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What’s the WD My Cloud Mirror?
The WD My Cloud Mirror is low-cost, two-bay NAS drive suitable for home users seeking to share their files throughout the house and access them from all over the world.

With two hard disks arranged in a RAID 1 configuration, you have satisfaction knowing that your computer data is physically supported onto two drives. Furthermore, the easy, largely automated, setup means it’s simple to get going, regardless of your technical ability. Blog black friday has curated some of the best offers and deals around the world for you to get fav products.

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WD My Cloud Mirror – Design and Features
The first thing to notice about the 4TB version of the My Cloud Mirror here’s that, for some users, it won’t actually provide 4TB of storage. That is possible only when you incorporate both its 2TB hard disks (using JBOD, spanning or RAID 0), instead of by keeping them within their default RAID 1 configuration.

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Of course, it’s your decision which configuration you select, but also for most home users we’d recommend using the default mode because it offers you a complete backup of your computer data when among the drives fails. The Mirror can be obtainable in 6TB (2 x 3TB) and 8TB (2 x 4TB) configurations.

These devices itself is smartly designed: glossy white front and sides are complemented by a matte-grey top, back and bottom. Finishing off the appearance is a splash of silver that’s home to blue status LEDs on leading.

The My Cloud Mirror is obviously a unit that you wouldn’t object to presenting on your own desk, unlike its more business-orientated, and pricier sibling – the EX2100.

However, there’s grounds the EX2100 costs somewhat more compared to the My Cloud Mirror. Aside from its superior performance, the EX2100 advantages from better construction too. Its all-metal sides and fairly robust drive bays certainly are a good way from the My Cloud Mirror’s plastic exterior and more basic drive mechanism.

The upshot is that the My Cloud Mirror’s chassis bends and flexes a touch too easily for my liking. It’s unlikely to come quickly to any real harm in normal use, but it’s worth considering.

Tap these devices along the very best front edge and it pops available to reveal its two drives. They are held set up by an individual metal plate, which is screwed down. Which consists of built-in handle, that is simple to undo, and next simply grab the via the plastic tabs.

It’s all very basic – in the key to keep the cost low. However, for some users it’ll be completely satisfactory for a device which will simply take a seat on a desk or shelf and become upgraded maybe only one time in its lifetime.

The drives themselves are WD Red models, which are virtually the typical for NAS drives. They add a few extra firmware technologies in addition to a simple drive, which enable better power management, RAID management and streaming media delivery.

While these discs aren’t known because of their speed, spinning of them costing only 5,400rpm, they should prove reliable and suitable for use here.

Across the back of the machine you’ll locate a handful of USB 3.0 ports. These can be utilised to add further external hard disks, for a fairly easy way to expand the storage being shared through the My Cloud Mirror.

Here you’ll also find the obligatory gigabit Ethernet socket and power connector. This un

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