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What hair dryers do professionals use?
Hairdressers have a tendency to use a hair dryer that is included with various attachments to match different hair types. Concentrators blow air more directly for a sleek finish for straight hair, while diffusers diffuse the airstream to avoid frizz and add volume for frizzy hair. Comb attachments can be handy for shaping afro hair.

Key features to consider
Ionic technology creates negative ions that split up water molecules in your hair, smoothing it and stopping flyaways. Positive ions could be fond of the roots to improve volume.
Ceramic or tourmaline heating factors are usually less damaging to your hair than metal ones, because they emit infrared heat and secure moisture. Ceramic hair dryers distribute heat more evenly, protecting against “hot spots” and minimising heat damage. Tourmaline hair dryers release negative ions for a smoother finish.
Wattage and weight. Higher wattage means more robust airflow and for that reason faster dry time. However, higher wattage hair dryers have a tendency to be heavier and harder to regulate.
Multiple speed and heat settings. High speed and heat is most beneficial for drying hair quickly, while less speed and heat provides more styling control and limits tangling and frizziness.
A cool shot button offers a burst of cool air that seals the hair cuticle, making hair look smoother and shinier.
A hanging loop pays to for storing your hair dryer out just how although it cools down.
What’s the very best hair dryer for my hair type?
Fine hair: High temperature can certainly damage fine tresses, so search for variable heat settings. Positive ion technology might help create volume and body.

Curly hair: Ionic technology and a cool shot button are friends and family, sealing hair cuticles to avoid water and humidity “fluffing up” your mane.

Thick hair: High wattage helps move air through the hair quickly, decreasing drying time (and potential heat damage).

Wavy to frizzy hair (2A-3C curl types): A diffuser is key for distributing heat evenly and boosting your natural style. Unless you’re seeking to blow dry straight, high wattage might not exactly be necessary. Use lower speeds to avoid the curls or waves from dropping.

Afro hair (4A-4C curl types): Continuous high temperature could cause damage and hair breakages, so search for variable heat settings and ionic technology. Set your look with a cool shot button.

How exactly we test hair dryers
We asked 250 testers with different hair types to examine 55 hair dryers. They rigorously judged speed of drying hair, simplicity, weight, noise level and finished results of every appliance. In the lab, we measured the temperature of the airflow, casing and nozzle, together with assessing instructions, simplicity and design.

This professional hair dryer was created to offer maximum performance, high-quality design and lightweight control. It includes a long cable and comes in multiple colours, from matte black to vibrant jade. On test, the attachable nozzles blasted strong jets of air and maintained a higher – however, not scalding – temperature to dry and style hair quickly. The easy speed and heat settings proved popular among testers, as did the comfortable grip and low-level noise.

Using its numerous heat and power settings and an on/off ion switch, our finer-haired testers took good thing about customising this dryer’s airflow to match them. People that have natural curls found the diffuser helpful when drying bigger parts of hair. Each of them found the controls intuitive to use and thought the digital temperature display felt professional. Almost all agreed that their hair felt softer and smoother after use.

Our panel described this pearlescent white and rose gold hairdryer as “premium and luxurious”. It dried hair quickly using its powerful airflow and concentrator nozzle. It claims to have 90% more ions than Remington’s previous models, giving healthier-looking results. The included diffuser emphasised natural waves and curls, leaving them frizz-free and voluminous. There are five easily adjustable settings for speed and temperature, too. For many who worry about quality, the dryer includes a six-year warranty.

This budget hair dryer offers a lot of the same features as more costly models. It scored full marks because of its simplicity and the amount of heat and power settings was also praised by our testers. The airflow didn’t create much static and the concentrator nozzle helped it reach the roots. Hair dried quickly, with smooth and voluminous results. The cord is on the short side and there’s no ionic technology, nonetheless it {ha

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