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The Insta360 One R is a distinctive response to the tricky question that’s facing all action cameras in 2020 – how can you cram more tricks and shooting power into these little rugged video cams, without making them impractically big? Get your awesome products in black friday or cyber monday sales.

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GoPro’s answer for the Hero 8 Black is its Mod accessories, which enable you to put in a shotgun mic, bigger screen and LED light to the action camera if you want them. But Insta360, which is most beneficial known because of its 360-degree video cameras just like the One X, has taken a different, and highly ambitious, approach with the Insta360 One R.

THE MAIN ONE R is a really modular action cam – 1 / 3 is battery, another block houses the controls and screen, as the last part may be the lens and sensor brick.

This style enables you to choose among three cameras to slot in to the Insta360 One R – there’s a 4K action camera, like the GoPro Hero 8 Black, and the 360-degree camera is nearer to the GoPro Max.

And there’s a good camera with a one-inch sensor. It creates the Insta360 One R mostly of the rivals to the uncompromising Sony RX0.

Some of you can be most intrigued for the reason that last high-end camera module. However in this review we’ll consider the standard 4K one and the 360-degree cam, and have whether they really can contend with the rival GoPros.

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Insta360 One R release date and price
The Insta360 One R is open to buy from today in a variety of bundles.

The typical One R 4K edition (with just the 4K camera module) costs $299.99 / £299.99 / AU$499.99, which undercuts the cost of the GoPro Hero 8 Black.

If you fancy getting the versatility of a 4K action camera with the choice of making it a 360-degree cam, then your One R Twin Edition could possibly be for you personally. This costs $479.99 / £439.99 / AU$749.99, which is pretty reasonable considering it’s only slightly a lot more than an Insta360 One X.

Slightly pricier may be the premium one-inch Wide Angle Mod, co-engineered with Leica, that will cost you $549.99 / £519.99 / AU$849.99. We haven’t tested this one-inch filter yet, but continue reading to determine more about the main one R’s 4K and 360-degree modules.

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We’d two initial concerns about the Insta360 One R. Would the modular design make it huge? And would feel like it was always going to fall apart?

Both these were unfounded. The Insta360 One R is merely a little bigger when compared to a GoPro Hero 8 Black, and is surprisingly sturdy.

There’s no tough fasten to keep carefully the control block and camera lens part together, however the One R feels rigid enough when you clip the battery base in in the bottom. Sure, the Hero 8 Black looks more accomplished, and its own soft touch finish feels better too. But Insta360 has were able to make the modular design here seem to be almost practical, instead of a strange science experiment.

When you want to change lenses, you just unclip the battery, pull the lens off and slot in your other module. It requires around 20 seconds.

Insta360 has not disposed of water resistance for the modular dream either. It says the main one R meets the IPX8 standard, and is resistant to five meters. This implies accidental dunks are no issue and surface-level swimming could be okay, nevertheless, you probably shouldn’t take it snorkeling. Those that want to take it diving should spend money on Insta360’s separate diving case.

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Now we come to the to begin the Insta360 One R’s bad bits. Insta360 says the mounting case has to be set up for the water resistance to count. It doesn’t actually cover all of the ports, but presumably applies more pressure to keep carefully the internal seals tight.

You don’t desire a case at all with a GoPro Hero 8 Black, in fact it is certified to 10m instead of 5m. We’re also slightly concerned about how precisely the seals will cope with months or years useful, given this is a whole new design. Insta360 fires out inventive cameras for a price of knots, and sometimes it pays to take things slower.

The casing does mean the Insta360 is, in a practical sense, much less small since it appears. This also introduces a location where in fact the modular design is impractical. If the battery runs out mid-shoot, it is advisable to unmount it, take it off from the case and also take the camera apart. The GoPro Hero 8 Black’s side-loaded battery compartment is a lot more convenient.

Luckily, you don’t have to feel the same rigamarole to swap microSD cards. There’s just a little flap privately for the slot, and the casing will not block it.

Display and interface
The Insta360 One R’s screen introduces our second issue. It’s a 1.3-inch square display, like the front screen of the DJI Osmo Action.

You utilize this to compose your shots and navigate the interface. Which will be a lot to ask of such a little touch display.

Shoot a 16:9 aspect video and the preview becomes even smaller. There is no comparison, using it side-by-side with the Hero 8 Black. The GoPro screen is a lot more comfortable to use, and is no user experience revelation itself.

Insta360 has even more work to accomplish on the stability of the interface too. We’ve seen huge improvements in its performance, moving from a beta to the launch release. But scrolling through menus often results in undesired scrolls completely to the most notable or bottom, and flicking between your modes (stills, video etc) is occasionally extremely erratic.

Buy a Insta360 One R in the first days and you’ll need to wade through some irritating bugs for some time.

Insta360 is evidently trying, though. For instance, when you flick down from the very best of the screen you can a screen of settings toggles. Whenever we first used the main one R, there is no indication of what they did beyond the tiny icon. Now, when you tap them, just a little prom

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