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We’d describe it in three succinct ways: bigger, budget and basic. New may be the 10.2-inch display that’s marginally bigger compared to the classic 9.7-inch screen size. Every fraction of an inch helps if you’re likely to use Split Take on iPadOS, and using the iPad dimensions aren’t much bigger.

There’s also compatibility with Apple’s fabric Smart Keyboard Cover, which we’ve always found to are better than often-unreliable Bluetooth keyboards, no syncing or charging needed. It simply snaps onto Apple’s Smart Connector (the very first time the pogo-pin port has appeared on a simple iPad). Note: the keyboard comes separately, as may be the Apple Pencil, and it’s very costly.

That’s basically it. Besides having more RAM tucked in to the iPad 10.2, you won’t find any other upgrades over the iPad 9.7 from March 2018, and that’s okay. Most persons don’t need each of the premium great features of the bezel-reduced iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9, or require the thinner, laminated display of the 10.5-inch iPad Air 2019 (though we recommend this version if you’re seriously interested in sketching with the Pencil).

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What’s important is that the iPad 10.2 can do each of the basics – and somewhat more than you might understand because of the iPadOS update. Inside our tests, it ran all the same apps, supported hardware-intensive augmented reality (AR) games, displayed the tweaked home screen, and even acted as another Mac display because of the macOS Catalina ‘SideCar’ feature.

Purchasing the iPad 10.2 is a no-brainer if all you have to is a brand-new iPad – and will think it is at the same price as last year’s iPad. That’s likely to be our one caveat for everybody.

If you discover the older iPad model at an excellent price it would seem sensible to get it, given so little has changed. But, on a straight price playingfield, there’s sufficient here to make certain that this year’s entry-level iPad is still brilliant at the fundamentals.

The iPad 10.2 was a surprise announcement at Apple’s iPhone 11 launch event, and its own official release date was September 29, 2019. It actually started shipping early for a few persons on September 25, your day following the iPadOS update arrived.

The most crucial thing is just how much it costs: the iPad 10.2 price starts at $329 (£349, AU$529) for the rather-limited 32GB version, and $429 (£449, AU$689) for the 128GB version. You can obtain away with just 32GB in the event that you plan on streaming the majority of things and using iCloud.

Serious work from the iPad 10.2, with a desire to save lots of and edit photographs and video, begs for the 128GB version, and perhaps investment in the Smart Keyboard Cover $159 (£159, AU$235), the Apple Pencil $99 (£89, AU$145), or possibly the cellular version of the iPad starting at $459 (£479, AU$729). Even for the ‘cheap iPad’ things can truly add up when you are for the extras.

It’s worth pointing out that during deals and sales periods the cost of the iPad 10.2 can decrease a little, but apart from then the iPad, like the majority of other Apple products, will definitely cost around when it had been released. This’ll be the case until a more recent version is released.


This can be the 7th-generation iPad and it shows, with a solid-feeling, yet familiar design that, initially blush, looks as though it hasn’t changed in a number of years. There’s a durable aluminum shell, glass at the top, and the original home button. It will come in three colors: Silver, Gold and Space Gray.

New this season, Apple has made its iPad enclosure from 100% recycled aluminum, and it grew ever-so-slightly because of the 10.2-inch screen size. The height and width are actually identical to the larger 10.5-inch iPad Air 2019 – it’s not as noticeably thin and light as the Air.

The Smart Connector may be the biggest perk in the event that you plan to upgrade. It creates the iPad 10.2 the least expensive iPad to utilize Apple’s Smart Keyboard Cover, Logitech’s Slim Combo Keyboard Case and some other accessories. They will never need to be charged plus they pair instantly.

The iPad 10.2 uses the same Smart Keyboard as the brand new Air, so we already knew we loved the one-piece laser-etched fabric keys. They’re water- and stain-resistant, and impervious to debris. Last iPad review we ate a crumbly croissant and easily wiped away the countless pieces that didn’t make it into our mouths. This time around, same deal, but with Doritos. Again, it checks out by clearing up nicely.

We do have reservations with Apple’s Smart Keyboard. It’s expensive and none of the keys are backlit. That means it is hard to use at night (think: university students who’ve roommates and so are pulling all-nighters on projects with the lights switched off). There are more shortcuts within the iPadOS update, but none of the 64 keys are customizable like they are on a MacBook.


10.2-inch screen offers a modest gain to the classic 9.7-inch size
Bright and colorful, but opt for the iPad Air for serious drawing
There’s accurately half an inch of extra display property on the iPad 10.2, and we found it to become a modest improvement over the classic iPad screen size. It won’t change your daily life or your viewing habits, but it’s nice to see more screen-to-body value from the entry-level iPad.

What’s important is that Apple increased the LCD’s resolution to keep carefully the same pixel density as its iPad predecessors, so that it continues to look great in its stretch to 10.2 inches. It’s colorful, bright and supports the Apple Pencil, the latter being truly a new feature by the iPad 6th gen.

This makes the brand new iPad an excellent choice for watching Netflix and playing mobile games (see: our Apple Arcade review), and its own 4:3 aspect ratio is primed for reading. That extra half-inch does can be found in helpful with iPadOS changing up the house screen and pushing Split View, or if you are using macOS Catalina’s ‘Sidecar’ feature that turns your iPad right into a second Mac display.

You are, however, likely to get more out from the 10.5-inch iPad Air in the event that you plan to seriously utilize the Apple Pencil. Its fully laminated display reduces the gap between your screen and glass, and that means you feel like you’re drawing on the display. The iPad 10.2 screen isn’t press.

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