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Usually we’ll take up a review by discussing construction, materials, finish, features and so forth – but this time around we’re likely to launch directly into a few superlatives about the SE425s’ sound: fun, absorbing, classy, polished, captivating… Get amazing headphone in this black friday sale.

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So what’s their recipe for success? It’s all in the detail. And we imply that literally and figuratively: get some good music going and it’s as though the Shures disappear, leaving you with just their sound. To state it’s immersive can be an understatement. The amount of finesse available is astonishing even as of this price: you’ll hear things you never thought have there been even on recordings you understand inside out.

Play Icebreaker’s version of Brian Eno’s Apollo (the soundtrack to the great moon-landing documentary For All Mankind) and the ebb and flow of the ambient tunes is mesmerising – you merely don’t get that of all other pairs of in-ears.

They’re energetic, too. Returning right down to earth with the altogether less superior Suzi (Wants Her ALL DAY LONG What?) by Extreme shows the SE425s to become more than able to handle tight rhythms and punchy rock.

The attack of Nuno Bettencourt’s guitar pick is particularly evident, but we just like the fact that they never tip over into brashness. It could be simple to overcook the top-end in the name of excitement, but Shure has kept sufficient of a lid onto it to create space and fun without so that it is feel just like someone’s squirted lemon juice into your ears.

The midrange performance is really as solid as you prefer – that vein of detail continues completely down the frequency range. Vocals are nuanced and put to the fore, yet they never conflict with other factors in the same frequency range.

Move right down to the bass and, as the Shures don’t pack as a lot of a punch as famous brands the Sony XBA-2iPs or Klipsch Image X7is, there’s still a respectable amount of thud. The sense of isolation supports low-frequency extension too – these do block out almost anything around you, keeping everything locked within your head.

Build and design

The looks may not appeal to everyone. Shure has truly gone for the pro-style in-ear monitor configuration, where in fact the cable passes up your back and splits behind your mind before passing outrageous of your ears, secured set up with a cable slider and flexible wire inserts that mould to your ear-shape.

They can be somewhat annoying to set up (particularly if you choose the foam tips which, and will be offering splendid isolation, need time to match themselves to your ear canal), however the results are worthwhile. If you’ve a lttle bit more money to invest, though, you can get custom ear-tips designed to speed things up (and prevent your friends covering the one you love buds within their earwax).

The SE425s have detachable enclosures – this means if the cable breaks, you can replace it for less overall than investing in a new group of earphones. The enclosures also swivel on the ends of the cables, making them much easier to fit and convenient to wear.

The typical SE425s don’t have a remote or mic unit, nevertheless, you can buy separate kinds (there’s a three-button version for Apple devices and a one-button model for the rest).


So, what else will there be left to say? Not really a lot, really. We think the Shure SE425s are excellent. They could not wow your peers on the catwalk, and yes, they could do with a smidge more punch in the bass, but that’s nitpicking for what are really the best possible in-ears we�

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