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The Galaxy A01 is a no-fuss, low-priced Android phone this is the cheapest person in Samsung’s A-series of budget phones. Coming in at $150 (though we’ve seen it on sale for only $100 unlocked from Samsung), the phone’s bare-bones hardware and features — like its plain design and low-resolution display– aren’t much to get worked up about. However the handset covers the fundamentals well enough that, because of its low price, it must be a decent device to snap photos, check email, watch videos and, of course, make calls. Get the best black friday & Cyber Monday sales and offers for your fav product.

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Because of its better camera specs and updated OS, I favor the Galaxy A01 over 2019’s Motorola Moto E6 and 2018’s Moto G6, which can also be found for $100 to $150 now. However, the A01 lasted slightly below 12 hours inside our battery tests, so if you wish something with an increase of juice and will spend $100 more, consider the Moto G Power ($230 at Best Buy) instead. And a triple rear camera system and a sharper display, the G Power lasted a lot more than a day during our battery tests.

Galaxy A01’s design and display
The A01 includes a 5.7-inch LCD display. While you’re watching videos is okay, the phone’s 720p resolution means I cannot watch videos at the sharper 1080p resolution, which many YouTube videos can be looked at in. Some on-screen icons (just like the camera) also look fuzzy on closer inspection, and overall the LCD screen isn’t as vibrant and rich as, say, the Galaxy A51’s ($400 at Amazon) OLED display.

Thin and small enough to navigate with one hand, the A01 includes a teardrop notch because of its front-facing camera that keeps it looking modern. Up top is a headphone jack and on the backside of the telephone are two small slits for the audio tracks speaker grille. That is something to observe; whenever you put the telephone right down to watch video, the music will be slightly muffled against whatever surface it’s laying on. When I laid it on my desk I didn’t hear a lot of a difference in comparison to when I was holding the telephone in my hand, however when I put the A01 on my bed to view videos, the sound did dampen a tad more.

The Galaxy A01’s teardrop notch.

Angela Lang/CNET
Galaxy A01’s camera struggles with portrait shots
The Galaxy A01’s camera takes clear, colorful photographs in ample lighting, and red and green hues especially play some pictures. There have been a few images where in fact the sky was overexposed, and was blown out to white. Later at night, I could have a good shot of the blue sky, with the foreground and subject material evenly exposed aswell. The camera comes with an 8X digital zoom that’s decent at getting ultimately more details from faraway objects, but image quality does get muddier and beaten up the closer you zoom.

Live Focus for portrait photographs was also really inconsistent. While some pictures proved OK, several others had the foreground or object blurred out rather than the background, even when i made sure that the result was prepared to use. Samsung said they want in to the issue, and I’ll update the review when I hear back.

Galaxy A01’s internal storage woes
Speaking of photos, you will likely have to use Google Photos cloud service to store your photographs and videos or choose microSD card. The telephone only has 16GB of internal storage, practically half which is adopted by the OS and apps. My review unit is from Verizon and was included with many preloaded apps. When I first turned it on, having taken no photographs or downloaded any programs of my very own yet, it had only 4.9GB of usable memory. After uninstalling as much bloatware as I possibly could (there have been some programs I couldn’t delete including a couple of Verizon apps), I got eventually to about 6.8GB. Again, the telephone has expandable memory up to 512GB, therefore i advise that route for onboard storage.

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