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So if you’ve been looking for a few good budget guitar options you’ve probably find the Yamaha Pacifica name several times. It stands alongside the Fender Squier group of guitars as a few of the most popular in the purchase price range because of its quality value and excellent playability. Black Friday is the best day to get your expensive bucket list out because you will get awesome discounts on it.

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But what’s the difference between your Pacifica 012 and the Pacifica 112? In the event you consider the PAC112J or the PAC112V?

While there were many different series models in the last couple decades, currently there are just 6 guitars in the Yamaha Pacifica Series – the PAC112V, the PAC112J, the PAC012, the PAC1611MS, the PAC212VFM and the PAC212VQM. Below we’re likely to do a quick overview of the series all together and then breakdown the variations between your individual guitars.

Towards the end, hopefully you’ll have an idea which model in the series is a great fit for you.

Yamaha Pacifica Guitar Review
Originally developed in the 1990’s, the Yamaha Pacifica series is becoming among the company’s best-selling entry-level electric guitars. They sound great, the purchase price is great (many under $200) plus they look awesome.

Although the guitars are constructed in Asia, an undeniable fact which can often be considered a negative, the amount of quality in production is amazing. It’s probably the key reason it’s such a favorite guitar – they are constantly good whichever one you select up.

It’s clear that Yamaha has put a whole lot of effort in to the design and production of the guitar, leading me to assume that with the proper amount of care this guitar could last you an eternity.

Yamaha Pacifica vs the Fender (or Squier) Strat
The majority of the Pacifica’s you’ll see are modeled following the Stratocaster body although there are very a few dissimilarities that are worth pointing out. First, as the body is similar, if you look closely you’ll see that not merely will be the horns longer on the Pacifica however the contours are also much less pronounced. Rather than plugging your guitar in on the facial skin as is common on the Strat, with the Pacifica the plug is privately.

Finally, one of the primary variations between your Stratocaster and the Pacifica is in the pickups. While Stratocasters are fitted with three single-coil pickups, the Pacifica works together with two single-coils and one humbucking pickup (that can be configured to do something as an individual coil).

It’s hard to state which guitar – the Squier Strat or the Yamaha Pacifica – would make an improved entry-guitar purchase. Players have noted they have their own tones and since a number of the models are similarly priced, it’s really up to the average person player to choose which style they prefers.

Yamaha Pacifica Playability and Sound
If I were to spell it out the Yamaha Pacifica in a few words I’d probably choose words like “versatile”, “bright” and “classy”. Due to coil-split facility for the humbucker nearby the bridge, that you can change by pushing or pulling among the knobs, you have the choice of a brighter country sound or a deeper rock sound. Both have a character that’s both surprising and nice.

The changes in tone when using the many pickup settings can often be subtle, however the balance of mid-range, bass and highs doesn’t disappoint.

The Pacifica lends itself to more lead playing because of a slightly different fret radius. It includes a rounding at the very top edge of the fingerboard and a satin finish. The neck is smooth and comfortable and feels incredibly stable.

Obviously the sound of every model within the Pacifica Series will change. But overall you could be confident that it’s a well-constructed, well-sounding guitar. It looks both modern and classy simultaneously.

Concluding Thoughts
While Yamaha isn’t famous for their lineup of electric guitars, the Pacifica is one excellent exception compared to that rule. They are well-made and also have endured almost three decades of scrutiny and use.

For those who want to get their first guitar and don’t have lots of money to invest, the Pacifica 012 is an outstanding option that you won’t be disappointed with (will come in black, dark blue and deep red). When you can have the ability to squeak out a lttle bit more in your budget, however, upgrading to the 112 will be an improved investment over time. Colors offered include Black, Lake Blue, Metallic Red, Natural, Old Violin Sunburst, and Translucent Green.

For the Pacifica 212, if you’re attracted to the wonder of Quilted Maple or Flamed Maple you

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