Best Concept 2 Rowing Machine Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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The Concept2 Model D is best known and biggest selling quality rowing machines around – and once and for all reason. It’s a good, reliable rower and can last you for a long time, despite having regular use..

First things first, the Concept2 can be an air resistance rower, this means it’s action is smooth and can closely replicate rowing on water, it will change to your energy meaning the faster you row the bigger the resistance. quite simply, no matter how hard you pull it’ll match your strength no issue. Get the best  black friday deals and sales for your fav product.

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The construction is quite solid and will endure years of punishment without complaint.These models are being used in gymnasiums worldwide and for that reason created to last. They’re also first choice in most of rowing clubs and serious rowers – which says everything really!

The rowing position is excellent and the seat is quite comfortable even for long sessions. If you have used a rower at a gym, it had been probably a Concept2. Many gym users buy a budget rower for home use and so are disappointed – since it doesn’t feel anything like as effective as a Concept2.

​A quick note of caution. If you are knees aren’t as reliable because they used to maintain your twenties, you may want to consider another machine up within their range, the Model E – it’s $200 more but includes a higher seat which is a lot simpler to can get on or off.

Not sure which to choose? ​Check our Model D vs Model E Guide.

Also really worth considering may be the Slide accessory to provide you with the feeling of rowing on water. You place the device on the slides and as you pull back your machine slides forward, exactly like being on the water as you get yourself a real feel of movement for that effort you’re putting into your workout – neat!

Console/ Monitor

New: The typical console with the Model D is currently the PM5. It switches on automatically when you commence to row (and can also turn off after a few momemts of inactivity).

You can store your workout data to a USB key (not supplied) and transfer to your personal computer or Mac for further analysis using Concept2’s software for performance graphs etc.

The LCD screen displays all of the usual workout data such as for example calories, strokes each and every minute, distance rowed, time etc.

The Concept2 comes in either silver or black – so there’s another decision to create. Inside our view it’s no contest… it must be black – it looks so cool. On Amazon for only $945 – it may be the very best $945 you ever spend!You can select from several screens to show the data you will need in your recommended format.

​The new PM5 has a lot more functionality compared to the old PM4 providing you even more of grounds to buy. Among our favorites may be the ‘race boat’ option that allows you to compete keenly against a boat on screen to a set pace and even against yourself from a previous session :0) You may also display your previous performances using one screen. The PM5 also permits you to race online with other Concept2 users – now there’s a motivation to train!

BTW, PM is short for ‘Performance Monitor’


The Concept2 Model D is one heck of a rowing machine – for just one heck of an excellent price. This brand has dominated the rowing machine market for quite some time – and it’s no real surprise to understand why. It’s rock solid even though really giving it some stick, can last for years and can very, very rarely enable you to down. It is the first choice for some serious rowers and rowing clubs for indoor training once and for all reason! Oh, and yet another thing, if you tend to buy one you have another decision to create – which finish? It will come in light grey or black. Inside our view it must be black

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