just a few here worth noting. Normally the one, which I mentioned previously, may be the build quality. As they are mainly plastic they’re not the most durable of cans. Sure they’re fairly flexible and I had no issue flexing them to relatively regular angles, but in the event that you throw these in your bag and take a seat on them the wrong manner I wouldn’t gamble that they’d turn out fine. There’s no hinges found here which means you won’t manage to fold them down for easy transport, and the thin steel headband doesn’t feel too durable either. It’s only reinforcement may be the thin pleather wrapping that doesn’t specifically scream quality. So despite the fact that I really like the build regarding comfort, I almost feel just like I will baby them sometimes. They seem to be to be best for leaving on my desk which to be fair, as a set of open-back headphones, is actually where they were designed for.

Open-backs typically mean you’ll get more spatial cues in your music.

My other biggest concern with regards to build quality may be the music cable. It’s a 1m coiled cable that may stretch to longer if necessary, but it’s also pretty heavy. More often than once the weight of it almost pulled my phone clean off my desk because I moved the wrong manner. No problem if you’re plugging into an interface or computer, however, not very good news for smartphones or lightweight players. The attachment point in the bottom of the left earcup also doesn’t woo me, and as the cable isn’t interchangeable if it frays or breaks you’re likely to need to cough up the money for a complete new pair.

Whether you’re a specialist or a secret goth, black just looks cool

But let’s end this section on another positive because toughness aside, I really like how they were designed. They’re all-black which has already been a plus in my own book because whether you’re a specialist or a secret goth, black just looks cool. The only accent of color may be the name of the headphones (that i can do without but isn’t a deal breaker) and the gray foam ear pads that you can see from the exterior of their open back design. Again, adding an ideal little bit of flashiness to the minimal design.


The cable is non-removable, coiled, and doesn’t seem to be to really have the most durable connection point.

So far as connection goes there really isn’t anything too crazy worth mentioning here. The coiled cable leads to a 3.5mm and you will screw on the included ¼” adapter if you’re plugging into high end gear. Of course it’s worth mentioning the cable upon this model comes with an impedance of 250 ohms so despite the fact that I could pay attention to music on my Pixel 2XL (#donglelife) lacking any amp, having someone to drive these a bit more definitely helps because you won’t need to max out the quantity on your phone.

Sound Quality

If we were fairly mediocre about these headphones, it ends here. Sound quality is where these headphones shine and even though they won’t blow you away, we were really impressed whenever we remembered their price.

These headphones are ridiculously comfortable.

In terms of the reduced end they are right up my alley. They’re not overblown and super powerful, nonetheless they definitely bump and present the proper amount of focus on the bass hits 0:39 seconds into “CALLS” by Jessie Reyez. The reduced sub-bass rigtht after the chorus normally has enough capacity to make your eyes shake, but that isn’t the case here. You still get some good of the punch with none of the bruising afterwards to ruin the knowledge.

Whether that’s an excellent or a bad thing is your decision, but I favor it in this manner. That insufficient depth doesn’t the case in terms of mids, with instruments and vocals sounding properly emphasized whatever the genre. This is very apparent if you ask me while hearing “Vanish INSIDE OUR Sleep” by Rob Roy which includes such a robust bass that it usually disturbs the vocals, however, not here. The bass was kept in balance letting the vocals really flourish by themselves. The highs were also great without distortion to talk about any levels. The cymbal hits and hi-hats in “YOU MERELY Live Once” by The Strokes had adequate detail and an ideal amount of presence.


Though these won’t give your music the Beats treatment, they are still an enjoyable couple of headphones to hear. They don’t particularly emphasize anybody area of sound (and even de-emphasize the sub-bass in all honesty) but I still had no issue jamming out to these within my desk or travelling my apartment.

As open-back headphones these aren’t designed for commuters, but if you want an increased amount of detail in your music and don’t mind sacrificing some range to obtain it these can do you justice. In addition they’re next level comfortable. It’s worth mentioning again these do have an impedance of 250 ohms if you actually want to push them a decent amp wouldn’t be considered a bad idea, if you don’t have a phone just like the LG V30 that may handle it already. Overall, it’s hard never to recommend

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