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As popular as position desks have become-and as much companies as right now there are making them these days-so-called “Position L-Desks”, “L-Shaped Position Desks” or” “Height Adjustable L-Desks” have already been the red-headed stepchild of the active workstation category. Until recently. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals are here to give you huge coupons and discounts.

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While there aren’t various L-shaped standing desk alternatives in comparison to their rectangular brethren, nowadays there are enough offerings available in the market to make certain that no matter your space requirements, price range or existing décor, there’s a power L-desk out generally there that will likely work for you. And if certainly not, there’s usually the DIY path, and we’ll covers that here aswell.

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It’s fair to state that it’s actually better to shop for a power L-desk when compared to a standard two-legged a single because there are actually fewer options, but they’re still difficult to find through a straightforward Google search. Consequently, we’ve come up with this comparison overview of the most famous models available today.

In the event that you still can’t look for what you’re looking for, just simply ping us in the live chat field on the low right of your display screen and ask for just one of our L-desk item experts.

Two, 3 and Four-Leg Desk Configurations

The lifting columns will be the most expensive part of all standing desks. A typical standing L-desk could have three legs to be able to lift the complete work surface together. That work area will be made up of two rectangular desktops that happen to be perpendicular to one another.

Corner desks change from L-desks mainly in expense – only 2 legs rather than three and only 1 desk surface rather than two.

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Bush Furniture Key West 60W L Shaped Desk, Washed Gray

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Homall L Shaped Gaming Desk Computer Corner Desk Pc Gaming Desk Table...

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Unikito L Shaped Computer Desk with USB Charging Port and Power Outlet,...

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There is a less expensive option that may work for a number of users, and that’s to employ a two-legged “corner desk,” suitable for dimensions as high as 65” per side. Crucial features of a corner version include lower cost (simply two legs rather than three), easier assembly, and a less strenuous time of mounting screen hands along the chamfered again edge. You may also add a side desk by mating a part desk with a concise (24”-deep) standing table from the same products, technically rendering it a four-leg program, but with a whole lot of versatility and desktop surface. Have a look at our Corner Standing Table Reviews round-up to find out about this option.

Here are a few manufacturers who also offer up what’s referred to as a “pork chop” standing desk, type of a platypus design among a normal sit-stand desk and an L-desk. They are made out of either three legs or perhaps two legs but with different size feet on the still left and correct legs (not the just about all aesthetically pleasing option, nonetheless it is present). We haven’t examined those separately yet because they are certainly not a extremely popular option.

Depth and Width Options

Most L-shaped standing table makers offer only an individual depth on both right and still left sides of the table, usually 30” exactly like the primary desk part. A few, like iMovR, provide alternative of 30” or 24” on the remaining or ideal side, creating many size combinations (40+), and making their desks a lot more usable in standard cubicle devices where fixed-elevation countertops with 30” of depth using one side and 24” on the other may be the norm. Different sit-stand L-desk makers commonly offer 3 to 5 “combo” sizes, like 60x60x30, or 72x84x30.

Desktop Surface Options

“Peninsula design” L-desks are incredibly popular in instances where the user must work across from clientele, such as in a good banking environment.

Desktops are actually fabricated from 5’ x 8’ sheets of MDF lumber therefore the major desk or table leading you’ll generally find offered on the market will be zero bigger than 48” x 96”. This isn’t big more than enough to generate a single-piece L-shaped desk, though it really is large enough for these corner desks. As explained earlier, a genuine L-desk will probably be made up of two work floors, usually rectangular and attached perpendicular one to the other. In iMovR’s circumstance the side surface could be either rectangular or “peninsula design,” i.e. closing in a semicircle.

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Work surface materials have huge variations from run-of-the-mill, edge-banded, high-pressure-laminate (HPL) to ultra-durable and visually-stunning Browse(x) 3D laminate with ergo-contouring to astoundingly beautiful, hand-craft wood alternatives. See our Ultimate Instruction to Standing Desk Floors for an in depth explanation of the dissimilarities between these distinct desktop options. More often than not you’d have to buy an exterior keyboard tray as an add-on, but note iMovR provides an L-Table with their patented SteadyType keyboard tray built-in to the desktop area, in both 3D-laminate and wood.

The way the two desktops get together is something users would want to remember. If you’ve worked well at an L-table before, you almost certainly noticed that there’s quite often a groove in the task surface where in fact the two desktops fulfill. This is often pronounced or it is usually subtle, but there’s always likely to be some kind of groove and/or grain switching where in fact the two desktop areas come together.

Installation Considerations

With one exception (which we’re likely to get to shortly), creating a height-adjustable L-desk is pretty an elaborate affair. It might seem it’s just 50% considerably more work than creating a frequent two-legged position desk-the proverbial “IKEA kit”-but it’s actually a lot more complicated. Complicated plenty of that corporate potential buyers ordinarily agreement out L-table assembly to pricey professional installers. There are a couple of things that produce it a difficult task to put together a sit-stand L-desk.

First, you must have enough free of charge space in the area to flip the complete L-base above when you’re done assembling it; and at least one, if not several extra hands to take action without bending or breaking the bottom. Second, you’re have to to screw the tops in to the base while prone on your back again and scooting around within the table. If using timber screws be certain to dress in protective glasses in order to avoid receiving sawdust in your eye.

The exception may be the iMovR Lander L-Desk, which comes almost totally factory pre-assembled, and requires only 4 equipment bolts and 5 wood screws to secure the medial side table to the key desk. The complete assembly effort is approximately 10% of what typical L-desk models just like the Jarvis, UpLift or MultiTable need, in both period and physical effort. In which a typical L-desk may easily suck up a few hours to put together (with help), we’d one staffer put a whole iMovR Lander L-desk mutually by himself within a quarter-hour with a espresso break.

Price Tiers

Note that the costs for these L-desks are actually listed as “starting in” for his or her smallest offered size, you need to include shipping. Although some makers do give a slightly less costly 2-button elevation controller, iMovR offers total digital controllers with programmable elevation presets. Add extra for larger table sizes or upgrades to the desktops.

The economy tier of $1,300-$1,500 for the tiniest sizes (e.g. 60”x30” using one side and 60”x30” on the other) are designed with lower-top quality bases and tops manufactured in Asia. Included in these are the Jarvis L-table from Totally, the UpLift L-shaped table from Human Answer, and MultiTable’s L-desk.

At this cost range you’ll be limited by 30” deep tops on both sides and an extremely limited group of size combinations, commonly only 3 to 5 size combos are proposed by these makers. Colorings are also limited by typically 4-6 options incorporating both solids and solid wood grains, so a more limited capability to customize the table to your space and décor requirements.

The Jarvis L-Desk from Fully is founded on the Chinese-made Jiecang base and sports a minimal crossbar for needed stability reinforcement. It will come in simply three HPL colors (dark-colored, walnut or oak) and three combo sizes. Bamboo can be offered in only two sizes. Rates start at $1,249. Fully also lists a straight cheaper version of the desk on the website using powder-covered (spray painted) tops and starting of them costing only $1,145. On the other hand, they have been demonstrating as out-of-stock for some time and may have already been discontinued. (Find out about bamboo, powder-layer and HPL differences.)

Human Solution offers several different UpLift L-Desks throughout the market tier. Both derive from the Chinese Jiecang basic, similar in overall performance to the Jarvis’ Jiecang basic but aesthetically different (there is absolutely no low crossbar for steadiness reinforcement). The difference between both of these UpLift L-tables is in the sort of tops that exist. The less costly version starts at $1,329 and comes in just three sizes and six market desktop colors.

The costlier version may be the UpLift “Custom Laminate” L-desk featuring five sizes and six HPL colors. The notable aesthetic difference versus the cheaper product, apart from the size and color combos obtainable, is that where in fact the two desktops satisfy you will find a radiused inside corner rather than the classic 90-level inside corner, that is a nice touch.

The MultiTable Mod-E Pro Electric power L-Desk starts at $1,369 and will come in four sizes and five colors of a thin, 3/4″ HPL desktop. While we realize the MultiTable L-desk bottom is manufactured in Asia, there were previous promises that their tops will be made-in-America. As stripped down and standard as an L-desk will get, the Multitable can be a straightforward product with few choices, but as hard to put together as it’s Jiecang-centered competitors. It presently stands at a 1-star review, however, because of the fact that users cannot choose sizes when buying off their internet site, apparently because of a long-standing program bug. Thus if you wish among these you’ll probably need to call.

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All the products throughout the market tier feature similar warranties of seven years about the bases and notably not any warrantee on the desktops.

In the high quality tier of $2000-$2300 you possess the decision of an totally made-in-the-USA, iMovR Lander L-Desk (beginning at $2,048) or Man Solution’s L-Shaped Custom WOOD Desk, using the Chinese Jiecang base and American-sourced hardwood for the tops (beginning at $2,304).

The iMovR Lander L-Desk may be the newest, state-of-the-art, standing L-desk going to the market, having a whopping 1,920 size and color combinations just within their Surf(x) 3D laminated tops (we hear that real wood and other desktop options are planned soon). These ergo-contoured tops aren’t only aesthetically more advanced than any different lamination technology, they’re stronger and will even endure harsh cleaning chemicals. Also the grommet holes happen to be completely laminated, supplying these tops the appearance to be carved from natural lumber, at a fraction of the price-and you don’t want any ugly plastic material grommet covers to cover raw MDF.

Among the key features of iMovR’s on-demand-developing is that their 3D laminated tops could be offered in 640 size combinations, from 65” to 83” per area (found in 6” increments), and with the choice of 24” depth privately table, not simply 30”, in addition to a peninsula-end alternative for the medial side table.

The initial architecture of the Lander L-Desk’s ergo-contoured tops enables you to swap the medial side table in one side to the other if you ever change your workplace configuration, saving you the trouble and expense to getting gone one table and purchasing another. And should anyone ever move to a fresh office without enough space to create an L-table you can simple take away the side section and also have a fully-functioning 2-legged standing table remaining. These sorts of post-purchase alterations are simply extremely hard with other electrical L-desks, hence keep this at heart in the event you foresee any business office relocation or remodeling later on.

As well unique to the iMovR Lander is that it’s the simply height-adjustable L-desk with the grain running in the same direction almost all along the complete desk surface, whereas the rest of the L-desks have the grains of both tops running perpendicular one to the other. While that is a non-concern with solid coloured tops, perpendicular lumber grain directions could be visually cacophonous.

The Lander L-Table arrives 90% pre-assembled, so that it is ten times better to assemble compared to the Fully, Uplift or MultiTable options. Its advanced elevation control paddle has a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone iphone app for controlling your table and taking good thing about its built-in “well being coach” characteristic. For shared workstations each end user can carry their private height tastes and coach configurations around on the smartphone, and sync up each and every time they walk up compared to that workstation. Business customers appreciate the capability to build the table easily without needing to schedule professional installers.

The Human Choice offers their L-Desk within an upgraded natural wood version for approximately $1,000 to $2,400 more according to which of the 13 offered species you decide on. These can be found in five size combos. Remember that some natural solid wood tops require 10-12 weeks for transport. One downside to the pure wood version is definitely that the radiused inside part featured on the custom laminate table goes away, departing you with the typical 90-degree inside corner. The bottom may be the same Jiecang that UpLift uses on the economy tier L-desks.

In the ultra-premium cost tier of $4000-$6000 there’s the brand new Lander L-Desk in WOOD, with 36 different species/stain combinations of sustainable, domestically-grown and hand-crafted desktops-bringing the full total number of customizable versions of the desk to over 6,000 combos. If you’re seeking for the pinnacle of sit-stand L-desk design, this might be your go-to decision. The wowing picture near the top of this page is normally that of a maple major with “leather” finish.

There are some dissimilarities to note between your solid-wood and 3D-laminate versions of the iMovR L-desk. Manufacturing period is normally 3-5 weeks for wood versus seven days for 3D-laminate. On the 3D variation the desk expansion is interchangeable between your left and right area of the desk (an attribute specific to iMovR), whereas on the wood version you will need to order a everlasting left-side or right-part orientation, like all the L-desks. Since there is no groove at all where in fact the two desktop sections meet up with the grain does change course as of this interface (again, since it does on all the L-desks with solid wood grain tops).

Going the DIY Route

You can go the DIY route if you’d prefer to make your own desktops, but don’t be prepared to save lots of money doing this. All these suppliers promote their 3-legged bases in standalone web form (iMovR also offers their standalone Vigor basic for extra major tops like granite). Find our Lead to DIY Standing Table Bases to learn more.

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The Takeaway

If you’re budget delicate and don’t brain the lower-top quality bases and tops from Asia, the UpLift, Jarvis and Multitable L-desks are relatively comparable, other than UpLift offers $1,000-$2,400 upgrades from their simple HPL tops to all natural wood tops.

For about $600 multiple of the market models you could springtime for the higher-top quality, American-built, state-of-the-fine art iMovR Lander L-Desk, and pick from 640 size and color combos. As the Lander is 90% factory pre-assembled, you’ll become ready to go in less than quarter-hour instead of spending an excellent chunk of your entire day building your brand-new desk or spending a professional installer to accomplish it

Bush Furniture Key West 60W L Shaped Desk, Washed Gray

$223.37  in stock
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1 used from $225.00
Free shipping
as of October 2, 2022 3:25 am


  • Durable work surface offers plenty of room to spread out with a computer, paperwork and more
  • Fully finished back allows your office desk to look great facing any direction
  • Sturdy post leg design and unique X pattern accents on side panels create a relaxed and airy style
  • Quality materials and thoughtful construction give the corner desk a weight capacity of 200 pounds
  • Authentic Washed Gray finish is inspired by the laid back charm of farmhouse decor

Homall L Shaped Gaming Desk Computer Corner Desk Pc Gaming Desk Table with Large Monitor Riser Stand for Home Office Sturdy Writing Workstation (Black)

$84.99  in stock
2 new from $84.99
as of October 2, 2022 3:25 am


  • L shaped Gaming Table: The L shaped design of the new Homall super gaming desk can effectively use the corner space while providing more storage space. Same time, switching to this gaming desk will release the center area of the room and make the activity space wider. Make your game room full of energy.
  • Super Gaming Style: The amazing carbon fiber material covers the desk, even including the bottom baffle, which makes the whole table full of fabulous gloss and delicate touch. Plus the detail dark red pattern mezzanine and unique Z shaped chair legs. Bring you the double enjoyment of vision and touch.
  • Large Gaming Surface: Designed for gaming, The Homall L gaming table is composed of two large gaming tables with a length of 50.4 inches (W). In addition to the monitor, mouse, and keyboard, there's plenty of space for other gaming devices, and there is also have enough space for you to operate and enjoy the joy of victory.
  • Gamer Friendly: The table is equipped with a detachable monitor stand, which can be easily fixed on any table edge according to your needs, even including the corner part. Plus adjustable footpads, reasonable using height, and a stable using environment provide stable support for your gaming equipment and awaken your passion for gaming.
  • Smiling Customer Service: Homall has a strong after-sales team, providing efficient and professional service for customers is our criterion. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will help you as soon as possible and try our best to solve your problems.

Unikito L Shaped Computer Desk with USB Charging Port and Power Outlet, Reversible L-Shaped Corner Desk with Storage Shelves, Industrial 2 Person Long Gaming Table Modern Home Office Desk, Black Oak

 in stock
5 new from $199.99
Free shipping
as of October 2, 2022 3:25 am


  • 【USB Charging Ports & Power Outlets 】 The L-shaped computer desk is built in 4 power outlets and 2 USB charging ports and for your phone, bluetooth, headset, tablet, power bank, gaming gear with fast charging, which provides a great convenience to your life when you are working or playing games.
  • 【Reversible Design】With reversible design, the L-shape desk is configured either on the right or left side as your personal preference. The height of storage open shelves can be adjustable. You can also choose the suitable height as your needs.
  • 【Large Storage Space】 The under bookshelf and two-tier storage shelves maximally utilizes your home office space and provide enough space for storing books, magazines, devices and hosts for convenience usage. The L-shaped desk can support up to 500 lbs. The 55” & 47.2” wide table provide you more space for working, gaming and studying, which is easy to hold 3 monitors and laptops. Dimension: 55”L x 29”H x 19.7”W & 47.2”L x 29”H x 19.7”W.
  • 【Exquisite and Stylish Design】With the combination of unique grid design and industrial style, the L desk bring you a classic beauty to any room, and the appearance of corner is chic and fashionable, which is definitely great decor for your room.
  • 【Sturdy and Solid Construction】This L shape table is decently sturdy. Durability is a key to the construction of the office desk. This computer table is made from high quality MDF board and rugged metal frame. The adjustable non-slip foot pad not only protect your floor from being scratched, but also ensure stability on uneven ground.

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