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If you’re seeking for smart security camera systems for super low prices, search no further than Zmodo. Founded only 11 years back in 2009 2009, the business has since purchased over eight million devices1 including security camera systems, systems, and additional smart home accouterments. But searching at their website, it’s somewhat hard to see which camera is best option, as many the latest models of can be found (seven, to come to be exact). That’s a trouble, because only 45% of millennials, 27% of Gen X, and 12% of seniors have security installed!2 Haven’t any fear, Security.org is here now! We’ve analyzed out each Zmodo camera and boy, do we’ve too much to say.

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Note: While Zmodo presents some more cameras just like the EZCam Pro and the 720p HD Mini Camera, this review targets the cameras our authorities were able to get and test, as much of their products weren’t found in stock. Once these cameras turn into obtainable again, we’ll hop back to the Zmodo universe and make an effort them out for ourselves.

Camera Analysis Overview for Zmodo
EVERYTHING YOU Get With Any Zmodo Camera
Zmodo’s cameras will be pretty not the same as one another, nonetheless they all share a good few important elements:

Field of Zoom
Want to fully capture those tiny details just like someone’s deal with? With all Zmodo’s cameras, we zoomed in digitally on the Zmodo iphone app four times, which why don’t we genuinely zero in on us and good friends’ faces. While fortunately, we didn’t possess an intrusion while testing our cameras, we realize that if we did, the footage we got would are evidence in a trial.

Storage Options for Zmodo Cameras
When it found storing that footage, Zmodo’s cameras were uniform. The business gave us 12 hours of storage free of charge, but we didn’t feel that was enough; in the end, what if we had been busy all day long and didn’t possess time to download our clips and again them up onto local storage? Because of this, we upgraded our intend to weekly of cloud storage for only $4.99 per month, though it would’ve been cheaper possessed we enrolled in a year. From there, we decided on the clips we wished to hold and downloaded them to your cellphone, later transferring them to your computer.

Pro Tip: Make sure you again up your footage regularly! If cloud storage fails, it’s vital that you have your footage placed somewhere else, become it a micro-SD card, flash get, or hard drive.

Motion Detection
Our Zmodo cameras alerted us via the Zmodo iphone app every time they detected motion. For our indoor cameras, this is okay, as there isn’t many heading on at our apartment when we’re not home, being pet-less. But also for our outdoor cameras, this intended that people got alerted a whole lot during the day. As we stay in NEW YORK, there’s always a huge amount of motion heading on outside, from construction to traffic to pigeons designing our front stoop, therefore the notifications weren’t always the most necessary. We hope at least a few of their cameras provided person detection just like the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, meaning we’d only obtain alerts when there’s a genuine human detected. However, in the event that you reside in a far more calm environment, this might not exactly be as big of a issue.

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The Zmodo App
Zmodo Mobile App
It doesn’t subject which Zmodo camera you get; to regulate it remotely, we employed the Zmodo app, designed for both iOS and Android. We should declare that the Android iphone app worked superior to the iPhone app; on our iPhone, we recognized a fairly big lag between motion and our notifications. We likewise found it complicated to check out old footage upon this app, consequently we anticipation that Zmodo can boost this later on.

Never to hammer in the idea too much, but we stay in NYC, metropolis that never sleeps, and that pertains to us, aswell. With days spent jogging to get the subway for our commute, remembering to arm and disarm our cameras each morning and evening can feel just like somewhat of a slog. Fortunately, we set our Zmodo cameras to arm simultaneously we leave for job each morning (8:30 AM, to end up being exact), and disarm whenever we normally go back home around 7:30 PM. Of course, on days we stayed at the fitness center just a little longer, we just went in to the Zmodo software and made adjustments in order that our cams would stay armed somewhat longer, but for virtually all days, schedules managed to get simple to maintain our apartment safe with reduced effort.

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How Zmodo’s Cameras Differ
Okay, nowadays let’s dive in to the variations between your Zmodo cameras, that have been pretty considerable inside our testing.

Motion Zones
Motion zones were an enormous help to us regarding reducing the quantity of false notifications we got from motion, especially with this outdoor video cameras. In the Zmodo app, we basically drew a line separating our property from the sidewalk and street. After we does that, we only acquired notified of movement inside our actual “yard” area, if you could contact our patch of concrete that. Rather than receiving barraged with notifications during the day, motion zones allowed us to simply receive notified when our mail was provided or when our dog walker arrived over. Even so, not absolutely all of Zmodo’s video cameras had this characteristic; the Torch 360 and the Snap PT, for instance, didn’t possess motion zones, but we had been glad that almost all of their cameras do.

Smart Home Integrations
What’s a good security camera with out a voice assistant to complement? All of Zmodo’s video cameras except the dome surveillance camera and the Torch 360 use Alexa and Google Assistant, both which we tested out.

Right now, the Alexa skill was fairly limited, although we’re able to tell the tone of voice assistant showing our cameras’ footage in our Echo Show, that was pretty cool. Whenever we wished to stop streaming, we’d Alexa carry out it for all of us, and when we wished to turn our cams completely off, once again, we considered Alexa. Nevertheless, we weren’t in a position to arm or disarm our video cameras using Alexa, that was somewhat of a shame.

With Google Assistant, we’d the actual same capabilities, but rather than the Echo Show, we’d our Nest Hub exhibit our Zmodo footage, and also a couple more commands; we asked Google Assistant which cams were on, and may turn them on / off, not simply off like Alexa.

Our Advice: While almost all of Zmodo’s cameras use Google Assistant and Alexa, we recommend them for someone found in the Google ecosystem instead of the Amazon ecosystem for some more hands-free commands.

Two-Way Audio
Just about all of the security camera systems we test out nowadays have two-way sound, enabled by built-found in speakers and microphones, and Zmodo’s cameras were zero exception, preserve for the 1080p HD Indoor/ Outdoor WiFi Surveillance camera, the 720p Indoor Dome Surveillance camera and the Torch 360. With all the current other video cameras, we spoke to whoever our cams had been on remotely through the Zmodo application, that was very convenient, in particular when we had been out of town and applying house sitters. And since we get yourself a ton of plans delivered during the day, because who offers time to look in person, it had been really convenient to end up being alerted specifically when the delivery men halted by. From there, we’re able to talk with them about precisely where you can place our goods, plus they could speak back!

Night Vision
Zmodo Night Vision
All of Zmodo’s cams possess infrared night vision, preserve for the Torch 360, perhaps their most unique video camera, which includes color night vision. Infrared night vision intended that generally, our nighttime footage with Zmodo’s cams was in black and white, but nonetheless quite clear. But with the Torch 360, alternatively, our night vision was color, because of the camera’s bright bulb. While it’s a cool idea to possess a video camera and a torchlight in a single, we discovered that the bulb simply brought more focus on the video camera, which, if we’ve an intrusion, helps it be much more likely that the camera will become broken and even stolen. We choose the cams with infrared LED sensors, which are almost entirely unnoticeable at night of night.

Video Quality
Okay, they are cameras we’re discussing, which isn’t a gaming from the 1980s; we wish footage that’s clear rather than super pixelated. Generally, our Zmodo cams’ footage was clear at 1080p HD, which is certainly what we’ve come to anticipate from security camera systems in the entire year 2020. Even so, we pointed out that with the dome surveillance camera and, you guessed it, the Torch 360, the footage wasn’t as clear of them costing only 720p HD. Of course, we’re able to still get yourself a general thought of that which was happening, however the cameras with 1080p HD display had greater detail.

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Field of View
But as the video top quality was usually the same on our Zmodo cams, their fields of watch were everywhere. That’s how huge the shot is certainly, and generally, we like fields of viewpoint of 120 degrees or above; otherwise, the footage is indeed narrow that certainly not all the space is covered. We were happiest with the View 180 cameras, that have 180-degree fields of perspective, hence the brand. That’s as wide as possible (notwithstanding video cameras that rotate completely around). Even so, we were still pleased with the field of take on the Zmodo Snap PT, the Torch 360, and the Pivot Cloud, at 151-degrees, 132-degrees, and 120-degrees, respectively.

The simply cameras that showed us simply a sliver of what we wanted were the 1080p HD Indoor/ Outdoor WiFi camera of them costing only 90-degrees, and the 720p Indoor Dome camera at 114-degrees. Especially with the former, we discovered that we had to really include multiple video cameras per room to find the coverage we wanted, that was somewhat hard on our wallets.

When it found actually powering our Zmodo cameras, we plugged in about 50 % of these and powered the spouse by battery; specifically, we plugged in the 1080p HD Indoor/ Outdoor WiFi camera, both of the Sight 180 cameras, and the Torch 360. The others were wireless, which intended that, while we does need to occasionally replace or recharge the batteries, there have been no messy wires ruining our apartment’s minimalist-chic aesthetic. In addition, it meant that installation was simplified, but we’ll reach that somewhat later.

One major drawback of Zmodo’s cameras is that almost all of them are intended limited to indoor use, save for the 1080p HD Indoor/ Outdoor WiFi camera. Even the Torch 360 must be covered when it’s used outside; the others, we positioned indoors. For reasons uknown, Zmodo only sells nearly all its outdoor video cameras in really large packages, so it’s certainly not the best location to buy outdoor cams. Ring, alternatively, includes a few affordable options just like the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery or the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, to mention a few wireless options, consequently we advise that over Zmodo’s comprehensive systems; unless you employ a large property to monitor.

Show me the amount of money! One excellent thing about Zmodo may be the super-low prices. We bought our cheapest camera for under $40, and even the priciest was simply $199 with the Snap PT. While that’s a lttle bit expensive for an inside camcorder (they’re usually around $100 to $150), whenever we observed that the camera was included with door/ window sensors, the purchase price makes far more sense. Zmodo is obviously one of the most affordable smart security options out there, so for all those on a budget, you’ll be just as happy with their low prices as we were.

We’ve examined out a whole lot of security cameras, plus some of Zmodo’s possess features we’ve never experienced before, like built-in Bluetooth speakers! Let’s get into specifics.

Want the many coverage possible? The Torch 360, the View 180, and the Snap PT can all rotate completely around, which made installation a lot more flexible; we weren’t as linked with their fields of view, so we’d even more freedom with where we installed them. In addition, the Snap PT also tilted, but only 15-degrees that was pretty negligible. In the same way, the Pivot Cloud rotates 350 degrees, which is nearly full coverage. Specifically for the Torch 360, which we obviously employed outside in a torchlight, this meant that people acquired total control of where our surveillance camera was pointing. If we wished to see the street, we’re able to, but if we wished to concentrate on our entry way, we could do this, too. We fe

Zmodo Security Camera Outdoor, 1080p Home Security Wireless WiFi IP Camera, Night Vision, AI Motion Detection, Video Surveillance, Weatherproof, Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, Metal Case

$39.99  in stock
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  • 1080p HD &Adjustable Night Vision-1080p Full HD live streaming lets you see sharp and crystal clear video from anywhere in real time. Night-vision settings in Zmodo APP allow you to turn on, off, or adjust the sensitivity of your night vision so that you can obtain the perfect picture of your home, day or night, up to 65ft in the dark. You can still see color image even in a dim environment by lowering the IR sensitivity
  • Instant and Cloud-Based AI Motion Alert- Be notified instantly with a detail image alert pushed to your mobile phone when the Zmodo outdoor security camera detects an unexpected motion. You can customize the motion detection zone and mode to only receive alerts of places that matter and at time that needed. What’s more, when subscribing to cloud service, the camera can identify human, pets and vehicles so that you can further filter and reduce false alerts
  • IP 65 Weather-Resistant for Outdoor-Equipped with a stunning metal case that has passed through a series of tests such as weatherproof and aging tests, this professional outdoor wireless camera can be placed both indoors and outdoors as well as last for long to protect every inch of your home through every season in rain or shine. The supported temperature ranges from 14°F to 122°F
  • Continuous Recording with Cloud Storage (One-Month Free Trial Included) – Equipped with 256 bits encryption technology, Zmodo Cloud offers higher security for data transmission, to protect your data from hackers and reduces false alerts with cloud intelligence. By subscribing to the cloud service, you can enjoy a 7 or 30-day video playback to solve life’s mysteries. A one-month free trial is eligible for the outdoor security camera
  • Work with Alexa & 24/7 Live Support- Zmodo 1080P outdoor Wi-Fi camera works with Alexa. Control the home security camera with your voice by saying, "Alexa, show me the front door" to view a live stream from your camera. Zmodo provides 24/7 lifetime tech support so that you can contact us anytime with any question. The warranty of the camera is 30-day money back and 1-Year warranty
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Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System, 2 Pack 1080p Full HD Smart Home Indoor Outdoor WiFi IP Cameras with Night Vision, Compatible with Alexa

 in stock
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as of September 22, 2022 6:29 pm


  • 【1080P Full HD non-stop monitoring】 Get a crystal clear full-HD picture of your home, from anywhere at any time, and see up to 65ft away in the dark. Smarter and adjustable night vision allows you to see color image even in a dim environment by lowering the IR sensitivity.
  • 【Weather-resistant for outdoor】 This professional security camera is weatherproof with a supported temperature range From -10℃ to 50℃, can be placed both indoors and outdoors to protect every inch of your home through every season in rain or shine.Power consumption:2W~4W
  • 【Works with Alexa】 Zmodo 1080P outdoor Wi-Fi camera works with Alexa. Control Zmodo camera with your voice by saying, "Alexa, show me the front door" To view a live stream from your camera.Encryption:256-bit.Free of wheat or wheat by-products
  • 【Zmodo cloud recording with 1-month free trial】 instead of receiving just pictures, you'll be notified with video clips in Zmodo App when motion is detected. Motion video clips are saved in the cloud. Enjoy a free trial 30-day of Zmodo 7 day cloud recording plan. With the plan, you can review, save, and share footage at any time, and reduce false alerts with cloud intelligence

Zmodo Outdoor Security Cameras Wifi - 1080p Full HD Surveillance Cameras for Home Security with Night Vision, IP 66 Weatherproof, Motion Detection, Silver, 4 Pack

 in stock
5 new from $115.00
1 used from $70.99
Free shipping
as of September 22, 2022 6:29 pm


  • 【Security-focused Hardware】Zmodo outdoor wifi camera is metal-made to resist extreme harsh weather, thus has a longer life. Enhanced antennas provide you with a stronger signal and wider Wi-Fi connection.
  • 【True 1080p HD Live Video Day and Night】Watch your home in true 1080p Full HD day and night, and see up to 65ft away in the dark. Videos can be viewed anywhere anytime from iOS or Android mobile devices and tablets, or web view on PCs.
  • 【Smarter Motion Detection】Be notified with a key image of an event when the security cameras detects an movement, so that you can take a sneak peak of what happened immediately. Tap into the app to check the motion video clips for more details.
  • 【Hands-free Voice Control】This home security camera system works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Go hands-free with Alexa by saying, "Alexa, show me the front door" to view a live stream from your camera.
  • 【30-day Free Trial of Zmodo Cloud Service】Enjoy a 30-day free trial of Zmodo 7-day cloud recording plan. With the plan, you can review, save, and share footage at any time, and reduce false alerts with cloud intelligence.

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