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Remington is probable known around the world for its give attention to everything hair. Whether it’s straightening it, curling it, cutting it or removing it, Remington has you covered. On that last point, they are pretty adept at shaving it off, whether it’s for women or men, face, legs, bikini or elsewhere, Remington includes a suite of shavers to perhaps you have well-groomed either for a major occasion or simply every day. Keep reading below to have the short-and-curly on what Remington provides. Get best black Friday deals and sales on this site.

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What shavers does Remington offer?
As you may expect, Remington includes a pretty comprehensive selection of shavers for men and women. Overall there are four different varieties of shavers for women, and nine for men. The men’s are further divided by rotary and foil shavers. Which type you prefer is very subjective, but foil shavers are reported to be kinder to sensitive skin, and rotary shavers are reported to be more thorough. Ultimately it’s your decision everything you prefer, but without further ado let’s get into further deal in what Remington offers.

Women’s Shavers
As stated earlier, there are four women’s shavers available from Remington. Here’s an instant rundown of these below.

Deluxe Shaver “WDF4838AU”
Rechargeable Shaver “WDF4828”
Easy Shaver “WDF4818AU”
‘Girls on the Go’ “WSF4813AU” Cordless shaver
The pick of the bunch is considered to be the Deluxe Shaver (pictured). It’s devoted to comfort, and its own feature list shows this. It features:

Stainless blades with titanium-coated, hypoallergenic foils to lessen skin irritation
‘Lift and trim’ blade mechanism to achieve the tougher hairs out
thirty minutes cordless charge time
Wet and dry use for the shower and easy washing
Aloe Vera soothing strip
Consider this shaver less as a standalone unit, and more of a kit. Also included is a bikini trimmer that is a useful inclusion in particular when the summer months remain the corner. Retailing for a hair under $100, it’s a far more expensive women’s shaver but considering what actually will come in the box, you get solid affordability.

Men’s Shavers
As it’s likely you have come to anticipate, if you’re searching for a fresh shaver, the men’s selection of many brands is far more comprehensive compared to the women’s. Remington is no exception. As stated before there are nine shavers for men. They are further divided by rotary and foil-type shavers.

Foil Shavers
There are three foil shavers in the men’s category, and foil shavers are excellent for many who perhaps don’t have such a hardcore beard to chop through. Also, they are purportedly kinder to sensitive skin. The number is:

Smart Edge Advanced Shaver “XF8660AU”
Dual Foil X Titanium “F6800AU”
Dual Foil X “F3800AU”
The pick of the bunch will be the Smart Edge Advanced shaver. As the name might suggest, it includes some standout features designed towards a close but non-irritating shave. They are:

Stainless blades with ‘active hybrid’ technology
Advanced foil lifts and cuts hair from all angles
Multi-directional pivoting head and neck helps the shaver glide along the contours of that person with less irritation.
It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery, where you could get right up to 50 minutes on a complete charge. It’s also handily waterproof for easy cleaning and shaving in the shower. Another helpful feature may be the pop-up trimmer which makes hitting those finicky places easier. Retailing for under $130, it’s a good mid-end unit {that gives|which offer

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