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Bang & Olufsen (B&O) is among those companies that many of folks know of, but most of the people don’t. People that have keen eyes might recognize the company’s products from those times these were browsing the Apple store looking forward to a genius bar appointment. Generally, though, I wager most of the people couldn’t name two of their products. (The headphones involved, the B&O Beoplay E8, don’t count.) Nothing against, Bang & Olufsen because they make some very nice stuff, it just isn’t the most mainstream company. For individuals who are familiar with audio tracks brands, the Danish brand can usually be connected with products which may have good sound and great minimal designs. Just to illustrate: the Beoplay E8.

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Who will be the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 for?

  • Commuters. As a result of long battery life and the transparency option that enables you to hear what’s going on around you with simply a tap of the left earbud, they are a fairly solid choice for commuters. Transparency is currently a reasonably common feature, but they were among the first to obtain it right.
  • Individuals who prefer to be discreet. In the event that you don’t want to appear to be Rudy Giuliani when you wear true wireless earbuds, these have a far more discreet design.

How’s the construction?

The case is gorgeous. The leather exterior comes with an elastic band which make it simple to wrap around the main element chain holder in your bag, which means you always know where it really is. It’s also pill-shaped just like the the one that the Samsung Gear IconX will come in. However, B&O engineers actually thought about how precisely it could look in your pocket-unlike Samsung-and made the case more flat and elliptical than it really is round. Which means when you pocket the case, it doesn’t appear to be there’s a huge tic-tac in your pocket. It’s the focus on the little details such as this which makes them great at design, and initially, I really was impressed. But I opened the case.

The earbuds sit squarely in the heart of the case which is often opened fairly easily.

True wireless earbuds are-by definition-smaller than headphones because they have to rest in your ear rather than along with them. However the logo-to-earbud ratio is ridiculous. The complete outer edge of the earbud is actually the logo. Now you’re probably thinking, “Adam, relax it isn’t that big a deal.” And you’re right. It isn’t. But it’s a pet peeve of mine when I spend an exuberant amount of cash on a product, and I must spend the others of my days as a walking advertisement. Usually, B&O handles this tastefully but Personally i think like they dropped the ball here.

Logo rant aside, the earbuds have a fairly simple design and so are made totally of plastic, which will keep them lightweight. The proper and left earbuds weigh only 7g and 6g, respectively. The proper is a gram heavier because it’s the master earbud which sends audio tracks data left earbud. They’re also more squared off than a number of the other ‘buds I’ve tried, which results within an aesthetically pleasing product that however doesn’t appear to match properly in my own ear.

The earbuds have a squared off part that’s likely to wedge itself in your ear for an improved fit.

The Beoplay E8 ‘buds don’t fallout; they actually stay static in nicely. The problem is that it doesn’t take miss them to be uncomfortable. After one hour I had to get them to let my ears relax, and I was definitely aware that I was wearing them the complete time. It’s not painful, just annoying. There’s also no reference to sweat or water-resistance so if you’re buying couple of earbuds for the fitness center, you should look elsewhere.

How’s the connection?

The Beoplay E8 true wireless earbuds can be found in a tiny and discreet case that’s simple to pocket.

Pairing the earbuds was easy enough. All you need to accomplish is hold down the touchpad to enter pairing mode watching the Beoplay E8 name pop-up in the Bluetooth settings. What wasn’t as smooth was the B&O app. It includes a hard time locating the earbuds, even though they’ve recently been paired. Once it can, you’ll access extra features like some EQ presets then one that B&O calls transparency.

What’s transparency? It’s simply the opposite of active noise cancellation. Rather than using built-in microphones to cancel outside noise, transparency uses microphones to let in sound from around you. There are three different presets you can decide on that all let in a different amount of noise. It doesn’t pause your music, instead, it just lowers it so that you can hear what someone says. As a person who spends a lot of time on the train, I like this feature. It lets me hear what the conductor says without needing to remove the earbuds. In addition, it came in helpful while waiting to listen to my name called at Starbucks for my vanilla sweet cream cold brew. I don’t care; judge me. They’re delicious. It’s virtually identical in function from what you’ll find on newer models just like the Sony WF-1000XM3 and the AirPods Pro. We were holding among the first to obtain it right.

The Beoplay E8 earbuds are small and discreet, and you won’t look ridiculous wearing them.

As nifty as that feature is, I did so have some other problems with connectivity. For just one, the Beoplay E8 don’t seamlessly auto-connect once you open the case and get them like various other true wireless earbuds do. Thankfully, I never really had to undergo the dreaded unpair/repair process, but I was tempted to. The only method I could get these to reconnect whenever was by entering Bluetooth settings and tapping on “Beoplay E8.” In this point in time, that is unacceptable. On the bright side, they do automatically disconnect when you put them back the case.

So far as connection strength goes I didn’t have any problems with that either. I read a whole lot of other reviews saying these had a problem with dropouts, but I never experienced a dropout in regular usage. Only once testing the limits of its range did music falter and skip, but so long as my phone was within 20-ish feet of the earbuds, the bond was fine.

Alternatively, if you’re likely to be watching videos with these, you may want to reconsider as the delay is awful. It appeared like the audio tracks would come a complete second or two following the video. But to complete my good-bad-good sandwich, let’s speak about the playback controls because. Although they certainly are a little complicated, they work perfectly. The proper and left earbuds share some controls and differ in others. But once you memorize the right amount of taps and holds, the touch-sensitive earbuds are simple to control.

How’s the battery life of the Beoplay E8?

Unfortunately, these charge via micro-USB rather than USB-C so anticipate to take with you another cable.

Another positive to these earbuds may be the battery life. B&O claims about four hours of frequent playback and nailed it. Inside our testing, we got around 4 hours and 27 minutes. While that is far surpassed in the intervening years since the product came out by something similar to the Powerbeats Pro which got up to 10 hours of frequent playback, it still isn’t bad and puts it right in the common battery life of all true wireless options. For those who have an extended commute these could have you covered. Then you can certainly just toss them back the case that may offer you another two extra charges before it requires to be recharged via the micrUSB port on the trunk.

But make certain you put the earbuds back the proper way, or you’ll wrap up like me opening the case the very next day and then find that one earbud didn’t properly charge. The case uses magnets to carry the earbuds set up and also to keep carefully the charging case closed properly. This worked fine for keeping the case closed, but the challenge is that putting the Beoplay E8 earbuds in the event and closing it, doesn’t imply that they’re properly set up. You will need to take a supplementary second to be sure it’s actually charging (you can tell via two small LED lights on the trunk of the case).

Just how do the B&O Beoplay E8 earbuds sound?

Easily the strangest note emphasis tested, the B&O Beoplay E8 emphasizes mids and highs. Though Bass notes are fine, using the foam tips can help them shine more.

In the B&O app, you can tweak just how your music sounds with a screen that enables you to drag a ball between four options: warm, excited, relaxed, and bright. Very descriptive… What’s a bit more helpful will be the presets. They’re self-explanatory with names like commute, clear, workout, or podcast. For the purposes of the review, I kept most of these turned off, therefore i was only hearing music just how they sound fresh out the box. The Beoplay E8 earbuds don’t involve some of the better Bluetooth codecs for top quality data streaming, nevertheless they do have AAC if you have an iOS device or a reasonably new Android device you’ll use that rather than the default SBC.

Initially, listen the low-end appeared to be just a little weak for my liking. However the more I listened the more I enjoyed it. Don’t misunderstand me it didn’t do justice to the sub-bass in Summertime Magic by Childish Gambino, however the alternative for earbuds this small can be an artificially exaggerated low-end that eventually ends up masking more important notes in the mids (like vocals). Although lower notes weren’t strong, they’re still evidently audible.

But where in fact the low end manages to scrape by without sounding fake, some vocals wrap up sounding like you’re hearing them from behind a stage curtain. It’s not specifically muffled, nevertheless, you don’t get some good of the details that produce the vocal performance great. For instance, through the first chorus of Gimme ALL OF YOUR Love by Alabama Shakes (about 1:05 minutes in to the song) Brittany Howard chuckles in the backdrop, and I completely missed it on my first listen as a result of the rest going on. I had to rewind the track and present it another head to catch it behind the rest going on. Having said that, I came across that the treble reproduction surprisingly good (taking into consideration the 5.7mm drivers making all of the sound).

Through the entire song Katie Queen of Tennessee by The Apache Relay there’s a good amount of cymbal play throughout, and even though you can hear it, they don’t accurately appear to be they’re providing a feeling of space. They’re simple to hear which is good, but as a result of having less soundstage, or perceived 3D space, they aren’t in a position to fill the area how they should.

Should you choose the B&O Beoplay E8?

As I’m updating this today in early 2020, the response to that is no, you shouldn’t. The Beoplay E8 sound very good considering they are true wireless earbuds plus they were among the first to obtain the passthrough feature down, but that didn’t make sure they are a must-have when they first arrived and it doesn’t now. They’re held back by their uncomfortable design, annoying connection process, and subpar charging process which sometimes leaves one earbud uncharged.

What alternatives is there?

I love the mint-like condition and design of the earbuds but I could see how they could not be for everybody.

If you’re really set on having a set of true wireless ‘buds from Bang & Olufsen you then might want to browse the 3rd generation of the earbuds, or a variety of other options that are also ideal for less money compared to the hottest E8 model. If you’re really sold on good sound and the transparency feature, definitely have a look at the Sony WF-1000XM3, AirPods Pro, or the Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds instead. For just about any Android users who would like the same as AirPods because of their Android phone I’d also recommend looking into the Galaxy Buds Plus or {the

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