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The Plantronics Voyager series is definitely the Bluetooth headset of preference for individuals who are actually seriously interested in their Bluetooth headsets. The Voyager 5200 ($119.99), the most recent in the series, isn’t quite as comfortable as Voyagers past, just like the Voyager Legend. Having said that, the 5200 keeps on the Voyager’s reputation as the very best Bluetooth headset available for intense, mission-critical voice calling. That means it is worth our Editors’ Choice.

Design and Fit

Make no mistake: Voyager headsets are gigantic chunks of kit that scream, “I’m wearing a headset!” This might actually be good, because as I was testing headsets the other day, my daughter kept fretting about whether I was going insane and speaking with myself. No such danger with the 5200, which pairs a 2.25-inch behind-the-ear unit with a 2.75-inch-long red-and-black boom. Nobody will question whether you are wearing a headset or giving an answer to the voices in your mind.

I’ve loved previous Voyagers because their over-the-ear design makes them super secure. The 5200 doesn’t fit me together with older models. I believe the the ear hook is just a little shorter than it used to be, therefore i had just a little trouble getting it at night temple of my glasses, and the earbud hung a bit saturated in my ear until I spent time settling it. That’s disappointing, and reduces the perceived volume a bit.

The headset includes a physical on/off activate the trunk, and two easily findable and pressable volume buttons at the top. On the boom, there’s a call button and a voice command button. The boom swings around, making the headset completely reversible between your right and left ears, and there are three different eartip sizes to find the best fit.

Feature-wise, the 5200 has everything, for a Bluetooth headset. It pairs via NFC or Bluetooth, and you could pair it to multiple devices. It announces callers’ names and enables you to tell it whether to answer or ignore calls by voice. Built-in voice commands enable you to dictate texts and get directions, with an increase of accuracy than I acquired from Google Now on other headsets. It will not read your texts for you, though. A smartphone app, Plantronics Hub, enables you to make the headset beep in the event that you lose it, and monitor its battery life from your own phone.


Thanks partly to its huge size, the 5200 gets the best selection of any headset I’ve tested recently, in a position to hit about 60 feet when in type of sight from the handset, although calls became pretty poppy after about 40 feet. Talking about that popping: Interference sounds better on the Voyager 5200 than on other headsets we’ve tested. On other headsets, it often comes through as digital garble, which is difficult to comprehend. But on the 5200, interference appears like pops and clicks, by which you can still evidently find out a voice.

Noise cancellation is aggressive on the 5200, and the purchase price is a small amount of robotic voice quality. Having said that, it mutes background cars and buses without problem. Wind noise offers somewhat more of a challenge, plus some wind managed to get through in testing (wind noise is definitely a concern for Voyager headsets). However the 5200 is certainly your very best choice for transmissions from very noisy areas.

The Voyager 5200 isn’t perfect. I’m just a little disappointed in its battery life, given its size. We got 5 hours, 16 minutes of voice calling, which is significantly less than the seven hours promised. If which makes you nervous, an optional $39.99 charging case holds two more battery charges. The headset could be closed in to the battery case, or can sit up in it, prepared to be plucked out and used.


Plantronics Voyager headsets experienced excellent voice quality for a long time. When you have a previous Voyager model just like the amazing Legend, you don’t have to replace it with the 5200. But if you are searching for a heavy-usage, indoor-outdoor Bluetooth headset at this time, the Voyager 5200 continues to be the benchmark where we judge the others, and our Editors’ Choice.

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