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Jaybird has been among the leaders in Bluetooth headphones for a long time now, and after Logitech bought them this past year for a crazy sum of money I only expected better what to result from the team there (After all in the end their keyboards and mice are killer). Today they announced their first couple of truly wireless earbuds. Jaybird is hoping to carry their own with famous brands Bragi, Jabra, and Apple. These headphones are simply just named “Run”, because that’s what they’re designed for – running. Luckily the nice folks at Jaybird let me retain a pair for a couple weeks therefore i can test them out. Get black friday + Cyber Monday Amazing deals right now.

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What’s Inside

In the box you’ll get yourself a charging case with the headphones inside, the accessory pouch with a 6” micro USB charging cable plus some extra sets of ear tips and wings to get an ideal fit, the Jaybird sticker, the instruction booklet and warrantee information.

Build & Design

There appears to become a standard design that truly wireless earbuds share, save for Apple’s Airpods that i still can’t reach stay static in my ears. These don’t have that problem as the oval-ish design sits nicely in my own ears and the wing tips give it that extra comfortableness and security. In constantly I wore these I never once had them fallout which is precisely what you need while exercising. Now just how these stay static in your ears may be the same method utilized by most truly wireless ‘buds, which is to state that they wedge themselves in your ear like they’re afraid to fallout.

You just need to slip them in your ears, provide them with just a little twist so they lock into place, and you’re all set. It isn’t as uncomfortable since it sounds initially, but after about one hour and a half you may want to get them for another to let your ears breathe. It’s not painful simply a little uncomfortable. Still, my runs usually last for the most part around 30 minutes, and by the finish of it the slight pressure in my own ears is the very last thing I’m worried about. If you do have trouble getting them to match you can always get one of these few different combinations of tips until you get the correct one.

The ‘buds themselves are mostly manufactured from a black plastic, nonetheless they do silver accents around the rim and on the logo which is constructed of stainless and it’s not there simply for looks, it’s actually the antennae. To get an improved Bluetooth signal they actually wrapped the antennae around the surface of the ‘bud that is a clever workaround to bad signal issues. Having said that, this didn’t resolve almost all their connection issues unfortunately. The logo on either ‘bud also acts as the only two buttons on the headset which offer you some amount of control over playback. Now so far as sweat-proofing goes these don’t officially have an IPX rating, nonetheless they do have a double hydrophobic coating to avoid sweat from eating away at them. Now how these endure over extended only use time will tell, but up to now I haven’t any problems with sweat.

Then there’s the charging case, which of the many true earbuds I’ve tested is among my favorites. Second and then the Apple Airpods case only because those are smaller, however, not by much. This charging case appears like an over-sized pill or an extremely small Beats Pill speaker. It has three tiny LED lights on leading to inform you the way the battery is on the case and both left and right earbuds, but it addittionally has some clever tricks about any of it that produce connecting to them seamless.


Once you open the case for the very first time the headphones enter pairing mode, and each and every time after that all you need to do to hook up is open the case. It’s amazing. I’m used to putting the headphones on and cycling through Bluetooth settings trying to hook up prior to starting my workout, however the Jaybird Run’s manage that for me personally. To re-pair with another device all you need to accomplish is hold down the button on the proper earbud for 6 seconds, but if you’re only likely to be using these with one device then just checking the case and automatically being linked is pretty damn awesome.

But it’s not absolutely all rainbows and butterflies. Despite having the clever external antennae Jaybird still couldn’t discover a way to remove drops and skips entirely. If the phone was right next if you ask me or twenty feet away, in my own left pocket or my right one, in the center of an open gym or in my own apartment with a few walls away, the effect was the same. They are just inconsistent. I eventually stopped racking your brains on the source of the problems and just finished up accepting my fate together with the random moment drops that happened every few songs.

So far as playback controls go they are also fairly limited, nonetheless they do get the fundamentals done. You need to use the application to change between your default controls making the left bud access Siri and the correct one play/pause music and answer calls, or alternative controls making the left bud volume down and the proper bud volume up/phone calls. Whichever setting you select you can still double tap to skip to another song but there’s no heading back to a previous track. Though I did so find that the buttons were sort of stiff rather than really simple to click. I conclude stuffing the earbud deeper into my ear whenever I wish to pause the music. And a double click is doubly annoying.

The Jaybird application offers you some added features that basically make it a fundamental element of the knowledge. They have presets for different sound signatures and you could also customize your own EQ settings and save them if you feel enjoy it. I kept them on the default setting (flat) because I’m lazy. In addition, it enables you to find your earbuds in the event you lose one which is super useful with something this small. You can find the application free of charge on both App Store and the Google Play Store.

Battery Life

Jaybird claims a battery life of 4 hours of regular playback and we got pretty close. On max volume we could actually squeeze out 3 hours and 45 minutes which is very good. The charging case also offers you a supplementary two charges in the event you need them, but what really steals the show here’s how quickly they replenish from zero. Just five minutes will give you a good hour which, like I mentioned earlier, will do for just two of my longest runs.

Sound Quality

Sound quality on Bluetooth earbuds hasn’t been amazing, and at best true wireless earbuds experienced good sound. They are virtually more of the same but with the added perk to be in a position to EQ the sound yourself. Initially listen you definitely observe that there isn’t the same amount of detail here much like wired ‘buds, however the presets actually do an excellent job at causing you to forget that. If you A-B test them to your chosen couple of wired in-ears the difference is pretty obvious, but utilize them for a couple days while exercising and they are more than fine.

The reduced end is pretty strong even on the flat profile that I tested these on. The bass in the song “Luxury” by Jon Bellion still hits hard it just doesn’t have the same sort of depth I’m used to, and that only gets exasperated if you click on the “Bring the Bass” preset. Instead of add extra emphasis to the reduced frequencies doing this just makes the bass feel just like it’s getting louder that may wreck havoc on the vocals and other instrumentation. Hence why I thought we would keep it on “flat”.

Sidenote: this setting obviously doesn’t make it totally flat nonetheless it does a decent job at faking it, and After all that in a great way. As somebody who likes a flatter sound I came across these simple to enjoy. Mids also sounded like they weren’t given enough of a push, that i also really liked. The vocals in the song “You and I” by Toro y Moi flirt with the backdrop synths throughout that i found to really enhance the emotion of the song. If you like the vocals to be along with the production you can of course just tweak the EQ settings.

It’s somewhat limiting but if you really know what you’re doing you have to be in a position to get pretty near a sound you love. My biggest problem with these lies with the highs. I love a good airiness to my music where I could hear a cymbal hit float around my head easily close my eyes, and that isn’t the case here. These definitely concern themselves with limiting the highs to a specific point so as never to become piercing, nevertheless they don’t do much regarding detail.


When it comes right down to it I was simultaneously impressed and unimpressed with the Jaybird Run. The construction and discreet charging case definitely caught my attention, nonetheless it lines up using what I’d expect from something that costs $179. In addition to the quick charging feature is super useful and for the reason that entire package is indeed small, keeping them in my own pocket while walking to the fitness center was enough to charge them up enough for a complete workout. The sound quality was also much better than most truly wireless ‘buds I’ve tested purely as a result of how much the software enables you to customize the sound.

You’re not likely to get audiophile quality but they are in no way a crappy couple of Bluetooth ‘buds. The sound is a lot more than capable of permitting you to enjoy your music while also keeping you energized during your workout. The playback controls were sort of limiting and clicking the button on the earbuds was borderline painful, but I could live with both. What I can’t live with may be the sound skipping occurring randomly. It really goes out from the workout when it happens even though it doesn’t happen constantly, it happens often enough. I wouldn’t call it a dealbreaker, but it’s not at all a deal-maker. Are these the ‘buds to remove the Apple Airpods? Most likely not. But that doesn’t mean you should.

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