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Drops of sweat trickle down your forehead as well as your heart starts beating faster as you look down at a 10,000ft freefall. “I could do that,” you mutter under your breath just because a parachute may be the only thing that stands between life and death right now. Finally, eyes closed, you take the leap.

The GoPro Hero selection of action cameras has been capturing such experience of adrenaline pumping adventure sports since 2004. The first GoPro Hero shot only still photographs on 35mm film. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that GoPro created the action camera category, spurring other manufacturers to try their own versions. The GoPro Hero has come quite a distance since then; the business even won an Emmy award in 2013 for Best Technology and Engineering.

After multiple iterations, today we’ve the GoPro Hero4 Black, that may shoot full-frame 4K footage at a decent 30fps. A good mainstream camera manufacturer such as for example Nikon only started supporting 4K video capture recently using its Nikon 1 J5 mirrorless camera. Anyway, this is pretty an achievement for a camera of the size.

While we couldn’t really take our review unit rafting or skydiving, we did mount it on a motorbike and take it out for a spin. Why should adventure sports junkies have all of the fun?

Look and feel
With the objective they serve, GoPro Hero cameras are designed to be tiny and inconspicuous. Because of this the business hasn’t played around with the core design and the ergonomics an excessive amount of. Without the bundled housing, the Hero4 Black and Hero 3+ (the prior version), including their variants, have the same dimensions of 41x59x30mm. The only difference between your Hero4 Black and the Hero4 Silver may be the inclusion of an LCD touchscreen on the trunk of the latter. However,the Hero4 Black may be the superior of both regarding video recording capabilities.

Without its waterproof case, the camera weighs accurately 88g and with it, that rises to 152g. The housing is vital if you are likely to mount the camera on different surfaces using the state accessories.

The Hero4 Black’s lens peeks right out of the front of the machine and there’s a tiny LCD to its left. Two LED indicators are prearranged next to the LCD – the main one at the top blinks blue to point the Wi-Fi status, whereas underneath one is for camera status and doubles up as the battery indicator. Below the LCD is a button that may switch on the Hero4 Black and change modes. A big shutter button lies along with the camera along with another camera status light. The left edge includes a settings button, which includes replaced the Wi-Fi button that was on the Hero3+. That is great since it makes the program somewhat more accessible. More on that later.

On the trunk, there is just one more camera status light (which can feel just like overkill but is practical given the many ways this device could be mounted). GoPro’s proprietary “Hero port” on the trunk is employed by accessories including the external LCD monitor and LCD Touch BacPac. The proper edge of the Hero4 Black houses the Micro-HDMI port (cable sold separately), Micro-USB port, and microSD card slot. There exists a speaker on on the proper as well. In the bottom is a battery door that slides open. A little slip of paper mounted on the battery works extremely well to pull it out.

We must mention that people haven’t viewed as many official first-party accessories for just about any other product. For instance, there are in least eight options for mounts.

Specifications and software
The GoPro Hero4 Black includes a 12-megapixel 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor and an F2.8 aperture ultra-wide angle lens. This specification is unchanged from the Hero3+ Black. However, the key difference between your two variants of the GoPro Hero4 – Black and Silver – may be the quality of videos each may take.

The Hero4 Black can capture 4K (3840×2160)footage at a decent 30fps whereas on the Hero4 Silver it really is capped at 15fps. Similarly, the Hero4 Black can shoot 1080p video atup to 120fps and 720p footage at 240fps – which is what the iPhone 6 (Review | Pictures) and iPhone 6 Plus (Review | Pictures) can perform. The GoPro Hero4 Black also offers a fresh image processing engine that your company claims is doubly powerful.

The opportunity to record video at a rich 60mbps bitrate will be very tempting to professional videographers, for the reason that quality of recordings will be excellent, looked after permits downsampling later in post-processing. The GoPro Hero4 Black continues to rock a mono microphone for recording audio tracks and apparently the product quality has been improveddrastically. However, addititionally there is an optional 3.5mm input accessory which can be utilised to attach an improved external mic. GoPro goes one step further and adds a built-in analog-to-digital converter thus enabling users to include microphones with lower sensitivity response for better recording quality.

Let’s remember that the Hero4 Black may also capture 12-megapixel still shots and includes a Time Lapse mode which allows users to capture a number of photographs at intervals of 0.5 to 60 seconds. You will find a similar Time Lapse mode for video (only at 4K and 2.7K). Additionally, using the Video+Photo mode a user can record video and capture Time Lapse photographs as well. In Night Photo mode you can capture an individual stills at exposure times as high as 30 seconds.

A fascinating Superview video mode on the GoPro Hero4 Black (obtainable in 4K, 1080p and 720p resolutions) works extremely well to fully capture videos with a far more immersive wide-angle perspective. GoPro has increased the capacities of its Protune software to now accommodate both videos and stills. Protune opens up a couple of options for more control over the capture quality. For instance, a user can pick a flat colour profile for better accuracy in order that it might be manipulated later at the editing desk. Similarly, Protune allows users to improve the ISO settings, white balance, sharpness and exposure.

The GoPro Hero Black incorporates Bluetooth as well as the already existing Wi-Fi for connectivity. The Hero4 Black accepts microSD cards as high as 64GB in capacity, but you’ll desire a card with fast writing speeds – GoPro suggests at least Class 10. For reasons uknown, the device includes a slightly smaller 1160mAh battery than its predecessors did.

Thanks the the brand new Settings button, navigating through the program of the GoPro Hero4 Black is a lot easier. Hitting the Mode button switches through all of the available modes. Alternatively, the Settings button could be pressed to gain access to the settings designed for the precise mode that the camera happens to be in. You can also access another settings menu, with the options consolidated together, by switching through the modes.

Apps for Android and iOS enable you to hook up your smartphone to the camera and make make use of it as a viewfinder or review captured files. Similarly, you will find a free GoPro Studio program for Windows and OS X, which we found to be user-friendly. It really is great formaking basic edits.

For testing, we first attached the camera to a selfie stick without its housing. The selfie stick was then mounted on a motorbike. We chose this technique to ensure that we’re able to test the full selection of the mono microphone. Our experiment, and the corresponding experience is proof enough that for anyone who is even slightly enterprising then your GoPro Hero4 Black could possibly be used to fully capture great action footage with DIY hacks. Having said that, one can utilize the official helmet mount or handlebar mount aswell.

We captured a whole lot of 4K footage at 25fps. One thing we noticed was that the camera gets hot – never to the extent that it feels uncomfortable, but perceptibly hot nonetheless. Moreover, if you’re likely to use a phone as a viewfinder, be confident that the battery life will drain faster than Usain Bolt on steroids. Our battery lost all its juice in simply a little over 45 minutes of continuous 4K video recording when linked to a phone. The problem does progress with Wi-Fi switched off, but even otherwise we strongly advise that users who wish to shoot long action sequences buy a supplementary battery.

Without a doubt, the standard of captured video really was good and the camera were able to capture a whole lot of detail. The colours captured using the default colour profile were adequately saturated. With that said, we’d advise using Protune and shooting with a set colour profile, which can look lifeless initially, but permits more control over the ultimate image. We played around with GoPro Studio and edited some footage to create it appear to be a neo-noir film. The mono microphone can capture crisp music but we pointed out that going above 50kmph introduces a whole lot of environmental noise. Utilizing a top quality external microphone can alleviate this issue.

A very important factor we did notice after shooting multiple test videos are that god rays are unavoidable in bright sunlight; actually, it could even make J.J. Abrams proud. There is absolutely no HDR mode for better dynamic range, which could have been great since we noticed a whole lot of areas that have been over-exposed in the backdrop. However, this could be fixed during editing.

Objects that got near the lens during capture would often walk out focus. Moreover, there is evident barrel distortion particularly if shot with a broad field of view, which is what most users will need. This could be slightly off-putting for a couple persons however the resulting style is becoming among the USPs of the GoPro range.

We captured 1080p at 120fps and 720p at 240fps to check the slow motion features and discovered that the captured video really was smooth, and the camera didn’t lose any fidelity either. The sample videos embedded here have lost some fidelity because of compression while uploading, but remain fairly indicative of the results you can achieve.

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