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Who doesn’t love checking a box and learning what’s inside? Let’s have a closer look together.

First thing that hit me when unpacking the Arc5 box was having less wow factor. Opening the box gave me the same feeling as checking a under $100 electric shaver. Black Friday is here with whole lots of discount in amazon and other stores.

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Let’s say you were to peel from the lime the price tag and present this shaver as a surprise (very generous of you). There is absolutely no way on earth that the person obtaining this surprise would assume that this is a top grade electric shaver.

But looks aren’t everything right? With this off my chest it’s time to breakdown precisely what’s in the box.

Let’s get the boring stuff taken care of first. The paperwork:

Panasonic includes a Large amount of paperwork with their Arc5 Shaver. Perhaps a lot more than any other brand.

The paper bits include:

71 page instructions (English, French and Spanish).
A fold out data sheet on cleaning detergent (atlanta divorce attorneys language imaginable)
A “how exactly to clean your shaver” sheet
Warranty terms
Product registration card
It really is worth mentioning that registering your shaver provides no real benefit, apart from Panasonic sending you junk emails. This is disappointing since Philips Norelco offer a supplementary year of guarantee free of charge on the top models (the 9300 and 9700) simply for registering.

Instead Panasonic will ask you for extra for and extra two or three 3 year warranty. When you have just paid a high price for this shaver then your idea of spending more again is hardly appealing and just results in as greedy.

Next may be the star of the box. The Electric shaver:

I am covering this in a lot more detail further listed below.

Panasonic also have included two accessories to keep your shaver safe. The first one is a zippered travel case:

Out of your three premium electric razors (the other two we reviewed being the
Braun Series 9 And Philips 9000 Series) this is my least favorite included case. Instead of being hard and protective, it really is created from a soft fake leather (my important thing is pleather!) and feels somewhat cheap.

Also you have to make certain that Arc5 shaver has completely dried before stowing it away in the event. No air vents signifies that any moisture left on the shaver could cause fungus to grow inside bag if you leave it for too much time.

If you only shave in the comfort of your own home then that is hardly a deal breaker. But also for those that desire a shaver for travelling; you will need to make sure your shaver has thoroughly dried before packing it away.

As the travel bag is soft you are likely to need to protect the foil of your shaver with a plastic cap:

The lid easily snaps over the electric shaver providing the fragile foil guards with some much-needed protection.

When the time involves utilize the shaver, the lid may easily be pulled off. However, not so easily that it’ll fall off in the bottom of your bag.

Next up in the box is Panasonic’s undertake a cleaning/charging dock:

I’ll cover the dock in a lot more detail further down in the cleaning section. But my first impressions is that of the many cleaning/charging stations (including Braun’s and Philips’) the Panasonic is by far the ugliest.

Next up may be the cleaning detergent:

Unlike Braun and Philips, who use cartridges; Panasonic offers you an individual sachet of cleaning detergent. You need to mix the detergent with water yourself.

While this will without doubt reduce the price tag on replacement sachets, it hardly feels as hassle-free as simply inserting a cleaning cartridge.

The last item in the box may be the charger:

In the end, it wouldn’t be a power shaver without one.

First impression
After digging through the box I was amazed at how little thought Panasonic had directed at presentation. Now you may argue that looks aren’t everything. And you’d be right.

However the fact remains, that is a fairly expensive shaver and it simply will not feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.

If the other top quality shavers from Braun and Philips can portray a sense of elegance then there is absolutely no reason that Panasonic can’t either.

Obviously looks are just a little part of the review. Functionality and email address details are a much bigger concern to users and several of you will forgive poor looks if the merchandise is amazing.

So although the Arc5 is off to an unhealthy start, did it redeem itself?

Let’s find out as we have a closer consider the shaver.

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Shaver
The Shaver
Panasonic’s Arc5 shaver may be the second most shiny out of your premium electric razors (first place would go to the Braun series 9). The chrome plating is quite reflective. You can view yourself in the shaver, just like a mirror.

I am not really a fan of chrome, in particular when it involves bathroom products. Items of hair, fingerprints, and watermarks are very obvious on the chrome surface.

While chrome definitely enables you to say “Wow!” as you take your shaver out of your box, it just isn’t very practical for bathroom products. If you wish to keep your Arc 5 shaver looking shiny, it should take continuous polishing on your own part.

Sitting in the heart of the shaver body, right above the screen is a round button:

This can be the on/off button for the Arc 5 shaver.

In what appears as an odd design system, Panasonic has included the travel lock as a physical activate leading of the shaver.

In the event that you look closely at the above picture you will observe a tiny ring with a hump playing around the on the button.

The travel lock prevents your electric shaver from turning on in the bottom of your bag or suitcase, a universal problem when traveling.

For most of you who exclusively shave in the home, the travel lock won’t be used. THEREFORE I think it is unusual that Panasonic made a decision to are the feature front and focus on their flagship model.

Flipping the Arc 5 over reveals a common trend amidst electric razors, an ugly rear:

If you’ve ever wondered why electric shaver advertisements only show leading of the shaver, this is why. Because your hand covers this the main shaver, little effort has been made in terms of looks.

In the event that you look closely at the shaver you will know that Panasonic has used a variety of textures and indentations to help make the shaver simple to grip:

  1. Running around the complete handle/body, just underneath the chrome plating is a textured rubber grip. In the event that you contain the shaver naturally, your fingertips will fall upon this section.

I was genuinely impressed with precisely how grippy this rubber was. Your fingers will struggle to slip from it, even though wet or coated with shaving foam.

  1. A white plastic seam runs around the complete handle. This smooth plastic seems to cover the edges where in fact the two bits of rubber meet, sealing them in.

The plastic is quite slippery, in particular when covered in water or shaving foam. Fortunately, nearly all your fingers will be touching the grippy patterned rubber above it.

  1. A smooth rubber accocunts for a lot of the rear handle. Without as effectual as the textured rubber, it still offers enough friction that the palm of your hand won’t slip off the shaver in the shower

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