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Pogo sticks have already been around for greater than a century and so are probably among the oldest toys on the market.

This simple contraption was initially patented in 1920 in Germany, and even though a whole lot has changed through the years, most of them still maintain their classic spring style design.

Now, despite their simple appearance and timeless appeal, it really is quite a challenge to find where to get started on when investing in a new pogo stick. Regardless, deciding on a pogo stick is really as personal as finding a skateboard or bicycle.

The good thing is we’ve compiled a set of the very best five pogo sticks available in the market. Also, towards the end of our review guide, we will supply you with a comprehensive buying guide which will provide you with all the details you need in the next pogo stick purchase.

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Maverick is well-crafted, and the metal construction really helps to strengthen the overall ruggedness.

This toy is durable aswell and can have a extreme beating and users reported no problems whatsoever with this pogo stick even after years of frequent use.

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Beginner Option

The Flybar Foam Maverick can be an incredible starter option that is included with all the pieces that your children require to understand the art of riding a pogo stick.

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Among the notable beginner-friendly parts may be the large footpads that enable easy manoeuvring of the stick, while at the same time providing an improved foot holding for complete control.

Weight Limit

The Flybar Foam Maverick is an ideal play toy for kids with a weight selection of 40-80 pounds, therefore, it an excellent option for kids within this bracket of 5-9 years.

However, we were concerned that stick isn’t adjustable, meaning you won’t grow together with your kids. That is particularly challenging for kids whose weight and age disproportional with their height requirements.

However, this challenge is in no way a deal-breaker, and if anything, it generally does not affect the entire performance of the stick.


Maverick Pogo stick includes a generous height of 36 inches, that i found quite inconveniencing; especially great deal of thought had not been adjustable, meaning it had been too tall for my checked bag.

However, this height in no way a sucker punch, and it’s really not really what you ought to be concerned about- but instead, the distance between your footpegs and the handlebars. The 26 inches distance between both of these pieces places the handlebars of the pogo, perfectly around your kid’s waistline for an ideal performance.


Talking about performance, this pogo stick has garnered a lot of positive reviews, and several parents report how thrilled their kids were when setting and breaking their jumping record.

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Though this stick is suitable for use both on the indoors and outdoors, I wouldn’t recommend using it in your liveable space. Regardless of the stick coming with rubber caps on underneath, this stick boils down pretty hard, and I could only imagine the damage it could cause to the weak floors such as for example wood or carpet.


Safety is always a high priority for just about any pogo stick, and Flybar has truly gone to great lengths to make sure this play toy is totally safe for use by the youngsters.

To begin with, the springs are concealed by a foam padding that prevents hurting insides of the kid’s legs.

Further, the most notable of the metal is included in a rubber cap secured by a screw, therefore no risk should result from this part, but it certainly is smart to occasionally ensure it isn’t loose before your kid starts to ride.

Finally, the grip handle features soft foam that not merely promotes an ergonomic and comfortable grip but a safe handling experience.


Ideal for beginners


Rubber caps often get lost in the garden


Pogo sticks are an unbelievable way to inspire active playtime for your kid. Aside from the fun experience, bouncing on a pogo help burn calories and improve your kid’s health insurance and physique.

Having said that, safety is always a problem with this game, and we advise that before hopping on the pogo stick, wear the required safety gear, including a safety helmet

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