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The Xbox One S launched 3 years following the original Xbox One. At that time it captured our attention as a quieter, smaller, higher-quality gaming machine that showed-off the capacities of the current-gen console.

However the question is: can we still recommend it despite the fact that Microsoft has since released the better Xbox One X? With the Xbox One X now discontinued and the Xbox Series X coming, that’s now turn into a complicated question.

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In the seven years that contain passed because the Xbox One S was initially launched, the console continues to be a firm favorite for all those that are looking a high-quality Xbox experience but without the bigger price of the outgoing, top-tier Xbox One X.

With the Xbox One S, you get Xbox One games that are upscaled to Ultra HD (aka 4K) with HDR. It’s worth pointing out that isn’t the ‘native’ 4K that’s proposed by the better Xbox One X, but movies and Television shows still take good thing about the room to boost, whether you’re playing an Ultra HD Blu-ray or streaming 4K Netflix.

Since it was initially released, Microsoft has streamlined the console even more by releasing the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. That is a system with out a disc tray that may only play downloaded games from the Xbox Live Store. The good thing is it will come in even cheaper compared to the standard Xbox One S.

That is especially impressive considering the reasonable launch price of the initial One S 1TB console, that was: $349 (£299 / AU$499).

We are able to assume that the launch of the next-generation Xbox Series X in late 2020 will probably shake-up the console market in a huge way. But until then, the main one S remains an excellent and affordable option. Actually, because of Microsoft’s Smart Delivery system it might remain a viable option for quite a while.

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If you’re considering Xbox’s competition, you’re probably wondering the way the Xbox One S stacks against the PS4 Slim that premiered around once. For you personally guys and girls we come up with a special guide which should answer your questions: Xbox One vs PS4.

More enthusiastic about how it stacks against the PS4 Pro? Watch this video to learn!

Xbox One S FAQ: quick questions answered

Can the Xbox One S do 4K? Sort of, yes. For all those not in the know, 4K is an answer for your TV. It packs in four times as much pixels as a 1080p HDTV, making the picture sharper and far more detailed. In order to watch 4K and the video technology HDR, you desire a 4K TV and an Xbox One X or Xbox One S.

If you set your console resolution to 4K UHD, some things on the console, like Home and software will display at 4K. But games are a lttle bit different. Games on the Xbox One S get upscaled to 4K. What which means is that although the picture is commonly smoother and more descriptive than native 720p or 1080p, upscaled 4K isn’t as rich or detailed as native 4K.

Do you desire a 4K TV for Xbox One S? No. You may use any modern TV together with your Xbox One S console, all it requires to get you ready to go can be an HDMI cable. But, to take good thing about the 4K elements, and the 4K game upscaling, you’ll desire a 4K TV.

What’s the difference between an Xbox One and Xbox One S? The Xbox One S is slimmer compared to the Xbox One and runs quieter. But the key difference is that the XBos One S offers HDR and 4K blu-ray support. Although you’ll desire a 4KTV to employ these features.

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What’s better Xbox One S or PS4? The short answer is: it totally depends. Both bits of hardware have their strengths, and which console eventually ends up being the one for you personally will come right down to what matches your unique needs. The PS4 Pro’s games look better, however the Xbox One S may be the better-equipped media player. Read our detailed head-to-head to learn more: Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro: which is way better?

Is Fortnite free on Xbox One S? Yes. It’s not only free, but Fortnite is among a few games that gamers in the Insider Program can use special Xbox One peripheries, including a keyboard and mouse, to play with too.

What’s the All-Digital Xbox One S? The All-Digital Xbox One S may be the new disc tray-less console from Microsoft. It plays yet games as the Xbox One, One S and One X, but can only just play games downloaded via the Xbox Live Store. Despite getting the same specs, it’s cheaper compared to the standard Xbox One S by about $50 roughly.


For applications that are not yet supported, Microsoft’s Universal Windows Apps promise to complete most of the blanks by so that it is easier for developers to aid both Xbox One S and Windows 10 with an individual app.

Otherwise, if you’re not really a subscriber to a 4K streaming service, almost always there is the choice of popping a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray in to the Xbox One S.

As a Blu-ray player the Xbox One S performs about and also almost every other consoles. There’s an optional media remote that’s sold separately if you need to employ a more traditional handy remote control, otherwise you will be using the typical gamepad to regulate movie playback.

We were impressed whenever we used the Xbox One S as a UHD Blu-ray player. Images looks suitably stunning, and the interface was simple and simple to navigate.

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Deciding on a dedicated player might offer you more premium functionality just like a second HDMI port for outputting audio tracks separate to video, but we found the console a lot more than met our needs.

But how about games?

As you may imagine, games look better in 4K resolution – regardless if it’s attained by upconversion rather than through native 4K read-through.

In enough time allotted because of this review, we tested two games: Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Starting games took the most common 15-20 seconds of waiting, but once started, they often appeared to play – and obviously look – better on the Xbox One S.

Roaming the streets of Diamond City in Fallout 4, for instance, we noticed the stadium lightning for the very first time ever. Its surface reflections added almost as much to the scene as the type models themselves.

Or in Rise of the Tomb Raider, the full-motion capture sequences had a crisp sheen to them. It had been like watching a 4K movie rather than watching a casino game rendered in

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