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Want an economical Chromebook with a sizable screen? The HP Chromebook 14 (reviewed at $248) is certainly a solid choice. A substantial update over the AMD unit, the Intel edition of the Chromebook 14 lasts all day long on a fee and has a cozy keyboard. The notebook also offers a sleek white style and the 1080p screen is an extravagance at this price. While different similarly priced Chromebooks present better efficiency, the Chromebook 14 is a superb all-rounder for standard tasks. It’s even one of the better laptops under $300.

HP Chromebook 14 Selling price and Configuration Options

Our Chromebook 14 analysis device costs $248 and posseses an Intel Celeron N3350 processor chip, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of flash storage.

You can purchase the Chromebook 14 on Amazon and Walmart.


Now, this is one way to do budget.

The Chromebook 14 comes with an attractive style highlighted by a brand new white color variant that’s sure to stick out in a crowd. The lid of the Chromebook 14 includes a rough texture with a glossy HP logo embossed in the guts. Starting the lid reveals a brushed white colored deck, white colored keys and white screen bezels.

Yes, component of me worries that machine can look dirty as time passes, especially given its market: kids and the K-12 market. However the fresh white floors are a refreshing maneuver from the silver chassis commonly entirely on premium machines.

Needlessly to say, the Chromebook 14 is constructed of plastic, though the several textures offer it a rugged but welcome feel. I’m very confident the Chromebook 14 could endure a drop or two, which isn’t something I could say about virtually all sub-$500 laptops.

At 0.7 inches thick and weighing 3.3 pounds, the Chromebook 14 is predictably lighter compared to the 15-inch Acer Chromebook 15 (0.8 inches, 3.7 pounds) and Asus Chromebook C523NA (3.8 pounds), but, needlessly to say, heavier compared to the 11.6-inch Dell Chromebook 5190 (2.9 pounds).

Port selection is great. The left area of the Chromebook 14 includes a USB Type-C port, a USB 3.0 slot and a lock slot. On the proper area is a microSD cards slot, a headphone jack and another couple of USB 3.0 and USB Type-C ports.


HP deserves a hearty round of applause for supplying a 1080p display about this affordable laptop. Sure, the 14-inches panel isn’t particularly bright or perhaps vivid, but just about anything is preferable to those outdated 1366 x 768 panels.

When I watched a trailer for the live-action Aladdin video, I could start to see the ornate details in princess Jasmine’s gown. The pink and turquoise tones in the magnificent dress seemed accurate, though they didn’t burst off the screen as much as I’d have liked. Also, details in a few of the darker desert scenes had been hard to create out as a result of how dim the panel is certainly. But with that said, I was pretty happy with the image quality.

HP deserves a hearty round of applause for supplying a 1080p display about this affordable laptop.

According to your colorimeter, the Chromebook 14 includes 71 percent of the sRGB color gamut, which is a whole lot worse compared to the Chromebook C523NA (76 percent) and Chromebook 5190 (73 percent) but much better than the Chromebook 15 (69 percent).

The Chromebook 14’s display can be on the dim area in comparison to other price range competitors. At 220 nits, the panel doesn’t obtain as glowing as the Chromebook 5190 (258 nits) and Chromebook C523NA (231 nits) but tops the Chromebook 15 (215 nits).

Keyboard and Touchpad

I’ve no complaints with the Chromebook 14’s keyboard, barring having less backlighting. The bright white, chiclet-design keys are well-spaced and large, aside from some undersized arrow keys. Even though they travel only one 1.2 millimeters (brief of our 1.5-mm preference), the keys feel quite bouncy, perhaps as a result of their above-standard 71 grams of actuation force.

I typed at 111 words each and every minute with an precision of 93 percent on the typing check. Those will be both below my common 119 wpm at 95-percent accuracy, however, not by much.

The Chromebook 14’s 4.5 x 2.3-inch touchpad responded quickly as My spouse and i swiped my way across different Google Chrome tabs, and My spouse and i had very little issues pulling away Chrome OS gestures, just like switching between tabs with a three-finger swipe.


Armed with a great Intel Celeron N3350 CPU and 4GB of RAM, the Chromebook 14 features enough power for basic day-to-day tasks, but don’t try running challenging applications upon this budget machine.

My real-world test contains loading 13 webpages on Google Chrome, several which played 1080p YouTube video clips while another match streamed video gaming on Twitch. The initial few pages loaded merely fine, but some tabs got trapped on the spinning wheel for a few minutes and my cursor began to lag. Photographs and advertising took particularly prolonged to render, while movies buffered for a couple seconds before I possibly could view them.

The Chromebook 14 scored a paltry 2,733 on the Geekbench 4 efficiency test, falling well short of the Chromebook C523NA (4,698), the Chromebook 5190 (4,193) and the Chromebook average (4,747). The AMD variant of the Chromebook 14 performed a whole lot worse (1,283).

With a score of 57.8 on the JetStream Javascript benchmark, the Chromebook 14 narrowly topped the Chromebook 5190 (54.5) but shed out to the Chromebook C523NA (65.6), Chromebook 15 (66.6) and the common Chromebook (77.5).

Battery Life

The Chromebook 14 will remain powered up for a whole workday. The notebook computer endured for a good 9 hours and 18 minutes on our electric battery test (continuous net surfing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits of brightness). That edges out the Chromebook standard (9:10) and the Acer Chromebook 15 (9:07), and crushes the Chromebook C523NA (6:30) and the AMD variant of the Chromebook 14 (6:23).


The Chromebook 14’s 720p webcam captures a respectable amount of detail, but an external webcam will offer you livelier colors. I could see specific strands of head of hair in my own beard in a selfie I snapped inside our dimly lit office.

Even so, my face looked therefore pale that I possibly could have packed in just as a zombie cast member in the Walking Dead. Also, my black clothing was therefore dark and without detail that it appeared as if the paint bucket program have been used to load it in with color.


Only the lower of the Chromebook 14 reached concerning temperatures directly after we viewed a 15-minute, full-screen trailer in YouTube. Peaking at 108 degrees Fahrenheit, underneath panel breached our 95-degree comfort threshold.

All of those other laptop, like the touchpad (77 degrees) and the guts of the keyboard (83 degrees), remained well below that mark.

Bottom Line

The Chromebook 14 is a superb choice if you need an economical Chromebook for undertaking simple tasks, like browsing the net, sending emails or watching YouTube video lessons. While this Intel type offers more power compared to the underwhelming AMD version, its performance even now doesn’t hold up very well against similarly costed laptops. Still, with long electric battery life, an attractive style and a 1080p screen, you can’t do far better for under $300.

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