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Something in regards to a kegerator produces me desire to be a guy with a cave. Not really that a female can’t possess a cave, it just doesn’t audio as good. “Girl cave.” Am I proper? Anyhow, the Sanyo BC1206 kegerator (photo displayed above) will be a good prospect for my cave, whatever it’s called. Get yourself a good black friday treat with lots of great gadgets.

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This kegerator performed flawlessly for all of us, and seemed good while carrying it out. Obviously the main characteristic of a beer dispenser may be the effective dispensing of frosty beer, and the Sanyo was pouring best pints of tasty White colored Lightning American Wheat from Speakeasy Brewery in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA within a few minutes of assembly. It got the beer almost also cool with the dial merely halfway between its midpoint and coldest establishing. But it addittionally looks nice and stable and has some top quality that says, “Come, possess a beer. You deserve it.”

Other than most mildly frustrating labor involving stubborn screws for the safeguard rail and wheel casters, putting the machine together was easy. On the other hand, this can be because it was the 3rd kegerator we’d assembled, instead of as the directions were superior: these were not. All of the parts, plus the fully assembled merchandise, felt good and strong. The wheels roll practically too well, and may need a stopper of some kind once you’re through wheeling it through your home (or office).

The kegerator measures 37 inches tall (plus another 15 inches for the tap tower), 24 inches wide and 25 inches deep, this means it isn’t likely to tuck away easily in the corner. However, that means you will find a good quantity of surface for glasses, beers not to mention beer pong paddles. In any case, who would want to cover up this sleek dark-colored (or stainless) kegerator, which is actually the central characteristic of your respective cave? In fact, we’d consider going the various other approach and pimping it out with a good paint job, flames probably.

While we’re at it, we’d upgrade to a double-tap tower, because you can fit two five-gallon corny kegs and two five-pound CO2 canisters in the Sanyo. Why be required to select from a dark beer and a darker beer? Possess one and the other. Very good. And when you have two kegs, the probability of going dried out at a critical point in time – declare in the fourth quarter whenever your staff is defeating the Lakers – will be lower. (That is why it’s also advisable to have an extra propane container for the grill you will evidently have to get to check your kegerator.)

The one hitch could be the price. And we declare “could be” because genuinely, at what price frigid beer? The Sanyo lists at $950, but most trusted online retailers promote it for $650 to $700. You can simply get yourself a cheaper kegerator including the Edgestar KC2000 below, or convert a vintage fridge. But we suggest shoveling a few extra bills in to the cave for the Sanyo and creating the difference by serving friends and family a cheaper brew at the cave-warming get together you understand you’re gonna possess once you get this thing. And if you don’t need more quantity or actually want to present off, there’s no have to purchase a fancier version than this one.

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