Best Western Digital 2TB Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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With data learning to be a important commodity and Solid State Drives (SSDs) still coming, lightweight HARD DISKS (HDDs) have grown to be a go-to solution for the consumers. Recent years have observed companies like Western Digital and Seagate shrinking down how big is HDDs while outfitting them with greater storage capacity. There is a period when Western Digital had the least expensive 2TB HDD, the only catch was that it needed to be powered by an external source. The bulkiness of this HDD was also a concern but persons were ready to compromise on that since it would hold a great deal of their data. The WD Elements series would continue to became popular and was obtainable in capacities of 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. Western Digital then introduced it’s My Passport group of HDDs that have been extremely lightweight and came in storage capacities as high as 4TB. Now get your best hard disk on this black friday sales and deals.

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In 2016, Western Digital revamped its My Passport catalogue, partnering with fuseproject who gave them today’s makeover, making storage devices lively. Besides that, there’s nothing that could clarify a catalogue packed with black tinted storage devices. Today Western Digital offers its My Passport series in up to 4TB storage capacities and 6 colour options such as white, yellow, orange, red, blue and black. The nice folks at WD sent us a 2TB My Passport in Red colour and this is what we found out.


Quickly the box, the Western Digital HDD appears like nothing we’ve ever seen Western Digital products adapt into. The My Passport HDD appears like it got a fashion overhaul. From a boring, always excelling in class sort of student to a geek splashed with life, the HDD represents modern storage systems with the same undertake beauty and brains. It’s safe to state that Western Digital’s strategic partnership with fuseproject led to these monolithic boxes which may have a minor profile but pack a punch, a thing that users will now prefer to showcase and keep safe. The WD My Passport HDD 1TB variant is thin at 16.3mm while 2TB/3TB/4TB variants are 21.5mm thick. Nonetheless, the HDD includes a smaller footprint and ties in the palm easily.

The most recent versions of My Passport have a plastic shell encasing around the HDD gives them a strong feel nonetheless it still doesn’t come near being as robust as the prior generation My Passport built. The look of HDDs has been of an utmost importance to WD these times which explains why we visit a large amount of design elements. The casing has been split into two parts. The upper part of the HDD case is minimalistic and comes with an embossed WD logo as the base is textured with diagonal lines. The brand new My Passport HDDs can be found in various colours and for users looking for data storage across different varieties of mediums, they are able to get a couple of these and also have their storage colour coded.

As the design practically doesn’t convert in to the usability of the HDD, it really sets a method st

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