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By 2019, the JBL Flip 4 has been succeeded by a fresh lightweight Bluetooth speaker; have a look at our JBL Flip 5 review to learn more on the brand’s latest waterproof speaker. JBL’s minimalist update strips back a number of the top features of the JBL Flip 4, however in doing this, has created a straightforward, great-sounding piece of audio tracks kit that people wholeheartedly recommend you. The initial overview of the JBL Flip 4 follows below:

Smartphone battery booster? Check. Netflix download filled tablet? Check. Nintendo Switch and the compulsory copy of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Check. Trips away are actually a mission in tech packing, ensuring you’ve enough tool goodness to see you via an extended weekend aside from your home comforts.

A decent Bluetooth speaker may be the latest must-have addition to the backpack-filling list, and the JBL Flip 4 the most recent cable-cutting sound supplier seeking to tempt you into parting together with your profit favour of smartphone-shaming sounds.

With a $100 (£119.99, around AU$130) price tag, it’s a comparatively affordable speaker, flirting with that important $100 barrier and notably cheaper compared to the high-end, heavily stylised likes of the Bang and Olufsen BeoPlay A1 or the similarly specced UE Boom 2.

Packing splashproof IPX7 recognition into its tough, cylindrical form, the JBL Flip 4 is a speaker with the capacity of obtaining the party started whether lounging in the home, chilling by the pool or enduring the muddy swamp of a British festival. Crucially, it doesn’t sound too bad either, however in an extremely crowded market doesn’t quite do enough to be an instant classic.


After an original search for your Bluetooth-friendly sound supplier? Then you’re likely to want to look elsewhere. The JBL Flip 4’s design is firmly from the pages of the Bluetooth speaker designer’s handbook. A slightly shorter version of the UE Boom 2, its canvas and rubber form view it fall into line as an outdoors-friendly, all-weather, all-location offering.

What this cylindrical, ruggedised speaker lacks in originality, however, it a lot more than accocunts for for on the practicality front. The durable fabric material lets the sounds flow while keeping dirt and debris out, as the sizeable rubber end caps and body-hugging accents mean it is usually comfortably chucked in your bag or mistreated at the beach without concern with damage.

Large play/pause, volume along, and sync buttons become the on-device controls, with their oversized, plastic form making them simple to access when working with fingers chilled by the ocean or caked in mud.

On the rear, the fundamental power control sits above a helpful battery indicator, with five small LEDs giving an at-a-glance view of how close you are to needing a recharge. There’s another physical button, that one for syncing up multiple speakers, although that is unlikely to get an excessive amount of use.

A waterproof port cover hides the re-charge enabling micro USB socket and an AUX in port for when Bluetooth’s not essential. Finishing the largely unadulterated look is a carry chord. Looped into the the surface of the speaker, this shoelace style addition is simply perfect for permitting you to hang the speaker in a convenient, party-filling location, or own it setup in your shower.

Adding options to the minimalist design, the Flip 4 comes in six different colours, like the traditional black and less outdoor friendly white, and also blue, red, grey, and green.

While these colour options are excellent for those seeking to express their personality, they’re more about the party vibe than living room-adorning home audio tracks enablement. Sure the Flip 4 can take a seat on a self, but its look is more student digs than modern home chic.


A design that one could comfortably take anywhere is merely useful if the speaker offers audio tracks output that you’re actually likely to want to hear. Fortunately, upon this front, the JBL Flip 4 ticks almost all of the proper boxes.

This isn’t the most well-rounded speaker going, but given its size and price, sound quality is pretty pleasing. Bass is relatively beefy and well rounded and there’s no unnecessary clipping or distortion when the quantity is cranked.

The mid-range is lacking slightly, however. Vocals don’t accurately get lost, but neither are they punchy. Things can sound just a little muddled in the mids, with tracks like Nathaniel Rateliff’s Howling at Nothing seeing the vocals and guitar struggling to come quickly to the fore over the strong drum line.

The speaker’s sound is big though, you really can push the quantity up, with the linked bass radiators that protrude from either end of the speaker, moving with the beat, help cut distortion and supplying a party-friendly sound with a respectable amount of grunt. It’s not the deepest overall sound, nonetheless it are certain to get the party going whether indoors or out.

Ultimately, it’s not really a sound that’s as accomplished as the Bose Soundlink Mini 2 or powerful at the Beats Pill+. However, for such a concise, rugged speaker it’s a lot more than acceptable and holds its against famous brands the UE Boom 2.

You can sync a number of handsets up to the speaker simultaneously too, seamlessly switching between your two to create the best playlist. As well permitting you to listing to your music, the speaker’s Bluetooth skills can be utilised to enable you to handle your calls, doubling as a speakerphone.

Given its ultra-portable design, battery life is key. Fortunately, the JBL Flip 4 has solid stamina, using its 3,000mAh with the capacity of pumping out an extraordinary 12-hours of tunes between necessary trips to the mains. That’s a few hours significantly less than the UE Boom 2, but nonetheless nothing to be sniffed at.


Bringing bluntness over refinement, the JBL Flip 4 is an effective Bluetooth speaker that never quite skirts with the realms of greatness. It’s rough, tough design helps it be perfect as a lightweight speaker to accompany all areas of your daily life while its sound is solid without worrying your house sound system.

It’s all weather friendly design is a win, but too little definition and distinction in the mid-range finally means its sound quality isn’t quite up to scratch in comparison to some, more high-end lightweight speakers.

What it’s got moving in its favour however, is price. Cheaper compared to the UE Boom 2, its rival could possibly be a third bigger and greater than a third more costly, but it’s definitely not up to a third better, and

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