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If you’re seeking to up your game from a cheapo headset and crappy mic, you could be looking to more costly headsets just like the Sennheiser Game One. But might it be a reliable item in your inventory, or does it enable you to down? Let’s find out.

What’s it prefer to utilize the Sennheiser Game One?

Like a great many other gaming headsets, the Sennheiser Game You have an extremely specific aesthetic, designed to appeal to those going to quest at the computer for a couple hours. Thankfully, this headset isn’t clad in RGB lighting or extreme branding, but also for Sennheiser the red accents certainly are a little out of place. That’s not saying that it looks bad (it doesn’t), but it’s very apparent who this is made for.

The headset itself is just a little utilitarian, with a few nods to the everyday user. For instance, the padding is all matte black velour: ideal for those wearing glasses. Additionally, the matte black plastic-fingerprint prone-does not get scuffed or schmutzed up quickly.

A volume knob on the proper earcup permits you to quickly turn the tunes down in the center of a firefight.

Where in fact the Sennheiser Game One differs than most gaming headsets is that it’s of the open-back variety, so that it won’t offer any isolation to talk about. If you’re gaming in the home, this is a very important thing. However, at LAN parties and events: you’re likely to want to leave he in the home because you’ll manage to hear everything around you. The upside here’s that this sort of headphone design lends itself easier to the reproduction of 3D space, and that may give you an advantage in deathmatch, RPG, and FPS games.

What does the Sennheiser Game One use for connection?

The Sennheiser Game One runs on the split TRS cable with one termination for the microphone and another for the headphones themselves. If you wish to utilize this for the Nintendo Switch or a PC with only a headphone/headset jack: you’re likely to want to seize a TRRS adapter to incorporate the microphone and audio tracks signals. It’s inconvenient to be certain, nonetheless it isn’t the only headset we’ve find with this design. Determine if you can hook up these to your source before buying.

Dual 3.5mm plugs could be a pain for gamers if their source has only 1 dedicated port. Get an adapter.

If your personal computer has both a microphone port and an audio tracks out (pink and green, respectively), you can forgo the adapter and just plug in. However, you’ll probably find that you would like more gain on the microphone when compared to a motherboard will most likely provide-but more on that later.

How does the Sennheiser Game One sound?

As among the finest gaming headsets out there, the Sennheiser Game One naturally sounds great. A neutral frequency response ensures that the headphones themselves will provide you with the sound that every game intends. The headphones won’t make anything sound louder or quieter than it will. This is great since it permits you to equalize your music in any manner you want without much trouble.

That is an impressively good performance for a gaming headset.

If you’re used to Turtle Beach or Razer headsets, you might feel just like the Sennheiser Game One lacks bass, but that’s not necessarily true. Sure, there’s hook de-emphasis-but it’s a lot more reasonable compared to the models most of the people experience with cheaper headsets. It’s one among those ideas that you’ll get accustomed to, especially given the actual fact that your audio tracks will sound a lot “clearer” than it can on other headsets.

This sort of sound is actually best for RPGs, first-person shooters, and any game where music plays a pivotal role.

How good may be the microphone of the Sennheiser Game One?

The microphone is big, beefy, and… alright.

I’ll be honest, the microphone of the Sennheiser Game One leaves somewhat to be desired. The problem is that it needs a fair little bit of power-which isn’t really ideal considering that entry-level gaming headsets are designed for only a small amount futzing as possible. If you don’t learn how to boost gain in software, or if you’re soft-spoken, you might find yourself yelling a whole lot at the computer with the Sennheiser Game One.

Low-pitched voices will seem to be just a little hollow over the mic.

Additionally, bassy-voiced gamers like yours truly will seem to be just a little hollow over the mic as a result of a de-emphasis in the reduced ranges. It’s not unusual for microphones on gaming headsets to get this done because it’s so hard to get good mic quality from units so small. Based on what headphones you have previously, you might instead want to search for a standalone gaming mic to pair together with your current headphones.

Should you choose the Sennheiser Game One?

I’d say so, if you’re a PC gamer or you don’t have an unnaturally bassy voice. If you don’t have a several pack-a-day habit, this could possibly be the headset for you personally.

An open back means noise gets in, however the tradeoff is that you will get great sound.

Not only may be the Sennheiser Game One great with audio tracks reproduction on a budget, but it’s comfortable over long sessions, simple to adapt volume on the fly, and will even be utilized for monitoring if you need. It’s a rare gaming headset which offers all these pluses in a single package. However, the key tradeoff here’s that the Sennheiser Game One doesn’t isolate you from your own surroundings. If you want some peace {from your

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