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Introducing THE BRAND NEW DeWalt DCR015 Jobsite Radio and Charger
DeWalt Radio With iPhoneThe best jobsite radio from DeWalt can be the most popular available on the market.

What sets it apart could it be includes a charger for your other DeWalt tools. It’ll last an entire workday using one battery charge. You may charge your phone via USB when the air is plugged in. People really like this radio since it has big sound but isn’t bulky and heavy.

If you need the charging ability but don’t want the size and weight of the Bosch, then DeWalt is for you personally.

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Great things about the DCR015

  1. Charger

You may charge the newer DeWalt batteries 12V/20V MAX with the built-in charger located behind the radio. In the event that you plan on upgrading your DeWalt tools as time passes to the better newer design of battery then that is your very best radio option.

  1. Power Bar

Having a power bar on the air is an excellent feature. You can may bring along your standalone battery charger plug it in and also have 2 batteries charging simultaneously. Remember that for the energy bar to provide power you need the air to be plugged into the wall outlet.

  1. USB

In the media centre of the air is a USB outlet which allows charging when the air is plugged into the wall outlet.

  1. AUX (Upgrade to Bluetooth)

To play music from your own phone upon this jobsite radio you need to use and AUX from the microphone jack or you can upgrade to a DeWalt bluetooth adaptor for a supplementary $35.


  1. Power Bar

DeWalt put 2xAC outlets on the new radio rather than 3 just like the older model DC012. However, I don’t see this as an enormous issue because generally you’re only using it for external charging (like in the pic) and 1 other job.

The location of the energy bar has been moved from the proper side left side. The only advantage I could think about is that most of the people are right handed so when plugging into the outlet you will consider the front of the air. Not even sure can be an advantage, what do you consider?

  1. Charging Station

DeWalt Radio 2 Amp Charger PicThe main distinction between this model and the prior DeWalt jobsite radio is the sort of battery it uses and charges. It uses and charges the newer better 12V/20V MAX batteries.

As you can plainly see in the image you will find a compartment for charging located behind the radio. This is a 2 amp charger and will charge your batteries in 90 minutes each.

What Others SAY

The DeWalt DCR015 jobsite radio has mixed reviews but overall is rated highly. We experienced the most helpful reviews and wish to demonstrate some overall benefits and drawbacks. Take into account we find the most constructive reviews to be the 3 and 4 star reviews because they plainly weren’t 100% happy but weren’t outraged from a uncommon defect from shipping.

Let’s review the reviews.


  • Built DeWalt tough. (Have a look at what this means to be built Ridgid tough with regards to job site radios at that link)
  • Good sound volume.
  • Charges batteries fast.
  • Radio lasts entire workday on 1 battery (if remote and can’t plug directly into wall that is huge!)


  • Poor FM reception when charging.
  • Media centre compartment isn’t practical and can’t be closed with iPhone inside.
  • USB doesn’t play music through only charges (and radio should be plugged in).

My comment may be the pros outweigh the cons for the reason that pros are about the air talents and sound ability and the cons are minor design flaws. I must say i recommend the DeWalt bluetooth radio adaptor since it cuts through most of the cons and allows music to be played wirelessly.

How Does This DeWalt Jobsite Radio Compare To Other Dewalt Radios?

This section is very important because DeWalt makes a few different jobsite radio and choosing which is most beneficial for you could be tough. First can be an image of the several DeWalt options and then is a break down of cool features each has.

In a nutshell – the DCR015 (one featured upon this page) and the DCR012 will be the same radio however the DC012 charges 7.2V/18V batteries and the DCR015 12V/20V. DeWalt is transitioning out the 7.2V/18V battery style as time passes.

Wrap Up

DeWalt offers a couple of options for hearing music on the jobsite. In the event that you only value playing through Bluetooth from your own phone then you can certainly get the DCR006 speaker.

If you want in order to charge your batteries and utilize the radio as a power bar then you can certainly get the DC012 or the DCR015 (the main one featured upon this page) according to the DeWalt battery type you utilize in your other tools.

If you don’t value charging and just want the air then you can {cut costs|spend less

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