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Electric razors provide smooth and comfortable shave without the hassle and wasting time. And in addition they are specifically made to avoid direct contact to your skin, avoiding a chance of cuts or bruises.

They can move in line with the contours of the facial skin, reaching even difficult areas for smooth shaving finish. However, if you wish to just trim the hair edges to particular length, trimmers will be the best choice.

Not all electric razors are designed equal. If you need to pick a product that’s suitable to your preferences, then consider the below factors…

Type – Two types of electric razors can be found – foil and rotary. Foil electric razors are suited to daily shaving, thin hair and sensitive skin. Rotary kinds are perfect for folks who don’t shave regularly and also have thick coarse hair.
Wet & Dry – Electric razors with this feature enables you to make usage of it in the shower or on dry skin. It really is useful for individuals who’ve sensitive skin because they may use gel or cream while shaving.
Power Supply – Many of these devices can be found in either plug-in charged or battery operated. Battery powered one are just ideal for travellers because they are not suitable for daily use. But plug-in razors are exquisite for daily use.
Various other features to consider are auto-shut off, simple cleaning, mobility and warrantee – you will find detail information on these factors inside our BUYING GUIDE.

Apart from that, we’ve also provided a set of Top 5 ELECTRIC RAZORS In Indian Market. They are selected after careful analysis, research and testing.

Electric Shaver Buying Guide – What to Look in Men’s Electric Shaver
How to Choose a power Shaver?
Be it your first-time or want to upgrade the old one, deciding on a single product among a vast selection of options is no fun task. However, with some factors (like cheat-code), you may easily pick up the correct one ideal for your specific requirements.

Browse the below information carefully since it helps you make the best decision you won’t ever regret.

1.Foil or Rotary Shaving – Which to Choose?
Both of these types of electric razors focus on different shaving needs. So, before choosing between them, identify your shaving requirements (do you shave daily? Like smooth hair-free finish? Or simply want to trim the edges?).

a) Foil Head Electric Shaver

Foil head shavers are believed simply perfect for daily shavers and persons with sensitive skin. As the metal foil present onto it prevents the razor’s direct contact to your skin, avoiding skin irritation.

Its oscillating blades move front and back at high speeds. And the guards within the blades will lift up the hair for cutting, thus protecting your skin. Foil electric razors have separate cutting blades with independent flex – which explains why it really is matches the contour of that person easily. However, it isn’t as flexible as rotary razors, as a result of its rectangular shape.

Foil Razor is simply perfect for people…

Who shave daily
Who’ve sensitive skin
With short or thin undesired facial hair
Never used electric shaver before
Who don’t have enough time to completely clean and care the shaver
Benefits Drawbacks
Comfortable and close shave Not well suited for shaving long beards or hairs
Fewer pinching or pulling the hairs As blades oscillate at high speed, they get hot quickly
Smoother and gentler shave Vibrate more making louder noise
User friendly and clean
Great precision and control
Suitable for beginners
b) Rotary Blade Electric Shaver

Unlike foil blades, rotary shavers have spinning discs and floating heads, rendering it exquisite for unique facial contours. That’s the reason, these razors provide perfect results, even in hard to attain areas. Rotary blades are exquisite for shaving long hair and undesired facial hair easily that grows in every different directions. Foil and rotary razors have different variations according to number of foils or heads.

As the rotary razors have round blades that spin, so guards are given as form for protection. The guards will lift up the hair and spinning discs to slice the hair easily. As the heads will move around in multiple directions to supply a close shave by adjusting to the contours of the facial skin.

But cleaning rotary razors are much difficult to completely clean and keep maintaining than foil razors. Usually, a rotary razor includes three or four 4 heads (spinning discs) with round edges. These heads are flexible and move closely to the facial skin contours when using it.

It is perfect for folks who…

Who don’t shave daily
Have significantly more thick and coarse undesired facial hair
Don’t have sensitive skin
Need quiet shaver
Benefits Drawbacks
Ideal for cutting long, coarse and thick beard hairs Not well suited for close shave
Much quieter

  1. Battery Powered Vs Corded Vs Plug-In
    Predicated on power sources, electric razors are split into three major types – corded, battery operated and plug-in units.

Plug-in type shavers must be fully charged before using it. So, you won’t worry of no power while used. A lot of the modern shavers could work up to at least one 1 hr consistently on full charge.
Battery operated electric razors are not suitable for folks who would like a clean shave daily since it is less efficient than others. However, they are perfect for folks who travel regularly.
Corded shavers aren’t favored these days because they ought to be plugged to power source consistently while used and sometimes the cord will get in the way.
If you travel a whole lot, then choose battery operated shavers. If not, plug-in razors an ideal choice. Choose according to meet your needs.

  1. Speed and Efficiency
    Speed of a power shaver is normally calculated either in Revolutions EACH AND EVERY MINUTE (RPM) or Cycles EACH AND EVERY MINUTE (CPM) of the motor. Basic thumb rule which analyzing this factors is – the more, the merrier. Faster the blades function, less strokes must give a clean shave quickly. Ideal speed is often recommended as 11000 RPM or CPM.
  2. Wet or Dry Electric Shaver
    Some men prefer to shave each morning showers as the moisture will soften the coarse hair. And persons with acne and sensitive skin prefer to use gels or shaving cream for shaving. So, you will need to analyze the needs you have while choosing between dry or wet electric shaver.

Not absolutely all wet or dry electric razors allow to use creams or gels for shaving. This restriction is mainly seen in high-end shavers because they include cleaning and charging units. Shaving products may damage charging and cleaning units. However, many electric shaver are designed for these solutions, nonetheless they need to cleaned prior positioning in the cleaning units. However, some warranties gets invalidated in the event that you do so. Browse the specifications evidently before purchasing or using the electric shaver.

Almost all of the wet or dry electric razors won’t function when connected to power source. That is designed specifically for safety reasons to avoid any injuries if anybody tries to use in shower while plugged in.

  1. Mobility
    In simple shaving process, mobility plays a significant role. Maximum mobility is proposed by plug-in or cordless razor. Though battery operated electric razors offer mobility, their effectiveness is bound. Corded kinds don’t offer much mobility because they often get into {just h

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