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Racer chairs don’t match most console gamers as a result of their huge size and height. Generally in most homes, the television set hangs on the wall. Therefore, to take pleasure from your game in the most relaxed position without straining your neck, you desire a chair that’s inclined at an angle. That’s where X Rocker will come in.

Arguably, X Rocker make the very best console gaming chairs. They often times include accessories like speakers and thick padding immersive experience and maximum comfort. There are various X Rocker chairs out there which will make one to wonder which X Rocker gaming chair is the foremost. This is why we are here for you personally. We reviewed practically all of the best X Rocker gaming chairs on the market to enable you to get this list. Take a glance.

X Rocker pro series gaming chair is arguably the very best gaming chair available in the market. The thick padding of the seat is most likely among the first features which will catch your attention. Also, you’ll be getting four speakers (two by the sides of the headrest and two by the sides of the seat) instead of the traditional two you’ll get with most X Rocker gaming chairs.

However, like almost every other best X Rocker gaming chair upon this list, there exists a control panel by the medial side of the seat that provides you capacity to control the quantity. The panel also offers input and output jacks for wired connection. Notwithstanding its bulky looking nature, this chair weighs only 17.34 lbs. Combine this using its foldable nature and you’ll have found a fresh travel companion.

X Rocker pro H3 is supports wired and wireless connection and can be compatible with almost all of the favorite game consoles. This X Rocker pro series gaming chair likewise have additional vibration motors which gives a complete body sensation. However, each one of these costly features come at a price-a high one.

Buying Guide to get the best X Rocker Gaming Chair
Inasmuch as X Rocker gaming chairs look similar in design you may still find glaring variations that may affect the knowledge you escape whatever chair you choose to buy. Here it might be a choice between sound, comfort, weight, and toughness in addition to a few extra features. Predicated on these factors, here are a few of the features it is advisable to look out for while you are prepared to purchase your first X Rocker gaming chair.

There are many factors that may affect the comfort of your chair. Pedestals usually are convenient than rockers because they enhance a far more natural leg inclination. Rockers usually are near to the bottom making the legs stay static in an unnatural way that may be a potential way to obtain discomfort. However, the sort of material used for the construction of the chair may also affect the comfort you’ll get from your chair. For instance, faux leather usually are more durable nonetheless they have a tendency to heat up quickly in comparison to breathable mesh material.

Sound Quality
The majority of men and women that spend money on X Rocker chairs do so because they want immersive sound. However, as if you may have noticed, a few of the chairs include 2 speakers while some have 4. Also, the positioning of the speaker could make an enormous difference to the grade of the sound. Whether front-facing or side-facing, the speakers usually are located near the headrest.

A few of the X rocker chairs are foldable making them simple to store. To help expand make storage easy, a number of the console gaming chairs are lightweight. This helps it be simple to move them in one spot to another.

Maximum Weight Capacity
Most X Rocker chairs have a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds. In the event that you weigh a lot more than this, you could have to look elsewhere. By using a chair that’s lower than your bodyweight rating, you can either quickly damage them or put them on out faster.

Extra Features
Some X Rocker chairs support wireless connections while some support only wired connection. Inasmuch as all of the chairs on our list have a control panel with input and output jacks, some have only 1 output and input jacks while some have two for every. They are important features you must focus on because they affect how you utilize your chair.

Your budget will finally determine what it is possible to get. In order to afford a decent X Rocker gaming chair with speakers, you must have the very least budget of 100 dollars. However, when you are for the low-budget options, you must keep your expectations low with regards to sound quality and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rocker gaming chairs good?
Rocker gaming chairs are good and their design enables you to stay static in a relaxed position that may protect your back from pain.

Are Rocker gaming chairs comfortable?
Rocker chairs are generally comfortable for short-term use. Pedestals usually are convenient for marathon gamers.

Is X Rocker appropriate for PS4?
If your X Rocker supports wireless connection, you may easily hook up your PS4 gaming console to it. However, if your X Rocker gaming chair supports only wired connection you will desire a HDMI adaptor in order to hook up the overall game to your chair.

Does X Rocker have microphone?
No, X Rockers doesn’t have a microphone. However, it includes a headphone jack where one can hook up your headphone. Therefore, if your headphone includes a microphone, you need to be able to talk during that.

Do X Rocker chairs vibrate?
Yes, Some X rocker chairs vibrate. However, these usually are therefore of combining volume bass with vibrating motors and subwoofers.


Despite having great padding and premium material, rockers can be uncomfortable for marathon gamers as a result of the unnatural way it certainly makes you keep your legs. However, generally, rockers frequently have pedestals of the same design. Thus, you need to decide which ones is most effective for you. The positioning of the speakers may also make an enormous difference. For all of us, we choose the side-facing speakers as a result of the potential harm the front-facing speakers could cause to your ears when the quantity is very high. Lastly, there is absolutely no one-chair-fits-all. Always consider chairs that tick your major boxes and stick to the odds.

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