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Offering supreme sound quality, stunning design, premium construction and fantastic degrees of comfort – they’re also one of the better value headphones we’ve tested in quite a while. Get amazing black Friday deals in this page.

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Last update was on: October 23, 2021 10:30 am

I couldn’t have come right into a couple of Fidelio X2’s at a far more perfect time. I was performing a group test of audiophile cans for T3 magazine right before Christmas, so could test them against legendary products just like the Sennheiser HD800 and Oppo PM-1 in addition to newly-launched flagship headphones from both Sony and Shure.

Despite being by some distance the least expensive couple of headphones in the test, the X2’s held their own on pure sound, led just how on comfort and frankly made a mockery of the extortionate prices that a number of the other products choose.

Lest we forget, you could buy some $299/£220 Fidelio X2’s for yourself and one each for three family for less than the cost of a single couple of HD800 or PM-1.

Superb performers

So why will be the Philips Fidelio X2’s so excellent? Their majesty starts to encounter from the next you get them of the box. They’re big, that’s for certain. And the premium build materials and 50mm neodynium drivers ensure they’re satisfyingly weighty without having to be heavy.

The airy hammock within the headband ensures a brilliant comfortable fit, and the (removable/replaceable) foam earpads sit around the ears and clamp to your mind with a satisfyingly firm grip and a soft touch.

It’s when you begin driving these exact things that their all-round brilliance suddenly becomes clear though. They’re nearly as neutral as some Philips headphones of days gone by, nonetheless they carry an music signature which makes me extremely happy. Even before burn-in they’re just so simple to pay attention to.

The sound is led by some meaty but clear mids, supported by an extremely satisfying balance of bass and treble. Possibly the treble may be somewhat pronounced for a few ears, but I came across the detail these headphones produce is exquisite due to this fact.

The bass is incredibly tight and precise, restrained but also powerful and intensely detailed. The effortless way that the X2’s perform from all types of sources is very quite something.

I started by testing by using a Musical Fidelity headphone amp and a Tidal stream, but really these headphones sound great even from the inferior DAC inside my Galaxy Note 3.

Many audiophile grade headphones have an excessive amount of impedance to be driven by cellular devices and need an amplifier, however, not these from Philips. They’re just as happy being paired with an iPad as a £2000 amp.

Minor drawbacks

As you’ll expect though, they’re not perfect. They do leak sound, and they are not super isolating etc a bus you are going to be disturbed. The 3m cable isn’t perfect for on trips listening, either – if you could argue that the open back design of the cans aren’t designed for on the run listening anyway.

And having less a travel case certainly backs that notion up – though I suspect the omission of such a case is more about keeping that price down than other things. And the headphones are so big a travel case would need to be really quite unwieldy anyway.

I also had a few minor problems with the 3.5mm jack. On several occasions the left channel cut out and I had a need to waggle the jack in the earcup to get the sound back. This niggle appeared to disappear after some time though – these exact things happen and it generally does not appear to be it’s a lasting issue.


These headphones are so excellent. It says a whole lot that with multiple pairs of a lot more expensive headphones under my desk, these have already been my cans of preference lately.

Perhaps on sheer sound quality they’re a notch off famous brands the most notable Oppo or Sennheiser offerings. However the fact that you would be saving vast levels of cash by deciding on the Philips is merely a no brainer.

My out-and-out favourite headphones remain probably the PM-1 however the X2’s certainly are a close second – they’re convenient to wear for long periods, better to keep on your mind, far, far cheaper… plus they look better too.

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