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Should you have pets, you understand about the cleanup duties. The great thing I own, without doubt, is Bissell’s SpotBot. It creates pet accidents a breeze to completely clean. And frankly, human messes aswell.

We’ve a geriatric dog and he has numerous accidents inside your home. We likewise have a 12-week old puppy that’s still not housebroken. Everywhere you look, you visit a yellow puddle. The items we do for love! This leads us to presently employ our SpotBot daily. The best thing about the Bissell SpotBot may be the simplicity. It’s basically a “plug it in and allow it run” little droid.

  1. Grab any solid waste and discard.
  2. Use old rags or paper towels to absorb excess fluids. (I really do this just to make certain the region doesn’t become over-saturated with the Spotbot running.)
  3. Place SpotBot along with the stain (make certain the water/solution reservoir is filled).
  4. Select stain type – “Surface Stain” or “Set-in Stain”.
  5. Come back in a short while to a clean carpet.

The machine will beep after completion of the region in order to move it, if needed, or set aside. It requires about five minutes (my estimation) for your thing to perform through its cycle. You will find a function for set-in stains so when I find a location which has a urine stain, I simply plop it down and hit the button for “Set-in Stain” and leave. This option works very much the same as its default setting, just doubles the cycle.

My parents own the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser and think it’s great as well. However, the largest difference between your two has been the SpotBot, the machine is spraying the water/solution, scrubbing the region and suctioning the soiled water right into a separate reservoir. (In the event you’re wondering, the scrubbing doesn’t leave any abrasions to the carpet.) The Green Machine only gets the hose option. SpotBot gets the hose option aswell, but frankly, we seldom utilize it. For a $40 price difference, devoid of to complete the physical task of cleaning the stain is really worth it.

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The SpotBot works on a lot more than just pet stains. Whenever we moved into our new home, in another of the bedrooms there have been mysterious stains through the entire dated carpeting that have been no issue for the device. The only stain I have already been struggling to remove with this machine is rust stains. We are actually on our second SpotBot. After over 5 years of continued use (there wasn’t weekly that would pass without us needing to utilize it) water/soap started out to leak from the device. Despite having this fact, we purchased another as a result of how helpful it really is. I figured a 5-year shelf life with heavy use wasn’t too bad. We were baffled while waiting for the brand new one to arrive. We’d to accomplish the unimaginable and clean the accidents up manually with spray and a shop rag. We’ve become spoiled. I’ve heard that others experienced problems with the SpotBot not spraying. Luckily that hasn’t been our experience. I’d like to offer Bissell a number of suggestions on methods to enhance the SpotBot.

Put in a heat dryer to greatly help shorten the drying process. The suction just doesn’t get the job done completely. Also, multiple sizes options for the region that the SpotBot cleans. The radius usually is okay, but sometimes I wish it were at least 2 times bigger therefore i don’t need to run.

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