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Are you looking to get a guitar amplifier (amp) and got overwhelmed by seeing various different types of guitar amps on the market? Although, it is pretty difficult to determine which is right for your guitar from various brands, size, shapes and features.

So, to assist you choose the right amplifier, we are providing all of the necessary data in this guide. Scroll right down to learn about them at length.

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Types of Guitar Amps:

Generally, there are 4 main types of guitar amps – Tube, Solid State, Modelling & Hybrid. However, each kind of amplifier runs on the different kind of technology to create the tone as well as come in several configuration of speakers to condition the tone.

Tube Guitar Amplifier:

  • Tube guitar amplifier generally known as valve amplifier.
  • It is regarded as the pinnacle of amp technology.
  • It is easy to use and produce the very best & louder tone.
  • This tube amps uses ancient technology and several guitarists prefer to utilize this type as a result of warm tones and organic and natural distortion they produce.
  • They are costly, heavier (weight) and more fragile in comparison to other styles of guitar amplifiers.
  • Many of these tube amps includes separate channels that may quickly switch from clean tone to distorted tones.
  • Most suited to home use however, not for traveling or carrying around. They produce best tones at high volumes however, not at low volumes.

Solid State Guitar Amps

  • The solid state guitar amps (or analog amps) found existence when the glass vacuum tube gets replaced with transistors (for preamp & power sections) on the circuit board.
  • Its light-weight, less maintenance and an acceptable price will make almost all of the guitarists choose it as a best one.
  • It is ideal to make a sparkly / superior clean tone.
  • It includes distortion and suits best for all those players who are buying a strong & reliable touring amp.
  • The only drawback is they are limited in comparison with modelling amps.

Modelling Guitar Amps:

  • Modelling guitar amplifier can be called as digital guitar amplifier why since it uses digital processors to stimulate the sound.
  • It uses modern tools to produce a variety of effects and tones. They are programmable and also have built-in digital effects like chorus, delay, etc.
  • Flexibility may be the biggest advantage because of this modelling guitar amps. With this amps, you can aquire usage of many different amp models, presets and inbuilt effects.
  • One may easily notice improvements in this modelling technology to supply the very best quality tones.
  • They come with light-weight (easy to move), cost effective, and offer a lot of overall flexibility in tones in comparison to above two types.
  • The modelling technology is increasing constantly. So, prefer to pick the latest model.

Hybrid Guitar Amplifier

  • Hybrid guitar amplifiers includes a weird mixture of different amp technology.
  • The theory behind this amps is to provide the very best of both worlds like by using a tube in preamp section and solid state in power section to make a tube tone (exactly like hybrid cars).
  • Although, it give usage of broad range of guitar tones than typical tube provides but a few guitarists choose this sort of amps.
  • It really is heavier and expensive than typical modelling amps.

Points to consider before Buying – Choosing the very best Guitar Amps:

Knowing which kind of amplifier suits best for your need will surely lessen your research time. You may also narrow your search down by knowing what exactly are the things to consider while purchasing your guitar amplifiers.


The amplifiers come in several configurations. Combinations/combos are self-contained units which has speaker and amplifier in a single cabinet. Other configuration includes amps can be found in separate head and speaker in cabinet, where you should use any amplifier head with any speaker cabinet.

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Also, head and speaker cabinet (the speaker and amplifier separates into two units) can make each unit lighter and simple to carry instead of an individual combo. The blend of head and cabinet is actually a stack.

Speaker’s Size:

We realize that different size of speakers will produce different sounds. Smaller speakers will produce higher frequency than larger one. It’s true, you could find first class sound quality from 10 inch speaker instead of 15 inch speaker.

Also, check the difference between your open backed cabinet and closed cabinet designs. For instance, a 4X10 inch Bassman with an open back will sound quite differently when compared to a 2X12 inch Bassman with a closed cabinet. You can locate a combo of particular size of cabinet with a specific group of speakers size.


The wood (it’s thickness) which is employed for constructing the cabinet will play a significant role to look for the sound quality. In simple words, the thinner wood can make the speaker much more likely to vibrate. So, ½ inch thickness will achieve a more robust sound and also keep carefully the speakers in place.

Amplifier with open or closed back is another factor used for deciding the sound quality. The closed back guitar amplifier will produce an improved sound from speaker.


Generally, power is measured in wattage, which measures the quantity of electrical output used to operate a vehicle the speakers. Generally, your guitar with 1 – 30 watts are believed as small amplifier, whereas 30 – 60 watts is midsized and a lot more than 60 watts as large amp. The bass amplifier need more watts to perform larger speakers.

While considering the area, the energy is mentioned as how loud you want your amplifier to be? Like if you’re playing in the home then 10 – 20 watts of power is necessary, if playing along with drummer or loud band then at least 50 watts is necessary but larger amplifiers for band use are made to have 100 watts.

Sound Quality:

Not absolutely all amplifier create same or equal sound quality. The tube amps requires permanent upkeep but provides realistic and genuine tone to the instruments and voice. The tube amps have a rich midrange.

Arriving at solid state amps, it offers an in depth tonal quality plus they are better to maintain. Although both these kinds give a top quality sound nonetheless it depends upon which kind of music you’re playing.

In case, if you want amplifier to focus on chops, then choose a tiny and less dynamic amp. For massive overdrives, opt for the amp that not suitable for acoustic in-house use. An amplifier with small watt provides good tones at lower volumes and vice versa.

Size of the Amplifier:

Size of the amplifier will matter in line with the place where you intend to play this guitar. For example, a 10W combo will be inadequate if you’re playing in a band or event. Alternately, a 100W stack is useless if you want an amplifier limited to home recording. So, carefully choose an amplifier according to most of your application. The player need at least 30W for playing live with there rock-band if not if playing out you then need at least 15W of tube tone.

Other Features:

A lot of the amplifiers are experiencing built-in effects, where some typically common are explained below.

Effects Loops – The jacks enables you to to include rack units or stomp boxes following the pre-amp portion of the amplifier to avoid amplifying any noise.

Reverb Units – Reverb produces the echo-like sounds of the amplifier output bounce off the walls. Analog reverb effects are mechanically made up of the consumption of a spring or plate and the solid state amps produce digital reverb effects.

Digital Effects – Modern amps has a built-in digital effects like reverb/echo, distortion, chorus, pitch, flange, phase, shift, etc. which is often accessed from leading control on the amplifier. You can save these effects in presets and permits you to set several effects simultaneously.

Channel Switching – You can switch from a clean tone to distorted tone (different preamp channels). Also, make sure you check if the footswitch is roofed why since the almost all of the digital amps require yet another multi-functional footswitch to improve the tones remotely. Individuals who use a different tones will demand multichannel amplifiers,with an increase of amp.

Sound of Power – Generally, the distortion will come in three distinct sources – the energy amp, preamp and speakers. Pick the best one according to your requirement.

Guitar Amp Simulators – Used to record the guitar aware of its software. It allows an individual to apply silently with their headphones or computer monitor speakers.


Although, there are many brands popular for generic preferences like Fender, Marshall, etc. all you have to to select the best value, durable guitar amplifier at an acceptable price. Among the best Indian brand is Stranger, which posseses an inbuilt reverb feature.


Always set the limit for your budget and opt for the best one, according to your requirement. The cost of guitar amps begins from 4k, which is determined by the brand, weight, wattage range, etc.


Although, these amplifiers are designed to last longer however the small and fragile pieces gets break easily. Also, check if the speaker is working properly or not if not all of the wires are soldered properly or not before fixing it.

The guitar amplifiers are costly. So, with out a good guarantee won’t choose the product and make your self stay without peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is way better – a combo amp or a head and cabinet?

A combo amplifier will come in an individual box where 1 amplifier along with 1 or even more speakers are included. The combo amp is simple to operate but useful to move. All you have to is to plug the amplifier in to the wall. Then plug your guitar in to the amp to start out playing.
Whereas the top and cabinet has amplifier elements and speakers separately (amplifier head and speaker cabinet). Occasionally, the speaker cabinet and amp heads can be purchased together as guitar amplifier stacks.
Simply saying, it is determined by the area / event where you’re likely to play the music. A combo is all in a single unit where as the top and cabinet is separate. The combo amplifier is lighter as the head and cabinet are generally heavier.

Selecting power and speaker size according to the event?

The energy rating and size of the speakers will rely upon the sort of amplifier application (where you’re using) and cost range.
For Practicing amplifier, The modelling or solid state combo units will feature less power (about 10 – 30W) and small speakers (about 8 or 10 inches).
For playing in small venues or rehearsal, consider modelling and tube combo amps with power rating around 50W and speakers around 12 inches for full sound.
For large venues, you should look at the power selection of 100W or above and also have to use twins or combinational amps with a set of 12 inches speakers or use stack which works more effectively.

Can a guitar amplifier be utilized as a speaker?

Yes, we can utilize this guitar amplifier as a speaker either to play music or even to plug in a microphone. Although, it won’t appear to be a proper audio system which was created to play music but we are able to achieve decent results if used properly.


All the previously listed products are best guitar amplifier nevertheless, you have to opt for the one which suits simply perfect for your guitar, according to your requirement.

Our top pick is Blackstar ID Core 40W 2X20 Stereo Combo Guitar Amplifier. Associated with that it includes 12 built-in effects, 6 inspiring amp voices and 6 channels for mesmerizing playing experience with an unbelievable tone and flexibility. You can edit, store the patches and record the play directly from amp to computer with USB connection. The super wide stereo technology and infinite condition feature (ISF) provides an ideal a

KITHOUSE B6 Guitar Headphone Amp Mini Plug Guitar Amplifier Bluetooth Receiver Rechargeable for Electric Travel Pocket Guitar With CLEAN/CHORUS/FLANGER/METAL/WAH 5 Effects(Mahogany Color)

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  • Support CLEAN, CHORUS, FLANGER, METAL, WAH 5 Guitar Effects. Suitable for Electric Guitar, Bass, Electric Acoustic Guitar and other musical instruments with pickup.
  • 1/4"(6.35mm)Input, 1/8"(3.5mm)Output Designed for headphones or speakers. Guitar Output volume also can be adjusted by VOL switch.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, working time > 8 hours. No more being asked to turn it down! Connect your headphones, close your eyes and just be a rock god!
  • Guitar Headphone Amp with Bluetooth receiver function to play background music, Bluetooth range 16 - 33 feet(Open air). ❤Notice: B6 can’t search Bluetooth Device, so it can’t be used to connect with other Bluetooth Devices; We only can use phone/Pad to search and connect B6’s Bluetooth to play background music. B6 can transfer both guitar voice & music signal to guitar headphone or speaker.
  • 100% customer satisfaction, 30 days money back service and 12-month free replacement. Our company is an old and innovative company, product quality is our life. It's our duty to keep products with high quality. So if you have any problem about our products, please must contact with us. Click Sold by "Kithouse Direct", then leave a message to us. Your problems and suggestions is the key for us to improve. Thank you for choosing Kithouse products!

Marshall MS2 Battery-Powered Micro Guitar Amplifier

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  • Battery Operated (Best with Polaroid 9V Batteries)
  • 1 Watt
  • Volume & tone control
  • Headphone jack
  • 0.34 lbs.

Great 2.5-watt Parts-Only Cigar Box Amplifier Kit

$39.99  in stock
2 new from $39.99
as of January 19, 2022 10:48 am


  • You can build your own amplifier! This kit contains all of the parts you need to build a cigar box amplifier - you just supply the cigar box (or other enclosure)!
  • Mount in your favorite cigar box or other enclosure. Pre-wired leads make assembly easy!
  • 2.5-watt Artec amp board produces very respectable sound off of a 9-volt battery
  • On-board Tone/Gain Trim Pot allows fine-tuning of sound. Optional headphones and output jack hookups
  • Circuit works great for amplifying smart phones (adapter cable required).

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