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The packaging is easy but very well considered. It runs on the magnetic lock which opens to reveal the headphones combined with the accessories housed in a box in the guts. Nothing fancy here, nonetheless it does present you with all you have to to kickstart your Skullcandy adventure. Remember that the package doesn’t add a carrying pouch or case of any sort.

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Build and Design


The over-ear headphones are mainly plastic with a metal headband. Construction is subpar (more about this later). The ear cups, however, boast today’s matte finish that both looks and feels good, rather than being truly a fingerprint magnet is a major plus. The young, cool vibe these devices exudes is built to go with the everyday look.


The button (volume control and power on/play/pause) is sheathed in soft rubber. Plus and minus volume keys stick out in low relief that your fingertips can feel easily, so when pressed, they have a pleasant little click.


The mechanism swivels around the X-axis only, which includes its limitations. However, putting it on is no effort at all. The headphones collapse compactly for convenient storage you should definitely in use.

The soft, well-padded pad that sits between your top of your mind and the headband somehow feels bigger than its actual below-average size.

The fit is good and firm, however the inability to rotate the headband could cause slight discomfort.

Returning, as promised, to the construction on the Hesh 3: For me personally, it had been somewhat underwhelming. The plastic on the headband height adjustment literally gave way and chipped off when I was putting the headphones on. I had only stretched the headphones to slightly above ¾ head-width before this happened – no, I am no Megamind. It’s really not acceptable that the merchandise had failed such as this in normal use.


Battery life is impressive. Up to now it’s delivered over 20 hours of playback and continues to be going strong. It really meets the 22 hours claimed by Skullcandy on the official website. The test was conducted with 50-60% volume on the Hesh 3.

Through the entire battery test, I detected very minimal heat. When connected to a 2A charger, it requires about 2.5 hours to go from 0 to 100. The Hesh 3 also sports an instant Charge function which gives 4 hours of play time after a 10-minute charge.


I felt Skullcandy could did an improved job with the headband. It might have already been longer and more flexible. The existing design grips much too tightly and could cause discomfort to the ears, especially during longer listening sessions.

Alternatively, the tightness provides great seal, therefore the isolation is first class. Ear pads are soft and top quality, although heat does build inside up when worn for long periods.


Attention fellow spectacle wearers! Regardless of the ear pads clamping your glasses to your temples, there’s no pain or discomfort at all.

Sound Quality

The Hesh 3 was tested with my iPhone 7+ via the wireless connection. The Hesh 3 posesses V-shaped sound signature with a slightly more forward midbass, leaning towards treble and technical issues because of its treble performance, which I’ll get into below.

Soundstage is average with decent width, depth, and headroom, which converts to a slightly above-average separation between instruments and vocals. I was impressed with the Hesh 3; it performs pretty much for a closed back can.


If you value well-controlled bass with no an audiophile degree of pickiness, these are for you personally. The sub-bass might not exactly be quite as full-bodied as the Sony MDR-1000x, but at 25 % of the price, it will be boasts an improved price to performance ratio. It might not exactly have that distinctive “woofer” sound, however the leaner body gives better separation between bass and mids, including vocals that don’t sound at all muddy.

Despite the fact that more oomph might have been put into the bass, I’d say the Skullcandy is enjoyable. It offers an extremely fun sound that suits non-audiophiles, often known as consumers on-the-go. Please be aware that these aren’t designed for bass addicts.


Zooming in to the midrange, the mids are slightly more recessed compared to the lower mids and upper mids. It includes a tinge of warmth nonetheless it leans more towards the brighter end (detailed sound).

Female vocals shine slightly brighter than male vocals since it brings out the facts in them more clearly. Guitar strings response pretty much, and this can handle fast-paced songs; aka pop, EDM, etc.


Treble performance may be the most impressive. When compared to Sennheiser 4.40 BT, these sport better treble extension, and energy. However, prolonged listening (above 3 hours) could be fatiguing to some.

Pairing the Skullcandy Hesh 3

The Skullcandy Hesh 3 pairs well with neutral or dark sounding sources to provide the headphones a bit more bass if that’s your thing.

Presumably due to the purchase price these headphones ‘re going for, there is absolutely no NFC function to permit one-tap-pairing together with your NFC enabled smartphone or player. Thus, you’ll want to do it the old-fashion way by turning on the Bluetooth on your own device and pairing the Hesh 3 manually. Please be aware that your device should automatically hook up to the headphones for the next connections if Bluetooth is activated on both source device and headphones.

Technical Specifications:

  • Driver: 1 x 40mm dynamic
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Battery Life: 22 hours
  • Rapid Charge supported


The Skullcandy Hesh 3 is, without doubt, a great couple of headphones regarding price to performance ratio. However, there are critical conditions that have to be sorted out, including the poor construction and lack of overall flexibility of the headband.

In the event that you rather not have a risk on the construction, I would recommend choosing the Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless instead. Apart from the battery life (15hr vs 22hr) and aesthetics, the Skullcandy Hesh 2 is virtually like the Hesh 3 except with a far more stable frame.

Vocals (especially female) are incredibly sweet sounding to the ears as the treble causes it to sound airy and detailed. However, more bass might have been “injected” in to the headphones to help make the sound signature more vigorous.

Despite being truly a V-shaped sounding headphone, it isn’t really your typical V-shape where full-bodied bass hits hard where one can feel your heart thumping to the beat. It certainly takes on a far more relaxed kind of bass while giving enough quantity. Hence, it really is more fitted to pop and vocal/acoustic however, not for EDM since it will not get your feet tapping. Portability is obviously a factor when contemplating these in your everyday carry for your daily commute to school, to work, or even to shut out your naggy spouse…

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