Best Pioneer DJ Plx 500 Deals On Amazon This Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

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Seemingly enjoying its saviour status, Pioneer has decided it’s up to it to rescue the budget end of the DJ turntable market too. Enter the PLX-500 – Pioneer’s sub 300 quid deck.

It appears like a PLX-1000 (and for that reason a Technics), nonetheless it doesn’t inherit all of the muscle of its (£500+) your government. Get black friday sales right here to save some bucks for you.

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The platter pickup isn’t as fierce to begin with, but it’ll do zip to thirty three and a third in a single second. In comparison to 0.3 seconds for the PLX-1000, it could feel a
tad sluggish for top-end turntablists, however the other 99% of the marketplace could be more than happy with
that performance.

Up to scratch

Talking about you scratchy types, the PLX-500 doesn’t buckle under duress from strong platter wobbling scratch manoeuvres like drills, tears and hydroplaning (look ’em up). It ships with a slipmat, needle, and headshell, which are actually up to the work, but put in a Shure M44-7 stylus and headshell to the mix which deck approaches 1210 invincibility.

How could it be for mixing? Well, let’s compare it to the 1210 again. When rocking the PLX-500 in a set-up with a Technics as the other deck you’d think it could pale next to its legendary counterpart. Not. We discovered that Pioneer’s deck a lot more than holds its own.

The 500’s platter isn’t as dependable as a 1210, rightly – a lighter rub of your ‘slowing the deck down’ finger is necessary as you’ll face less resistance than you’re used to – but once you have got familiar with it, it’s plain sailing.

For other features upon this deck you get + and -8 on the ‘tempo’ control, 33, 45 and 78RPM choices and, like other turntables out there hovering for this price – Audio-Technica’s LP-120, as an example – a USB-out port, enabling you to digitise your vinyl for listening on other devices, or dropping into programs like Pioneer’s own rekordbox DJ software.

A quick look across the back, however, and you’re greeted by the sort of budget RCA cables you’d grab for a quid at Maplin – and they are hard-wired in to the deck. Pffst!

Also, the tone-arm shoulder looks just a little cheap, but you’ve gotta lower costs somewhere, right? And, fair play, it generally does not wreck havoc on performance – in the event that you calibrate the weight, height and anti-skipping dial to fit your stylus and needle set-up, then you’re golden.

Predictable quibbles aside, the PLX-500 is an excellent deck – arguably the very best out there at under 300 smackers. It’s just about simply perfect for would-be turntablists not attempting to break your budget, or any new wave DJs finding controllerism somewhat naff, fake, or fiddly.

Important thing: turntables will be the foundation of disc jockeying, and Pioneer’s PLX-500 decks are a lot more than with the capacity of helping uphold that important legacy for another generation.

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