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It’s a lousy name for an extremely good phone. I’ve had the $700 Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G for some hours now, and it looks to become a good value-phone that hits all of the important marks for 2020. Up to now it appears to surpass its promise of delivering only the very best of the S20’s features, at a cost that lets it contend with the iPhone 11. In Samsung’s crowded lineup, I’d dare say there are simply two phones to get now: that one and the $1,300 Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The FE is approximately the same size as the $1,200 Galaxy S20+. It’s a huge phone, but that is a year of big phones: I’ve two Galaxy Notes, a OnePlus 8 Pro, and a Galaxy S20+ on my desk together with the FE, and they are all in the same ballpark. I am sorry to say that if you need a distinctly smaller phone, you are going to need to look for last year’s Galaxy S10e; on the other hand, it appears like nobody would like a distinctly smaller phone nowadays.

The FE’s matte back (left) is less susceptible to scratches compared to the S20+ (right)
I love the FE’s matte back much better than the S20+’s smooth glass panel. The S20+ looks stunning out from the box, but half a year later, it’s covered in smudges and scratches. The FE may stand the test of time better.

The secret with the 1080p, 120Hz display here’s that as the other Galaxy phones technically have higher-resolution screens, do not require operate at greater than 1080p in 120Hz. And 120Hz does matter-it makes scrolling noticeably smoother-while WQHD resolution could be harder to notice, particularly if your eyes aren’t razor sharp. Samsung made the smart choice here to prioritize refresh rate over resolution.

The first round of benchmarks shows performance to be nearly the same as the S20+. Let’s remember, the S20+ is technically a $1,199 phone which is a $699 phone. Samsung may have really misjudged what persons are willing to purchase a particular degree of performance in 2020.

Left to right: Galaxy S20 FE, S20+, Note 20, Note 20 Ultra
The FE has 5G, and I believe it will stick out on T-Mobile as its mid-band 5G network gets better and better. A very important factor the FE 5G loses from the S20+ is millimeter-wave 5G on AT&T and T-Mobile. That’s okay, because in the months since I reviewed the Galaxy S20+, those two carriers seem to be to have backed from millimeter-wave, relying more on sub-6GHz 5G, that your FE 5G has. Verizon will to push out a special millimeter-wave version of the telephone because of its network for $50 more.

The S20 FE has three cameras on the trunk
The cameras are fundamental to the knowledge. The FE has 12-megapixel ultrawide, 12-megapixel wide, and 8-megapixel 3x telephoto cameras. As the entire year has truly gone on, I’ve grown progressively more disillusioned with devices that make an effort to do crop-zoom using high-megapixel 1x cameras instead of having real zoom lenses; the results always look softer when compared to a lower-megapixel camera with a genuine zoom lens. What we’ve listed below are 8-megapixel photos, but with the sharpness of a genuine contact lens; every pixel counts, plus they don’t look interpolated. I’ll take it.

Zoomed photographs are sharp, without digital blurring.
In general, I’m very encouraged by the Galaxy S20 FE 5G. Samsung includes a crazy number of phones available to buy right now, and they are for sale with a bewildering number of discounts. However the key components of a genuine zoom camera, a 120Hz screen, and a good camera at an acceptable price (sometimes $0 if you to remain for a 30-month payment plan) look potentially like slam dunks with that one.

Challenging Samsung phones I’ve around, There is myself reaching for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra above all else; the camera is merely that good. But also for half the price, the brand new FE looks like it’ll gratify most people’s needs. I’ll have a complete review this week, so make sure you check back.

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