Cars 3 PS4 Game: My Experience Was Average With This Game

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Pixar’s Cars movies are widely thought to be a few of their weaker works, nonetheless they probably have the most simple way to gamification. Cars 3: Driven to Win is a straightforward arcade racer, featuring characters and spots from the films, and it’s almost accurately what you’d expect. However, the volume of variety and fun available comes as a nice surprise.

Driven to Win commences with a brief tutorial to introduce its handling, which features some fun additions. The driving itself is rather good, although possibly just a little on the weighty side. Luckily, you’ll spend a lot of your time and effort drifting, jumping, and flipping around the tracks instead. There exists a clear focus on driving with style just as much as skill; anything apart from standard driving, such as for example driving backwards, on two wheels, or drifting earns boost. Additionally, there are blue strips on the track which award you with larger boost gains if you perform the proper move as you drive over them. Unfortunately, if you don’t know the track, you can’t really tell which stunt it wants you to accomplish until you’re practically along with it.

Still, encouraging you to constantly accomplish moves as you battle for first place produces fun, and surprisingly challenging, racing. The finer controls, though fairly easy, do take a little getting used to, however the fundamental driving is simple to grasp, so players of most skill levels should be able to join in. It’s out of this base of stunt-heavy racing that the other modes branch, plus they range between battle races to the Playground, a sandbox area.

Battle races introduce colourful weapons, such as for example machine guns and rockets, adding a layer of chaos to the already energetic racing. Stunt Showcase is centered on the mid-air tricks, and time trials are self-explanatory. Takedown features the weapons from the battle races, but tasks you with destroying waves of small vehicles that materialise on the highway before you. The Playground mode may be the most different. It drops you right into a decent-sized sandbox where you can practice your driving, accomplish big jumps, or undertake additional challenges. It’s nice to have this selection of methods to play, and all of the modes are fun alternatives. There are even grand prix-style cups to compete in for each and every mode, providing you another reason to keep playing.

Tying most of these modes together is a progression system predicated on “skill checks”, i.e. mini objectives. For obtaining certain goals, such as for example driving backwards for X number of seconds within a race or drifting out of an air trick combo, you will slowly complete a grid, which unlocks more characters to play as – or boss-like ultimate challenges. It’s easy enough to complete most of these, and it’s quite satisfying when you do.

Taking care of that may catch you off-guard is merely how tough the AI could be in Driven to Win. We suspect that is mainly right down to some pretty hefty rubber banding, as races are always fairly close, and first place isn’t immediately attainable generally.

The game isn’t a lot of a looker, but it’s correctly serviceable for what it really is. We doubt that kids will take into account some poor textures and occasional framerate dips when the overall game is bright, colourful, and features almost all their favourite Cars characters. Interestingly, you can also customise each car with various unlockable horns, lights, and boost flames, letting players put hook spin on the favourite anthropomorphic vehicles.


When all is said and done, Cars 3: Driven to Win is a decent arcade racer that fans will love. The racing is good fun once you control it, and we are able to see kids having an enjoyable experience with the family in its four-player split screen. It’s difficult to recommend it to other people, however. While there are a good amount of methods to play, there lacks some depth which will keep you entertained for lots of hours. With that said, the PS4 is sorely without arcade racing titles, which means this will probably be worth a look if you are searching for some bright and breezy driving – and will sta

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