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If you have been monitoring the Bluetooth speaker space, you’re probably aware that such descriptors are nothing new. Ultimate Ears led the 360-degree charge using its Boom, Boom 2 and Megaboom, and JBL’s popular cylindrical Flip and Charge Series speakers are on the fourth generation. Each of them promise full-range sound and never have to worry about placement.

Bose’s two versions of the tubular portable, battery-powered Bluetooth speaker will be the SoundLink Revolve ($199, £200 or AU$299) and its own bigger brother, the Revolve Plus ($299, £280 or AU$439). They’re expensive, but their design is great plus they both sound ideal for small speakers. Between your two I love the Plus best, because of superior bass and an capability to play louder. It’s most likely the best-sounding speaker of its size I’ve have you ever heard — or carried around by the handle.

Because of its integrated handle and “seamless” aluminum enclosure, the Revolve Plus reminds a whole lot of folks of a lantern, and that appears as an intentional choice on Bose’s part. Rather than light, this lantern produces sound, and Bose touts its capability to play very loud because of its size, and push out a whole lot of bass without distorting.

In line with the company, the speaker combines “dual-opposing passive-radiators with a robust ultra-efficient transducer — positioned face-down — and a fresh patented acoustic deflector.” It’s both water- and shock-resistant with a threaded tripod mount on underneath of the speaker which allows you to add it to a wall mount or a stand. Bose also sells a charging cradle for $30, making charging easier than using the included USB cable.

The Revolve Plus sounds nearly as good or much better than anything I’ve tested in its size class. Though broader at the bottom, at 7.25 inches (18.42 cm) tall it’s just a little shorter compared to the UE Megaboom, which began at $300 but could be had for less.

It plays a bit louder compared to the Megaboom, has deeper bass, and just gives a bit richer sound overall. It doesn’t mean the Megaboom is a huge step down, particularly if you’re planning on making use of your speaker outside a whole lot. The fully waterproof Megaboom is quite well-suited to outdoor use and in addition features better battery life at 20 hours (the Bose is rated for 16 hours of music playback at moderate volume levels). I still think the Megaboom is an outstanding Bluetooth speaker, it just doesn’t sound as effective as the Bose.

The bigger Revolve Plus plays louder and has better bass response than its little brother, the Revolve. It provides bigger, more refined sound compared to the SoundLink Mini II and in addition has better bass and clarity compared to the SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III.

Both Revolve speakers play much bigger than their size would indicate, and even though they do have their sound limitations, they are able to fill a tiny to medium room with sound. They’d work very well in a dorm room, office at home or bedroom.

While you’d feel that 360-degree sound means they’re best positioned in the center of an area, it actually really helps to place these speakers near a wall to get some good reflection, which increases the bass.

The Revolve Plus comes with an integrated microphone so that it can be utilised as speakerphone, an attribute that worked well in my own tests. There’s NFC tap-to-pair technology for devices that support it, and moreover you can wirelessly pair two of the speakers (or other recent Bose Bluetooth speakers you start with the SoundLink Color II) using the Bose Connect app, configuring them as a couple of stereo speakers or doubling them up to augment the sound.

To check stereo pairing I threw on some tracks from the ’60s and ’70s (The Rolling Stones, The Doors and The Beatles) that include a large amount of stereo separation. They sounded best for compact, battery-powered wireless speakers, but don’t expect a couple of Revolve Plus to beat a decent group of wireless powered speakers such as for example Bose’s own SoundTouch 10 or Sonos Play:1 speakers, both of that can be create as a stereo pair.

Louder, meet smaller

When I say this Bose sounds excellent, what I must say i means is that it sounds excellent in comparison to other small Bluetooth speakers. The truth is you could hit a patch where you tell yourself that sounds just a little rough — or just a little weird. The Revolve Plus is merely with the capacity of so much, and can’t quite escape the boundaries inherent in streaming audio tracks over Bluetooth to a tiny speaker.

What separates the Bose from its competition may be the ability play just a little louder, released more bass without distorting and sound a bit more natural with decent detail. For instance, UE’s Wonderboom, which retails for a third of the purchase price and is a fantastic mini Bluetooth speaker, stumbled over elements of the bass line in the Shaun Frank remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Closer.” The Revolve Plus handled those sections with out a problem and released drastically more sound overall.

Audiophiles may find fault with the Revolve Plus’ sound, particularly in comparison to wired $300 speakers. However the vast majority of folks will think it’s an excellent sounding little speaker which can be easily moved from room to room or carried outside, where it could fill an outdoor patio area with sound — maybe nearly at dance party-level, but certainly at vocals volumes.

I also just like the smaller SoundLink Revolve — it, too, is an outstanding speaker because of its size — but easily personally was deciding between your two, there will do of difference in sound quality (and that integrated handle is nice) that I’d spend the excess dough on the Revolve Plus. Having said that, it’s a shame that neither speaker includes the optional charging cradle.

Key specs:

  • Dimensions: 7.25 inches high, 4 inches deep, 2 pounds
  • IPX4 water-resistant
  • Shock resistant
  • Threaded tripod mount on bottom of speaker
  • Battery life: 16 hours
  • NFC tap-to-pair technology (with devices that support NFC)
  • Bose Connect iphone app connects two SoundLink speakers you start with Bose SoundLink Color II ($129 at Amazon) (stereo pairing or double-up party mode).
  • Integrated microphone to use as speakerphone or with Siri and Google Assistant
  • Colors: triple black, gray lux
  • $299, £280, AU$43

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