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The house theater-focused wireless headphones category is, weighed against the bigger realm of Bluetooth headphones, a distinct segment market. Sennheiser continues to fill it with quality offerings, however. Introduced at CES, the $279.95 Sennheiser RS 175 is a robust group of wireless headphones, with a dedicated recharging stand and transmitter that accepts both analog and digital inputs out of your home theater components. It’s strictly for home use, which consists of own modulating transmitter rather than Bluetooth or another mobile-friendly standard. The sound signature is quite sculpted, with bright highs and rich lows, along with the capability to add more bass. Gleam Surround effect mode for movies and television. Purists seeking flat-response audio tracks should avoid them, but if you value rumbling bass together with your movies and music, the RS 175 is a good wireless-but not portable-option to consider. If you wish quality wireless sound on the run, the Harman Kardon BT is an outstanding Bluetooth choice. This is the perfect time for you to buy any product, because black friday is here to reduce the price.

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The Sennheiser RS 175’s all-black design is handsome and minimal. The well-cushioned over-ear earpads are comfortable, however the headband’s padding, which is split into two sections to clear a location for the recharging connection point, can exert somewhat too much strain on the head over long listening periods. Externally panel of the proper earcup there are controls for Volume Up/Down, together with controls for adjusting Bass mode and Surround settings (more on those within the next section). There’s a Power button and indicator LED along the medial side of the earcup; powering up the headphones also lights up an indicator on the charging cradle/transmitter.

The headphones operate on two included rechargeable AAA batteries, with one hidden behind the twist-off earpads of every earcup. The cradle for the RS 175 recharges the batteries through contacts on the headband’s underside; when the headband rests atop the charging dock, it commences charging automatically. Sennheiser estimates the battery life at up to 18 hours, however your volume levels could have too much to do with how long they last.

The cradle/transmitter itself is neither hideous nor a design piece. It’s an operating, upright tower that holds the headphones, with buttons for Surround and Bass modes in addition to a status LED on leading panel. The back comes with an optical input allowing you to connect digital sound out of your home theater system, in addition to a 3.5mm analog input for sources such as a mobile device or computer. A activate the rear panel gives you two choose between both inputs, and cables for each and every are included, although 3.5mm cable’s connector could possibly be somewhat bulky for your phone or tablet case. My only complaint about the cradle’s design is that it is quite lightweight, and appears fairly simple to knock over despite a base that’s shaped to keep it stabilized. So, if you are all thumbs, you may want to be sure the cradle is located taken care of.

Wireless Audio and Digital Processing

The RS 175 has two settings you can play with: a Bass mode (Off/On) and a Surround mode (Off/Low/High). The RS 175 sounds very bright and sometimes just a little thin without Bass mode activated. Transform it on and the mix sounds full, rich, and lively.

Surround mode is a take-it-or-leave-it effect that tries to simulate surround sound with stereo audio. I’d never recommend using it for music, however the digital effect-which uses EQ and reverb to approximate a larger sense of space-might add something to your experience with film or TV. I’m rarely a fan of surround effects on stereo headphones for the easy reason that they rarely work very well with stereo mixes, but I’m a much bigger fan of kinds that can be switched off. Because you can disable it, this feature falls in to the group of neither pro nor con, just a supplementary option that you can fiddle with in the event you desire.

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The RS 175’s digital transmission quality, which uses frequency modulation over 2.4-2.8GHz to transmit audio tracks fed to the charging base to the headphones, is practically flawless, and it’s simple to forget you’re hearing wireless headphones. The actual sound signature of the drivers is quite crisp and bright, so when Bass mode is activated, quite rich and powerful in the lows, aswell. The transmission strength can be solid; Sennheiser estimates the number at roughly 330 feet, which is both insanely good and incredibly hard to verify in NEW YORK. I had no issue walking into different rooms of my apartment, closing the entranceway, and getting sound without disruption. The signal played flawlessly through walls, therefore you can get few, if any, interruptions in your living room.

Performance and Conclusions

On tracks with powerful sub-bass content, just like the Knife’s “Silent Shout,” the RS 175 proves the bass needs to be tweaked sometimes. With Bass mode on, this track can distort a lttle bit at top volumes. With Bass mode off, not merely does the distortion disappear, however the track sounds a lot more balanced. So, on bass-heavy mixes, you may want to disable Bass mode, and just put it to use for more moderate music.

Bill Callahan’s “Drover,” which lacks tremendous low-end, can go in any event regarding Bass mode. With it on, you get some good serious added thump from the drums that may excite bass fiends however, not purists. With Bass mode off, the mix sounds a lot more crisp, with a give attention to the mids and highs.

Film dialogue was crisp through the RS 175, and with Bass mode on or off, the headphones pumped out a good amount of rumble when watching modern TV and movies. Surround mode could make dialogue sound pretty unnatural, though-voices outdoors in the center of fields got the same ambient-sounding reverb as though they were in an area. I would recommend leaving the Surround mode off, but there is no reason you can’t test drive it out and see if you personally just like the effect.

I throughly enjoyed listening on the RS 175, and discovered that the genre of music (or the precise mix) determined whether Bass mode was suitable or not. The headphones will get incredibly loud, so it is somewhat pointless to count the actual fact they can distort against them-at moderate-to-high listening levels on all however the most high-end-heavy tracks playing back Bass mode, the audio tracks is clean. Films sound clear and dynamic through the headphones, with especially powerful rumbles and explosions. These headphones aren’t for purists-they offer sculpting which will appeal to numerous modern tastes, nevertheless they rarely appear to be a flat-response pair. They’re also expensive at $280. Whether it’s a far more mobile wireless experience you’re after, the Harman Kardon BT, the Harman Kardon Soho Wireless, and the AKG K845BT are comparably priced Bluetooth options with excellent sound. In this cost range, however, the RS 175 is strong option for dedicated at-home wireless listening.

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