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I’ve had a whole lot of experience with laser treatment, I’m an extremely hairy person, and I usually have already been. So, I’ve tried almost anything to remove the hair I don’t want. I’ve done threading and waxing, but I’ve found IPL (aka powerful pulsed light) and laser treatment to be the most effective – it’s everlasting as well, that is a huge bonus. Blog Black Friday has curated some of the best offers from black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals.

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I tried the Tria at-home laser treatment device before, in addition to the first Philips IPL machine, but I didn’t find either to be very effective. Naturally, I was skeptical concerning set up new Philips Lumea Prestige works, mainly as the last one was quite slow. But, I must say, this new version is honestly awesome. In the event you’re not completely acquainted with laser treatment and how it operates, here’s all you need to learn, and my full experience with using the Lumea Prestige.

How IPL works: IPL emits a wavelength in to the skin, which is absorbed by pigment (aka your hair). This becomes heat, which kills the ‘growing cells’ that produce the hair. Effectively, this puts the follicle right into a resting phase, which signifies that hair growth slowly but surely declines.

Note: Any sort of laser treatment is ineffective on very fair hair (blonde, grey, white or red), as there should be a high contrast between your pigment in hair color and pigment in your skin tone – otherwise there is nothing for the laser to focus on. The Lumea prestige works on various skin tones, however, it isn’t well suited for very dark skin.

Source: Philips

What the Philips Lumea does: It really is designed to give half a year of hair-free smoothness. Philips says that “Objective studies also show up to 92% hair decrease in less than three treatments.”

How often should you utilize it? For successful hair removal, the first four treatments ought to be done every fourteen days; you’ll probably be in a position to see results almost immediately, with reduced hair regrowth, and general growth at a much slower pace. To keep up your results, you must do touch up sessions every a month. After around eight touch up treatments, you should just need to use your device every half a year to stay hair-free. On the other hand, if you were to accomplish in-office laser treatment treatments, you’ll typically desire a the least eight sessions, spaced between 4-6 weeks apart. With respect to the clinic and body area being treated, each session might cost ranging from $50 to $200.

What we liked: I’ve had laser treatment before, so for areas that I have to touch up, that is ideal as it’s SO easier than likely to a clinic. Typically, laser treatment is something it is advisable to redo at least one time a year, although it could be more or less according to your hair type. This machine does get quite hot towards the finish of your treatment, and it could hurt a lttle bit too, but it’s not too painful – obviously certain specific areas are more sensitive!

The entire process is very simple and fast, especially as the brand new Lumea Prestige includes a ‘smart skin sensor,’ therefore you just transform it on, contain the device to your skin layer, and press the ‘search’ button. These devices then recognizes the most efficient treatment intensity for your skin layer tone and suggests the amount of laser you should use (between one and five, five being the most intense).

Source: Philips

What we didn’t like: For large areas, this may take a while (about 10 minutes per half leg), and you must have a whole lot of patience, but again, it’s still quicker and much easier to do it in the home than visit a clinic. On your own bikini, arms, or face, it’s so fast; it literally takes significantly less than a minute to accomplish your underarms or face. One more thing that I didn’t know before is that using it with the cord attached boosts the process a whole lot, as the device can output light pulses quicker. So, if you need to utilize this for large areas, make utilization of it corded to increase the procedure (the cable length is long, so it’s not too inconvenient). And regardless of the slightly slower speed you should definitely corded, the fact which you can use this unplugged is absolutely helpful if you’re traveling.

My tip: Utilize it corded to increase the procedure process. There are three variations of the Philips Lumea Prestige available, and each has different attachment options. Personally, i don’t think you will need all the several attachments (the power is they’re slightly differently sized and curved, to match different areas of the body), but I’ve forgotten to change them before, rather than had any problems. Your options are:

Philips Lumea Prestige with face and body attachment, $448 at
Philips Lumea Prestige with face, body and precision attachment, $375 on Amazon
Philips Lumea Prestige with face, body, bikini and underarms attachment, $650 on Amazon

My verdict: I honestly think that is an amazing and incredibly effective hair removal device. This is a lot of cash, but if you’re considering laser treatment, over time, this can cost you a fraction of the purchase price, so it’s an advisable investment. I also love that it’s so private, particularly if you should do your bikini area; there’s no person getting all up in your business! I think it is quite tedious for legs, since it does take around 20-30 minutes, nevertheless, you can always Netflix when you do it! Overall, I’d probably say {tha

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