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The DJI Osmo Pocket is a year old, nonetheless it remains the simplest way to record stabilized 4K video and fluidly moving time lapses and never have to take with you a full-sized DSLR gimbal and bulky camera gear. Get amazing deals on black friday + cyber monday sales.

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Last update was on: October 18, 2021 9:27 pm

Update: We’ve recently updated our Osmo Pocket review with new video and picture samples, and in addition addressed the fixes in the number of firmware updates that contain come out because it first launched.

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DJI Osmo Pocket positioned to become a handheld camera stabilizer for the mainstream, and which means we’re seeing a lot more silky smooth video out there from average users as a result of it. That’s very good news for everybody who hates shaky video.

Since this device for everybody, let’s make clear what the Osmo Pocket is: it’s a gimbal that functions by adjusting for your shaky hands and bouncy walking patterns; it counteracts your uneven movement using its own stabilizing motion. This wand-shaped handle with a camera at the top may also pan and track shots because of some nifty camera controls and smart software.

The smoothness of the resulting video is beautiful for the Osmo Pocket’s miniature size. Think: it’s as an old giant Hollywood crane which offers smooth video, but reduced to how big is a concise flashlight. We also found its capability to record motion time lapses to be incredibly simple to set up.

It’s comparable in a few methods to the GoPro Hero 8, that provides camera stabilization, albeit through in-camera software. Even though their executions are widely different – the GoPro is stronger, as the Osmo tracking more veritable – the email address details are similar. They’re about eliminating shaky video by the end of the day.

We found the Osmo Pocket to provide smoother video, considerably faster transfer rates, and exclusive features just like the motion time lapses and active face tracking. It proves that gimbal stabilization is more advanced than electronic stabilization, if you’re ready to manage this Osmo’s Gen 1 foibles that we’ll review.

The DJI Osmo Pocket does almost anything larger gimbals can do and eliminates the necessity for other camera gear, like bulky motorized panoramic time lapse tripod heads. We used to need to carry them around with out a choice. All this equipment ties in the palm of your hand now.

Price and release date
The state DJI Osmo Pocket release date was December 15, 2018, so it is now over a year old. It had been actually announced a couple weeks ahead of that launch date, with a meeting and pre-orders happening on November 28.

The Osmo Pocket launched after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, DJI could successfully push out the most recent Osmo before Christmas. However, a few of its best accessories didn’t officially continue sale until 2019.

It costs $349 (£329, AU$599), which is cheaper compared to the GoPro Hero 8 Black, which includes image stabilization built-in, so there’s overlap between your two cameras. Their applications are fairly different, however the fact that they both use a whole lot of accessories (that cost extra) and cause stabilized footage makes them comparable.

Design and durability
The DJI Osmo Pocket may be the camera gimbal you’ll have the ability to take anywhere and also want to take anywhere because of its tiny size and excellent video quality. Its 4K 60fps-capable camera and wand-shaped gimbal handle is no bigger when compared to a ‘fun size’ bag of chips.

It measures 121.9 x 36.9 x 28.6mm and weighs 116g, about 50 % the distance and width an iPhone 11 Pro smartphone (though there’s a lot more than 3 x the girth) and two thirds of the weight. We could actually slip it into our jeans pockets right next to your iPhone 11 Pro Max with out a problem.

It’s not simply small, it’s one-hand friendly, too, with a non-slip, sweat-proof grip. That means it is simple to operate the embedded one-inch touchscreen, which is employed to cycle through modes and settings. In place, we found it to become more mobile compared to the also likable DJI Osmo Mobile 3, despite having the Mobile 3’s new collapsible feature.

It’s almost a miniaturized version of the DJI Osmo 2. And unlike the phone-powered DJI Osmo Mobile 3, this gimbal won’t hog your important smartphone. It includes a dedicated camera mounted at the top. You can attach your phone for a bigger viewfinder, or count on the tiny one-inch screen that’s on included in the gimbal handle. It’s sufficient to frame shots and cycle through some menus and controls, however, not each of the settings on the smartphone application appear upon this square one-inch screen.

The DJI Osmo Mobile includes a case, which we were skeptical of initially. Usually whenever a company mentions a case for a cool miniaturized product – especially gimbals – this means it’s likely to make the device 3 or 4 times the size rather than practically as pocket-friendly. Luckily, the form-fitting protective shell for the Osmo Pocket remains svelte. It still fits into our pocket.

You’re going to actually want to utilize the case, too. If there’s one major issue with the Osmo Pocket design it’s that it’s nowhere near as durable as a GoPro, that may survive your rough and tumble life. Or possibly you’re not active and just drop stuff often. That’s a no go with the DJI’s smallest gimbal.

The Osmo Pocket feels solid externally, but under the camera hinges are complex motors that require to be protected from bumps, drops, and water. We couldn’t get yourself a full flexibility with this first review unit and it wouldn’t calibrate. We might have jostled it an excessive amount of. A fresh unit fixed the condition completely (and (we DJI said it did fix the rare problem of our first Osmo Pocket review unit).

Here’s something that’s infinitely much better than the GoPro design: we’re able to export video and hook up to your smartphone as a viewfinder with a physical connection. The Osmo Pocket carries a universal port that accepts small Lighting and USB-C adapters. Slot among these adapters in to the port and you could immediately hook up to an iPhone or Android phone.

It’s the simplest way to transfer files to your phone, as transfer rate certainly are a regular around 10Mb/s with an unbreakable physical connection. We appreciated devoid of to toy around with a problematic Wi-Fi connection, in particular when transferring 4K videos with hefty file sizes. When you’re not using the Lightning or USB-C adapter, you can slide it from the port and slot it in the other way. This protects both universal port connectors and the finish the that connects to your phone. It’s the sort of intelligently designed in

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