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This can be the first 8TB hard drive we’ve received at BlogBlackFriday and the largest external (single-drive) hard disk drive currently out there. This specific model – the Seagate Backup Plus – was announced earlier this season but uses an enterprise-grade drive that was unveiled back August 2014.

You could probably cram about 1500 DVDs in 8TB or this content of 160 Blu-ray discs, or the same as almost six million 3.5-inch, 1.44MB floppy disks (reacall those?).

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Seagate’s mammoth drive, otherwise referred to as the STDT8000200 in the united kingdom and STDT8000100 in america, is indeed new that it hasn’t appeared on the business’s own website yet. It sells for about the £250 mark (around $365, AU$485).

Shingled Magnetic Recording gives this drive its capacity
SMR magic
So how specifically did we make it happen? This storage capacity was attained by making utilization of a fresh technology called SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) that allows the cramming of more bits on confirmed surface by by using a similar strategy to what roofers do with roof tiles.

Drives that use SMR have one flaw – they don’t perform well in terms of sustained, random writes. They do however excel in terms of sustained read speeds and burst write speeds. Potential purchasers should bear that at heart or they could otherwise be sorely disappointed.

As you Seagate spokesperson put it to us recently when discussing SMR, the drive is ideally fitted to backup and archiving, comparable to an LTO tape and, as he remarked, “you do not do random writes on tapes”. Therefore the ideal scenario will be that of a WORM (write once, read many) replacement, where writes are rare but reads are plenty.

There are ventilation holes all around the shop
The Seagate Backup Plus appears like a brick, a black one with a mirror top (very susceptible to fingerprints and dust). Each one of the sides (bar the most notable and leading) have between four and six triangles with a large number of small holes to boost ventilation.

While that sounds bleeding-edge and even avant-garde, I didn’t warm to the look simply for the reason that corners are bloody sharp (pun intended). Be cautious as this casing can draw blood from you; it did for me personally and at least an added reviewer.

Besides that, there’s a micro-USB 3.0 port and a power port, a typical 12v 1.5A model. A status light at the top facia enables you to know when the drive is functioning. Note that there is absolutely no on/off switch which signifies that you should unplug the energy supply or turn off at the mains to power down the drive completely. Additionally you get yourself a 1.2m USB 3.0 cable which is longer than what we’re used to.

The design will not be to everyone’s tastes
Under the hood
In the Backup Plus can be an 8TB drive from Seagate’s Archive HDD family, which intriguingly is one of the company’s enterprise portfolio. You’d be prepared to use these mostly in data centres, for cold storage and in so-called hyperscale scenarios, not in a prosumer/consumer product.

The drive, which we believe to be the ST8000AS0002, includes 128MB of cache, about four times the volume of large capacity hard disks. That’s mostly because of the SMR technology which requires the drive to take care of data transactions on-board, an activity Seagate calls “drive managed” and is facilitated by this larger buffer cache.

There are six 1.33TB platters, possibly spinning at 5900RPM, with 12 heads, and a rated workload rate limit of 180TB annually (that’s essentially erasing and rewriting the drive 20 odd times over – remember that the Backup Plus only includes a two-year guarantee though).

The drive features six 1.33TB platters
The drive can be utilised 24 hours per day and sips power when in standby mode (significantly less than 1W) and even in operating mode, consumes just 7.5W. Remember that these figures are for the inner drive (Seagate hasn’t provided the figures for the Backup Plus). You need to add a handful of Watts for using the power consumption nonetheless it is fair to state that leaving it linked 24×7 wouldn’t be considered a bad idea considering that it really is essentially built for doing that.

The Seagate Backup Plus 8TB is most likely one of the most effective external hard disks we’ve tested. Sure, put a 1TB SSD within an external enclosure and you’d wrap up with something faster – but in comparison to other traditional platter-based hard disks with a minimal RPM, this is a stunner. It reached an astounding 124MBps in sequential read, and a jaw-dropping 195MBps in sequential write; both figures were obtained via the favorite storage benchmark, CrystalDiskMark 3.

Oddly, Futuremark’s PC Mark 8 wouldn’t operate on the drive and would constantly crash. Futuremark told us, that theoretically, there must not be any issues connected with SMR. We will continue steadily to investigate and shall update the review if we have the ability to get to underneath of this problem.

The energy and micro-USB 3.0 ports
The device also includes Seagate’s own optional Dashboard application that allows you to automatically back up your smartphone’s content to the drive (with a free app) plus your social media (from Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Tumblr) and even cloud-based content (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive).

It proposes two backup options, one scheduled and one for continuous backup. Value-added applications have a tendency to be very basic and Seagate’s own Dashboard is no exception – it offers the smallest amount allowing the user to select more complex solutions, as long as they wish to accomplish so.

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