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First impressions

The XDJ-RX2 increases considerably on the initial XDJ-RX. The overall construction is quite similar: the enclosure is in plastic like almost all of Pioneer DJ products, nonetheless it all feels qualitative and build to last. A couple of things stand out as evident improvements:

  • The mixer: the brand new mixer is very like the DJM-450, with 4 sound color effects and a complete beats effects section on the proper. The track navigation section has moved up next to the screen, leaving room to support the cue buttons and the VU meters in a far more logical spot.
  • The performance pads: Apart from having now 8 pads per deck in comparison to 4 pads on the XDJ-RX, these pads now are far better quality, making them a lot more useful for quick finger action.

The XDJ-RX2 is with the capacity of working in several modes: standalone mode reading tracks from memory sticks, as a midi controller linked to Rekordbox DJ and through Pro DJ Link, making use of your computer as the track source. More upon this further down.

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Features & functionalities

Let’s give attention to the decks first.

With those performance pads in the bottom, it could almost be considered a deck from a DDJ series controller. The classic CDJ layout remains, with the loop section at the top, track search and search buttons, and so forth.

The jog wheels

The jog wheel is unchanged from the prior model, and is solid, with good resistance and responsiveness. There are buttons for REV (reverse) SLIP and JOG MODE, and the guts LED ring displays track progress and needle position. This is simply not a full-sized jog wheel like on, for instance, the DDJ-RZ, nonetheless it performs well. The VINYL SPEED ADJUST knob allows to create the speed of which the track stops, convenient if you need to re-create the classic vinyl stop effect.

The performance pads

The performance pads really stick out here. They are rubberized and color-coded, and that means it is simple to identify what function (or which hot cue exactly) is behind each pad.

There will vary modes the pads could be set to HOT CUE (access up to 8 anytime), BEAT LOOP (easily launch loops of different sizes), SLIP LOOP (create loop rolls of different sizes that stay static in sync with the music) and BEAT JUMP (jump back and forward in the a track in a variety of beat sizes). It’s great to have each one of these performance functions on a media player, it brings DJ controller like features to the “CDJ” world and that is clearly a fantastic thing.

The Screen

The screen on the RX2 looks now nearly the same as the kinds on other recent XDJ/CDJ players. It’s sharp and clear, even under difficult lighting conditions. The added navigation buttons are incredibly useful and help quickly navigate the several screen functions. The addition of touch capacities permits track search by using a built-in qwerty keyboard and the needle search to quickly proceed through a track. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow to accomplish modern multitouch gestures, just like the Denon DJ SC5000 can.

It feels a lttle bit weird to have such a restricted touch screen on a fresh media player in 2017, but alternatively, it could be equally weird for the XDJ-RX2 to get a multitouch screen before Pioneer DJ’s flagship model. I am hoping though that Pioneer DJ quickly increases this in future releases.

Regardless, it’s good to really have the added touch functionality, since it makes it better to navigate & search tracks on the machine.

The mixer

Nearly the same as the Pioneer DJ DJM-450, the mixer on the XDJ-RX2 is a full-blown two-channel mixer with several effect options. It has, for starters, 4 sound color effects: DUB ECHO, SWEEP, NOISE, and FILTER. Additionally, you will find a parameter button to improve the characteristics of every effect. I came across it particularly useful for the NOISE effect, as this should be adjusted to the quantity of the track constantly.

The mixer also includes a beat effects module, with total 8 effects onboard: DELAY, ECHO, SPIRAL, REVERB, TRANS, FLANGER, PITCH and ROLL. These effects are in virtually any other DJM mixer, and sound crips and clear.

The mixer could work internal mode, but also offers inputs for external media sources, such as for example turntables and media players. The XDJ-RX2 is certified to work in DVS mode with Rekordbox aswell.

If you want to hook up yet another source there exists a dedicated AUX input with TRIM level knob.

Finally, gleam booth monitor output with a volume knob, an attribute missing on the DJM-450.

USB inputs

There are two USB inputs on the XDJ-RX2. You need to use both for reading media, and USB2 can be used to record your mix. This takes the trouble out of recording your sets, although to get audience noise into your recording you still must resort to an external recording unit.

Microphone inputs

To complete the mixer section, the XDJ-RX2 has two microphone inputs with dedicated Low and High EQ, trim level for each and every microphone input and talk over switch knob.

Inputs & Outputs

The XDJ-RX2 includes a host of inputs & outputs on the trunk. There are two master outs, one XLR, and one RCA. Gleam TRS booth out. Each channel has its RCA input, like the AUX input. Finally, there are two balanced microphone inputs.

Used in combination with Rekordbox and Rekordbox DJ

The XDJ-RX2 can certainly be linked to your notebook computer and used in the two following modes:

  • Pro DJ Link: In this mode, the player accesses the computers media library as though it were a USB stick.
  • MIDI: because of this mode, you do desire a Rekordbox DJ license. The XDJ-RX2 becomes a DJ controller and you could easily control all features in Rekordbox DJ. The integration is quite done well. The screen displays the Rekordbox DJ waveforms in high res, the performance pads are mapped to Rekordbox DJ’s performance modes, with the next group of performance features accessible beneath the SHIFT button. Great work!


The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 is an extremely flexible little bit of DJ gear. It works correctly well as a standalone media player, and it boosts on the XDJ-RX with better and more performance pads per deck, an improved and more logically organized mixer, a touchscreen and many other small improvements.

But a lot more than that, it works also perfectly with Rekordbox DJ, including full-color waveforms on the XDJ-RX’s the built-in screen and full usage of Rekordbox DJ’s performance features using the 8 perfor

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