How To Get JBL Flip 3 Speaker At Low Price On Black Friday 2021

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JBL has a history of making good products that won’t break your money, so when the JBL Flip 3 was initially released it was yet another product to increase the list. It arrived in the past in 2015, even though there exists a newer version out now some persons might be wondering if the Flip 3 will probably be worth picking up. As the newer Flip 4 has a few extra features thrown in, could it be really that superior to the Flip 3 or is it possible to escape with saving a few bucks and picking right up the older model?

Editors Note: This review was updated to reflect the marketplace since it is in 2019, with new links to useful information, and a standard design overhaul to complement the design of our recent reviews.

What’s in the box?

In the box you get manuals, the JBL Flip 3, and a micro USB charging cable.

JBL includes a fairly standard boxing process and that hasn’t changed between your Flip 3 and the prior version, or any other JBL product for example. In the orange and white box you’ll get the Flip 3, a bright orange micro USB cable, and the warrantee and information booklets.

Build & Design

Everything is clearer in hindsight, and looking back it had been really around enough time of the JBL Flip 3 where in fact the company really started out to nail down its design philosophy. In the event that you remember the Flip 2, you understand that it had been basically simply a hunk of plastic.

This is the first Flip to introduce the fabric covering which gave it the splashproof build and a means better grip. In addition, it posseses an attached string for hanging from places which came in helpful when hanging it from my pack on a hike and in addition simply for hanging it somewhere in the toilet throughout a shower. Of course, as the Flip 4 is newer there’s some expanded functionality, as an actual IPX7 waterproof design instead of simply a splashproof covering.

So far as button placement can be involved, the Flip 3 again blazed the road for the Flip 4 because they have almost identical buttons and functions. Having said that, it was not the same as the prior version which had most of its buttons along the most notable (or the side according to how you orient the speaker). The Flip 3 has them embedded in to the fabric of the speaker and in addition on the hard plastic portion on the trunk.

The Bluetooth pairing button, volume controls, and call answer/end button are found along the medial side of the speaker blending in to the fabric. Along the spine will be the power button and the JBL hook up button that allows you to hook up multiple JBL speakers together. The existing version of the feature lets you hook up up to 100 speakers together, but if you don’t have a whole lot of friends or big money (or both), I don’t see way too many persons needing to hook up a lot more than three. Under that are five small LED lights that inform you just how much juice you have gone and additional down you’ll find the AUX input and micro USB charging port hidden under a sealed flap.

Just what exactly did JBL do to the ends? It turned them into dual passive external radiators which is merely another feature that found its way in to the Flip 4.


The minimal branding on the JBL Flip 3 is bound to the logo on the exposed passive radiators and a tiny red tag.

Using Bluetooth version 4.1, the JBL includes a selection of about 30 feet and we found this to be on the low end of the spectrum. I could reach about 50 feet before any serious sputtering commenced to interrupt playback.

The onboard controls work flawlessly and persons couldn’t even tell that I was speaking with them via the microphone included in the speaker rather than a phone. Playback controls also are advertised as well to help you skip between tracks and pause or play music without problems, which is rather standard items that also found it’s way in to the Flip 4 so you’re not necessarily missing too much in any event.

Battery Life

Battery life was another area that JBL improved on when coming up with the Flip 3. In comparison with the prior Flip 2 it had been an enormous improvement. It includes a 3000 mAh battery that delivers roughly 9.5 hours of regular playback which will get you through almost all of the day with out a problem. Of course, the brand new Flip 4 adds a couple of hours compared to that and maxes out at 12 hours of regular playback.

Sound Quality

The JBL Flip 3 includes a complete overhaul in design in comparison with the prior Flip 2.

The JBL Flip 2 was among our favorite speakers for years not only as a result of the reduced price, but also as a result of the sound quality. We were curious the way the Flip 3 would endure to its predecessor and weren’t surprised at all that in addition, it sounds very best for the price.

The lows are nice and full sounding for a speaker of the size (and even some that certainly are a little bigger). It could definitely be felt in the event that you stick it down on a table and allow external bass radiators to visit work. The bass in Baby Blue by Action Bronson could be easily distinguished but isn’t overpowering at all.

The mids were a bit forward but sufficient to create vocals and guitars a bit better to hear and doesn’t ruin the knowledge at all. Even background synths weren’t annoyingly masked by other factors of the reduced end.

Highs get yourself a little harsh when maxed out, but if you keep it slightly under max volume it’s perfect. In Cinder and Smoke by Iron & Wine the screechy slides of your guitar can make your ears improve a little but in the event that you lower the volume just a little it’s barely noticeable.

Should you choose the JBL Flip 3?

JBL always had a very important thing on its hands with the Flip series, nonetheless it appears like they rethought a number of areas of the speaker that made the Flip 3 the start of a good thing. It had been, but still is, arguably among the finest speakers under $100 you may get.

The only problem is that the JBL Flip 4 now exists, which includes lots of the same features and increases after others (as an IPX7 waterproof build). In addition, it packs more of a punch in the battery life department but still somehow manages to keep a sub-$100 price. Periodically you may also find the Flip 4 hovering around $75, so if you don’t can discover a Flip 3 for dirt cheap there really isn’t any reason you s

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