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Uncertain which Razor electric scooter to get? Then read this guide to compare different scooters and find the very best one for you.

Razor has a group of electric scooters that are popular among kids, teenagers, and adults. However they vary a whole lot by the features, a long time, price, and more. We’re likely to review and compare the key scooters from the series. This can help you see what the dissimilarities and similarities are, and choose which scooter is simply perfect for you.

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The Razor E100 Glow electric scooter may be the one we’ll be reviewing. There’s also a normal E100 scooter, without the glow, but that one is way better. The glow feature illuminates the scooter’s board right into a bright blue LED. This could be effected easily by twisting the handle to carefully turn on the light. What kid doesn’t love a light-up scooter? Not merely does it look cool, but it’s also an excellent safety feature for riding during the night. The light will illuminate the road, which makes it better to ride when it’s dark. It will make your scooter more visible, thus reducing the chance of any accident or crash with another vehicle. Here’s what the Razor E100 scooter appears like with the glow feature during the night.

The E100 includes a lot choosing itself, aside from the glow feature. It uses a sophisticated chain-driven motor that minimizes noise, so that it is very quiet to ride. It’s high-torque and includes a kick start. The speed can be substantially high. A maximum speed of 10 MPH is pretty fast for a kid’s scooter, and it guarantees a great and thrilling ride. They are much better than the standard non-electric scooters, because they are able to go much faster.

The speed is suitable for children around 8 years old and above. You’ll see below that the larger Razor models have faster speeds. The only complaint I’ve with this scooter is that it requires quite a long time to charge, and doesn’t last practically as much. 40 minutes of continuous use is pretty little for a scooter that takes 12 hours to recharge.

FAQS About Razor Scooters

Why do so a lot of the scooters have a different model but have practically the same features?

Good question. It’s probably a online marketing strategy to market more scooters. If you brand your product in a fresh and various way, you’re likely to make increased sales. But remember that several scooters do have differences, which explains why a comparison guide such as this is useful.

How do you distinguish between your scooters?

As a possible buyer, you should compare the three main electric scooters: E100, E200, and E300. They are the kinds that are actually different. When you’re deciding on a scooter, the key factors that you ought to look at are: price, a long time, and speed. They are the main comparable features in Razor scooters.

MUST I buy any accessories?

Yes, it’s smart to buy a few accessories together with your Razor scooter. Included in these are a supplementary battery charger and a helmet. A big advantage is that Razor scooter chargers are often available for purchase on Amazon, since Razor is a major brand. They’re also completely new and work correctly well. Safety gear such as a helmet is also smart to get, particularly if you’re riding a power scooter for the very first time.

How do you properly use and keep maintaining my Razor scooter?

Here are a few tips you should follow in using and keeping your scooter. Always fully charge the battery prior to starting the scooter. It might not exactly also be fully charged, when you initially buy it.

You’re recommended to charge the scooter after every use, and also charge it before storage. Leaving a drained battery for too much time can use it out faster. If the scooter is in storage (i.e. not being used) you should charge it once every thirty days, to be sure it’s fully charged.

Another tip: Avoid riding on puddles of water! They are electric scooters, so water ought to be avoided. Though there is absolutely no danger for electrocution here, but it’s still smart to avoid it. Even though you do get wet in rain or a water puddle, always dry the scooter before storing it.

Here’s your final tip: Read and follow the manual that is included with the scooter. It has some important

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