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The Samsung Galaxy S20 has us asking ‘what happened to the Galaxy S11?’ Samsung skipped a few numbers because of its latest Galaxy S20, which gets control the flagship mantle from 2019’s Galaxy S10. While it can be a confusing jump, there’s justification for this, as Samsung has packed a whole lot in: it’s an enormous upgrade, particularly if you’re keen to really get your first 5G phone.

The Galaxy S20 is cheaper, and better to handle, than its siblings the Galaxy S20 Plus and gargantuan Galaxy S20 Ultra, but that doesn’t mean that is an inexpensive or low-spec device.

Here’s what you are getting: a 6.2-inch screen with an easy 120Hz refresh rate, 5G download speeds (where available), high-spec cameras on both sides of the telephone, and a major battery to boot.

It is the phone to get if you wish to test the brand new tech that Samsung provides, nevertheless, you don’t want a sizable phone, or a huge dent in your wallet. You could choose the Ultra if you wish more storage or a 108MP camera, and may stretch to the high cost, but for day-to-day utilize the S20 will be the best choice for many people.

Beneath the hood is a robust new chipset, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 990 (your geographical area will determine which you’ll get) and also either 8GB or 12GB of RAM, according to whether you get the 4G or 5G phone. Plus some persons will only have the ability to choose the 5G phone – you can continue reading below to determine which versions can be found in your region.

The camera is another highlight of the phone, with Samsung boosting a whole lot of specs on the trunk array. All three main cameras have already been improved (including increased pixel sizes to boost nighttime photography by allowing more light in), and there’s also a few software tweaks to increase the overall experience.

The telephoto lens is better still compared to the one on the Galaxy S10 too, letting you shoot high-quality 3x optical zoom shots or stretch completely to a 30x digital zoom. The Galaxy S20 Ultra has higher camera specs overall, but most of the people could be more than content with the shooter upon this phone.

Another highlight of the Galaxy S20 is its 4,000mAh battery. It’s bigger than the cell in the S10, and we’ve found the battery life to be strong with typical use – this phone isn’t likely to last you a lot longer than 1 day of normal use, but what smartphone does?

The expanded capacity has already established one negative consequence: it’s squeezed out the headphone jack. It is the same story with the S20 Plus and S20 Ultra, and it’s really the 1st time Samsung has dropped the feature from its S range.

The Galaxy S20 is missing a few of the top-end features that the Galaxy S20 Ultra is revealing, but it’s less expensive, and better to hold or store in your pocket, even though it may well not be the most impressive device from Samsung in 2020, it’s a robust phone that will a lot more than {meet|gra

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