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Vizio is definitely referred to as the epitome of affordable TVs that deliver steady (if, sometimes, underwhelming) performance for customers, using its E-Series leading the charge as its vanguard.

To up the ante for the series in 2018, Vizio is packing in a number of new features – like smart assistant integration and ATSC tuners, alongside a boost in local dimming zones – while remaining at a cost that’s affordable for some folks. Get the best black friday sales and deals on your favorite product.

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The problem that people saw during our limited practical time with the TVs was that the E-Series still didn’t deliver leading edge performance: black levels certainly could’ve been better, as the limited viewing angle makes this less of a full time income room TV that’s shared between your whole family and appropriate for a flat or dorm room.

Vizio’s E-Series will come in sizes which range from 43″ to 80″ and all 2018 4K models have HDR 10, HLG and Dolby Vision HDR content viewing – so it is not all bad.


Overall, the 2018 E-Series design is traditional and incredibly simple. Its black bezel is wider than the vast majority of Vizio’s other models – nonetheless it doesn’t call much focus on itself like a few of its silver or aluminum brushed counterparts from Samsung or LG might.

Your toes on either side of it are in an angle similar to a disseminate slanted ugly “V.” That is something you should think about if your furniture is narrow or shorter compared to the TV size being purchased. While this might appear such as a poor design decision, Vizio told us that both position and kind of feet are requirements of the federal government to safeguard children from getting the TV tip over on them.

For fans of over-the-air broadcasts, ATSC tuners were added back to all or any models in 2018 which is significant to those that do not sign up to cable or satellite, letting you snag those over-the-air HD signals free of charge.

One major pain point with the E-Series is that Vizio’s SmartCast OS is somewhat too similar to 2017 and, finally therefore, is weak in its offerings.

Fortunately, though, having Chromecast built-in is an advantage and Vizio tells us an iphone app for YouTube TV is just around the corner.

New for 2018 may be the Alexa and Google Assistant integration. These smart assistants will let you stream content using voice control – but through those products, not through it itself.

If you have never used a good assistant previously, Alexa will start the TV, switch off your lights, lock your door, etc… while Google Assistant allows users to stream content directly using voice control.


In conditions of performance, the E-Series packs full array backlighting or more to 16 zones of local dimming with up to 400 nits of peak brightness (up from 2017’s 350 nits). Though, it’s worth noting that the 65″ has just 12 zones of local dimming – which will make for less-than-stellar images.

HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision HDR content is supported in the 2018 E-Series and Clear Action 240 aids fast-moving scenes with powerful image processing and a 120Hz refresh rate in a 60Hz TV.

Vizio uses a mixture of IPS and VA panels in the E-Series without specifying which models have which panel. The VA panels usually distribute better quality contrast and image quality in comparison with the IPS panels – so ensure that you check the specs prior to going all in using one.

All inputs on all the models have already been upgraded to HDCP 2.2/HDMI 2.0 allowing more HDR devices to be directly linked to it. Inputs, of course, vary by how big is the display with nearly all screens offering three HDMI-In ports.

Early verdict

All said, the E-Series remains Vizio’s stalwart budget option. It isn’t more likely to win any awards because of its performance in 2018 – but, as a trade-off, it’s unlikely to accomplish any lasting harm to your wallet. If you are after an inexpensive 4K TV, that is it.

Having said that, the features contained in these models are uncommon within an entry-level display – especially the full-array back lit panel and SmartCast OS. Regardless of some decent features, however, the TVs don’t produce deep blacks or an excellent picture.

To that point, if you are planning on investing in a larger E-Series screen, we’d advise you shell out somewhat more for the upgraded M-Series model that gives deeper blacks and a better-quality picture which is visible to the naked eye.

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