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Today, we’ll be reviewing the Yamaha P-45, an entry-level digital piano with a completely weighted keyboard, 10 built-in instrument sounds, and compact design. Get discounted keyboards at your price range in this black friday.

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The P-45 and the P (Portable) line on the whole are Yamaha’s response to hugely popular budget pianos from Casio’s Privia line.

The P-45 may be the least expensive digital piano with fully weighted hammer-action keys in Yamaha’s arsenal.

The piano is becoming extremely popular among beginners and intermediate players because of its simplicity and an extremely attractive price, not forgetting the top quality and realism of Yamaha instruments.

The P-45 has replaced the prior P35 and includes some significant changes, including an elevated amount of polyphony, improved piano samples and a USB terminal.

Yamaha in addition has released a particular Amazon Exclusive version of the piano, the Yamaha P71, which we’ll speak about further in the review (Summary section).

Yamaha P-45 can be an 88-key hammer action digital piano with built-in speakers. The piano inherited the compact and lightweight design of its predecessor – P35; they look completely identical.

Portability is probably the things I love about the P-45. It’ll easily match smaller spaces and you will be a nice addition to your house interior.

The piano is 52.2 inches wide, 11.6 inches deep and 6 inches high. The P-45 weighs only 25 lbs and light enough to transport by one person.

The piano will be a great choice for on-the-go musicians and anyone who appreciate mobility. The instrument will match most cars, and that means you may easily take the keyboard to gigs or on the highway.

Don’t forget though that the P45 continues to be a full-sized, 88-key instrument and isn’t suited to long trips by plane/train.

Anyway, if you’re likely to travel with the piano, I strongly suggest investing in a padded keyboard bag to safeguard your instrument during long/often transportation.

Have a look at the table below to quickly compare the P-45’s size to another popular digital pianos:

The piano will not have a stand. How big is the piano permits you to stick it on a table or any other flat work surface, nevertheless, you can always buy an optional X-type stand or the L85 furniture stand if you need the keyboard to be stationary.

We’ll discuss a are a symbol of the P-45 in the “Accessories” section.

Control panel of the P-45 is simple and straightforward. There are just two buttons and a volume control.

The “Power” button turns the instrument on / off; the other button is named “Function” (Grand piano) button, used to either select Grand Piano sound or access the rest of the sounds and top features of the P-45.

You’ll have to simultaneously press the “Function” button + among the piano keys (with a label above) to choose all of those other sounds, adapt touch-sensitivity, metronome tempo, etc.

In this manner of navigating is pretty common for entry-level digital pianos.

The P-45 comes in black color only (P-45B).

The P-45 features fully weighted 88-key keyboard, called Graded Hammer Standard (GHS).

It’s Yamaha’s least expensive hammer action, that you can find generally in most entry-level digital pianos from Yamaha. The feel and action of the keys of P-45 are incredibly similar to those of an acoustic piano.

The keyboard replicates the feel of the hammers in a acoustic instrument, using actual little hammers in the keyboard instead of springs (semi-weighted actions).

The GHS action has heavier touch in the reduced end and lighter touch in the top quality exactly like an acoustic piano.

The keyboard is touch (velocity) – sensitive, this means the volume/timbre changes according to how hard or soft you play the keys, reproducing the rich dynamic selection of a grand piano.

You can change the amount of touch-sensitivity to raised suit your playing style. There are 4 preset settings: Fixed, Soft, Medium (default) and Hard.

The “Fixed” setting makes the keyboard not sensitive to touch, making the same amount of volume it doesn’t matter how hard or soft you play the keys.

The “Hard” setting, alternatively, provides the widest dynamic range, where you’ll need to strike the keys very difficult to create the loud sound.

Unlike some higher-end models, the keys on the P-45 don’t have moisture-absorbing keytops that replicate the feel of Ebony and Ivory.

However, black keys of P-45 have matte finish, that will prevent fingers from slipping off if they become moist.

The white keys are glossy but i wouldn’t say it’s a problem, furthermore many acoustic pianos have the same glossy keys.

It’s also worth mentioning that Yamaha’s GHS action is commonly somewhat less noisy (noticeable when playing at a minimal volume or in headphones), when compared to Casio’s Tri-sensor hammer action, but regarding realism, Casio’s action is arguably better.

To accurately capture the sound of an acoustic instrument and create high-quality samples Yamaha uses its well-known AWM dynamic sampling technology.

The sound you’ll hear on the P45 is a genuine stereo sound recorded

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