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The main element that the clarinet will come in, the experience degree of the player, the price and value, even the material that the instrument is constructed of all should be weighed for the best clarinet for your unique use.

This list covers a few of the clarinet brands for different degrees of play – student, intermediate, and professional – together with some options for all those looking to get a bass clarinet.

The first important things to decide is the sort of clarinet you’re thinking about purchasing.

Types of Clarinets

There are five common types of clarinets from which to choose: the Bb, the A, and the Eb in the soprano clarinet family, and the Contra-Alto and Contra-Bass (“Alto” and “Bass,” respectively) in the bass clarinet family.

While there are certainly others, these are the mostly used.

Professionals often use multiple clarinets, according to where and with whom they are playing, but traditionally the clarinets frequently within school bands will be the Bb and the Bass. Bb clarinets are referred to as the very best clarinets for students to get started on with, because they are the easiest to utilize.

A clarinets are often found in classical pieces. Eb clarinets are located at the intermediate student level or professional level, because they are a little more challenging to utilize but produce incredible sound when played correctly.

So what are a number of the top clarinets available, and what determines “best clarinet?” Selecting the best clarinet averages personal needs, cost, sound, and playability.

Here, compiled, are a number of the better brands offered by different experience levels to provide some notion of what’s out there from which to choose.

Best Student Clarinets

Student clarinets are for the absolute beginner: made to be simple to operate while being strong against the utilization and the rather high potential for being dropped.

Most student clarinets will be Bb clarinets because so many music is written for the Bb clarinet in fact it is easy and simple for beginners to get.

Mostly, student instruments will be produced of plastic – wooden instruments usually are not recommended for beginners.

The very best clarinet brands as of this level will be both affordable and playable, weighting function against value.


Nuvo clarinets, referred to as Clarineos, are tailored to the youngest of players, between ages 4 and 12.

These are the very best clarinets for early players, because they are built for smaller hands.


  • Durable: Fully plastic, Clarineos are created to handle the somewhat more rough treatment of young beginner players
  • Washable
  • Colorful: Clarineos can be found in multiple color options, to produce a child’s clarinet more personal
  • Inexpensive: For student clarinets, the Clarineo isn’t cost-prohibitive


  • Different Key: Clarineos certainly are a non-traditional C clarinet, so music not designed for C clarinet use would need to be transposed. A player would need to have their music adjusted before playing what older siblings will be with Bb clarinets

Jean Paul

Jean Paul USA is probably the highest rated clarinet brands. Their Jean Paul USA CL-300 is ranked as among the finest student clarinet brands when you compare price and sound.

While not as durable or sounding as top quality as a number of the other student clarinet brands, the Jean Paul clarinets will be the among the top-rated middle-ground clarinets.


  • Durable: Manufactured from ebonite; less durable but better sounding than plastic however, not as fragile or requiring as much care as wood
  • Inexpensive: For a well-rounded student clarinet, that is a bargain instrument
  • Standard: This is a typical Bb clarinet, and can be utilised in virtually any school band, with the widest selection of music available


  • Durability AS TIME PASSES: While drastically cheaper than a number of the other student clarinet brands available, the Jean Paul gets the disadvantage of being vunerable to keys bending or other damage
  • Not for Younger Players: Definitely not a con, but given the opportunity of bending keys, breaking, or another damage potential, this clarinet is way better for older students


Buffet makes one of the biggest student clarinets available to buy within their Buffet B12 model.

This clarinet is on the bigger end of the student clarinet options but is well known for durability, great sound, and simple to use.


  • Durable: The B12 is brushed resin, a lightweight plastic. This helps it be a lot more durable than its ebonite or wood counterparts
  • Standard: This is a typical Bb clarinet.
  • Simple to operate: This clarinet may be both simple to tune and finger
  • Good Sound: For students clarinet, Buffet instruments give you a very good sound


  • Expensive: For students instrument, sometimes the first instrument played, could be cost-prohibitive for some

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